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Everything in Life is about Sex

I recently saw an episode of House of Cards where Francis Underwood, the lead character played by Kevin Spacey, mentions that “a great man once said: everything is about sex, except sex; sex is about power.” I thought that was an interesting quote and wondered who that great man was. After some investigation (I Googled), I found out that it’s a quote by Oscar Wilde:

Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power. Oscar Wilde

After everything that I’ve blogged about love and sex in the recent past, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that everything in the world really is about sex. All life revolves around sex. Dr. Sigmund Freud established the sexual desires as the primary motivating forces of human life. And his best and most famous pupil, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, took that even further in his own research, and argued that sexual energy — or orgone energy as he referred to it — is the underlying and primary energy responsible for all life in the universe. In my post about our basic needs as human beings, I’ve also argued that sexual satisfaction is one of our basic natural needs as human beings. In fact, sexual satisfaction or procreation is one of the primary objectives of every living organism in the universe, down to even the smallest cell.

However, I don’t agree with the second part of Oscar Wilde’s quote, namely that “sex is about power.” Sex in and of itself is not about power. The abuse of our sexuality on the other hand, through sexual suppression and even repression, is very much about power. Perhaps that’s what Wilde meant when he said that “sex is about power” but I can’t be sure. In my Understanding Women article series, I’ve discussed in details how our sexuality is used against us in order to manipulate, frustrate and control the entire human species and turn us all into slaves.  When you read this for the first time, it might sound crazy and very far-out, but read my article series and check my references, and you’ll quickly understand how genius our manipulators were. Genius, but also very cruel.

That the primary purpose of manipulating our sexuality is to divide and conquer the human race, is a conclusion I eventually came to all by myself. However, I recently discovered that many years ago Dr. Wilhelm Reich had already drawn the same and obvious conclusions. And this becomes evident in his following quote:

Sexual suppression supports the power of the Church, which has sunk very deep roots into the exploited masses by means of sexual anxiety and guilt. It engenders timidity towards authority and binds children to their parents. This results in adult subservience to state authority and to capitalistic exploitation. It paralyzes the intellectual critical powers of the oppressed masses because it consumes the greater part of biological energy. Finally, it paralyzes the resolute development of creative forces and renders impossible the achievement of all aspirations for human freedom. In this way the prevailing economic system (in which single individuals can easily rule entire masses) becomes rooted in the psychic structures of the oppressed themselves. Wilhelm Reich

That’s a brilliant quote by Reich, and it shows how Reich was able to trace the manipulation of human sexuality to its core purpose — power and control over the human species. Knowing this, it becomes easy to understand why our sexuality is being suppressed starting from a very early age when children haven’t even gotten a chance to build any defenses against it. Children are brainwashed into suppressing and repressing their natural sexual desires, and to blindly accept all kinds of theories about love, sexuality and relationships, that eventually work against them when they become adults, making it difficult for everyone to satisfy their sexual desires. This in turn frustrates and weakens every individual and makes them easy to control and exploit, as Reich mentioned (you’ll see plenty of disgusting examples of this if you watch the House of Cards series mentioned at the beginning of this post). And as I’ve shown in my Understanding Women article series, women are the primary victims of all the sexual manipulation in societies around the world, in order to turn men into slaves.

So in closing I have to stress again that sex, in and of itself, is not about power. It’s the manipulation of our sexuality, through sexual suppression and repression, that is about power. It’s very important to understand this, because once most of the human race truly understands this and starts living accordingly, it will set us all free and usher in the Golden Age we’ve all been waiting for. Liberating our sexuality is going to be the final frontier in our quest towards absolute freedom. And we’re already well on our way.



For more background information and a discussion on how and why our sexuality was used against us in the past (and still today), you may want to check out my recently written article titled “Why getting married is a very bad idea.” Make sure you read the footnotes there as well.


Sexuality is one of the basic and most important aspects of our consciousness. The suppression or repression of our sexuality can only result in our stultification. I’ve recently discussed this in an article titled “Thoughts on Karma and Consciousness.”


In my recent post titled “The Cycle of Life” it becomes clearer why the manipulation of our sexuality is so important to the elite. Sexual repression in society brainwashes people to suppress and repress their sexual drives, which has a severely negative impact on their sexual energy, which is the life force energy, which is consciousness (check out my post Thoughts on Karma and Consciousness for more on this, especially the quotes by Wilhelm Reich and Carl Jung mentioned there).

When the expression of this energy is being blocked in an individual, the elite then harness this energy to manipulate the individual into doing the things they want. I discuss this in the second part of my Understanding Women series. If you understand this, you’ll easily realize why tyrants, gods and the church and religion in general, suppress and repress sexuality, and demonize lust — it hijacks the cycle of life (or life process) of the individual, who can then be manipulated and basically, enslaved. For more details on this, read my post “The Cycle of Life.”


In my post “Sexual Suppression and Repression I: Definition and Origin” I show how the divide and conquer strategy based on sexual suppression and repression had been implemented many thousands of years ago. I discuss who implemented it and for what purpose.

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