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Got Cancer? Avoid Chemo; Use Hemp Oil

It’s quite painful to hear about people who are suffering from cancer when we’ve had the cure for hundreds and maybe even thousands of years. It’s even more painful to hear about ‘doctors’ who recommend chemotherapy (‘chemo’ in short) to people, knowing that it’s poison that kills their bodies and will make them suffer even more.

Here’s from an absolutely horrifying story that I read today on The Guardian, “‘My body feels like it is dying from the drugs that are meant to save me’: life as a cancer patient” (September 26th 2019):

When I was diagnosed with highly aggressive breast cancer, I was confronted with a cure so poisonous that, if I survived, I could lose my eyesight, speech and memory.

Diagnosis has diminished my ability to tell the difference between good advice and empty ideology. Everything I am advised to do in response to the cancer seems, at first, like a symptom of a world that is sick itself.

In approximately 60 hours, and for the second time, Adriamycin will be infused into my body through a plastic port surgically implanted into my chest and connected to my jugular vein. In order to administer the medicine, the oncology nurse, after checking the prescription with a partner, must dress in an elaborate protective costume and slowly, personally, push the Adriamycin through the port in my chest.

The medicine destroys tissue if it escapes the veins: it is sometimes considered too dangerous to everyone and everything else to administer by drip. It is rumoured, if spilled, to melt the linoleum on a clinic floor. For several days after the drug is administered, my body’s fluids will be toxic to other people and corrosive to my body’s own tissues. Adriamycin is sometimes fatal to the heart, and has a lifetime limit, of which, by the end of this treatment, I will have reached half.

Treatment with Adriamycin can cause leukaemia, heart failure, organ failure, and will almost certainly cause me infertility and infection. Because, like many chemotherapy drugs, Adriamycin is a generalist in its destructions, it is also toxic to the central nervous system, and my mitochondria will begin to react to it three hours after its administration. This will continue for up to 27 hours, but the damage cascades beyond treatment, is often sustained for years. As I sit in the infusion chair, the white and grey matter of my brain will begin to diminish.

Of the many drugs that I am infused with, some of them are drugs with familiar, clear-cut effects: Benadryl, steroids, Ativan. I should know how these feel, but in this context, they never feel like themselves. Instead, they combine with the chemotherapy drugs into a new feeling, each type of chemotherapy mixing with its additives into a unique mush of hybrid lack of clarity.

Someone once said that choosing chemotherapy is like choosing to jump off a building when someone is holding a gun to your head. You jump out of fear of death, or at least a fear of the painful and ugly version of death that is cancer, or you jump from a desire to live, even if that life will be for the rest of its duration a painful one.

There is a choice, of course, and you make it, but the choice never really feels like yours.

That’s because it’s not actually your choice; the really good choice we have has been taken away from us for many years now, namely, hemp oil which can be made from leafs of the cannabis (‘marijuana’) plant. And this choice has been taken away from us for obvious reasons: money. We saw the same problem when it comes to HIV/AIDS; people are being poisoned so that a small elite can make exorbitant amounts of profits from it. It’s the same story with vaccines as well.

The criminal governments worldwide have kept the cannabis plant illegal for many years and out of reach of most people, even while knowing that it cures many kinds of diseases — such as in the case of the criminal US government that even has a patent on using cannabis to treat some of those diseases (patent US6630507). Big pharma would not be able to make the money they make today, profiting from the suffering and deaths of hundreds of cancer patients every day, when people are able to find the cure growing freely in nature.

Unless your cancer is already in a very late stage there’s no reason for you to suffer and die. The cure for many (if not all) forms of cancer is hemp oil — also known as ‘Rick Simpson oil’ on the Internet — containing a very high concentration of THC (at least 90–95% or more).

Cannabis is a kind of wonder plant that can be used to treat and cure a number of diseases — not just cancer. Depending on the disease you want to treat, certain strains of the cannabis plant work better than others. For example, the leafs of some strains contain more cannabidiol (CBD) while others contain more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Each one of those compounds has specific types of diseases that they are effective against. When it comes to the different forms of cancer, you’ll need to use strains — such as the ‘Indica’ strain — that contain higher levels of THC because it’s the THC that has the anti-tumor properties. This is explained by Dr. Christina Sanchez in the video below.

If you can obtain a good quantity of leafs from the right strain of cannabis plant you can easily make the oil at home provided that you don’t get harassed by the local criminal government that claims to own you. There’s a video online of Rick Simpson showing how you can make the oil at home; you can watch it below.

Again, what’s important is that you choose the right strain and make sure the oil has a concentration of THC of at least 90–95%. There are labs that can test the oil for you to make sure that you’re using good product.

Indica blend THC Oil

I have a playlist on YouTube (click here to open it) that you should watch completely before you ever decide to kill yourself via big pharma’s chemo poison. For more details on how to use hemp oil to treat cancer, read the book “Cure for Cancer – The Rick Simpson Protocol.”

Take the time to research all of this information if you’re new to it, and remember to use every opportunity that you get to tell people about this — especially those who are diagnosed with a form of cancer, or who have family and/or friends who are diagnosed with a form of cancer. Who knows, you might save a life, and perhaps some day it might be the life of someone close to you.


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