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Infinite Love

Love as many people as you like

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post titled “A sign of true love.” And in that post I tried to explain one way of how you can know if you truly love someone. Basically it had to do with the concept of being able to love someone, even though you may not be able to be with that person, and even if that person would prefer to be with someone else. Being able to let go and watch that person make their own choices in freedom, live their lives as they choose to, even though it may not involve you at all, and genuinely feel happy for them.

If you took the time and thought a little further about the consequences, then you probably also came to realize that what that means is that you’ll eventually love more people at the same time. And I’m not talking about love in the sense of loving your mom, but love in the sense of loving someone from the opposite sex. Because let’s face it, you’re not going to be sitting alone all by yourself if you can’t be with someone you love. You’ll let them go their way, while still loving them, and you’ll be meeting other people and will find someone else to fall in love with. When that happens, you don’t suddenly just stop loving the other person. If that’s the case, it wasn’t love at all. When you truly love someone, you’ll always love them and want the best for them. Even if they hurt you, you’ll want to take action in order to protect yourself, but you’ll never wish anything bad for them.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s only possible to romantically love one person at a time. From very early on during childhood, you learn this through books, cartoons, movies, from grown-ups around you, everywhere. You learn that it’s wrong to love more than one person at the same time. You learn that you should feel guilty if you do. You learn that it’s immoral. You learn that you should feel betrayed and hurt if someone you love loves others beside you. You learn all of that, when experience shows that it’s just not right. How can you love someone and then stop loving them just because you can’t be with them? How can you not love someone simply because you already love someone else and because it’s supposedly not right? Is love really supposed to be that way? Is love so limited? Is love that weak?

The fact of the matter is that if you really love someone for the right reasons, you’ll always love that person. You’ll always want the best for them. And you’ll go on to meet new people, have new boyfriends or girlfriends, and you’ll love them too without having to stop loving others for no reason other than that it’s not right according to rules of society. Not only is it entirely possible to love more people at the same time, it’s also natural and actually the way it should be.

And taking it even further, human beings were never supposed to tie themselves to one partner for most of their lives. The only rules that exist for that were made up by people and most of them come with religion. Now that we know that religion is based on lies and exists to enslave and control people, those rules are meaningless, including things like marriage. Those rules have only caused trouble in relationships, tying people to each other and restricting their freedom. Even encouraging them to control each other and pretend to own each other. Just look at the many problems it causes in relationships and in marriages everywhere. People are always talking about making relationships and marriage work, and nobody seems to realize that it doesn’t work because it’s not natural. If it was natural, you wouldn’t have to try so hard to make it work.

You’re not supposed to tie yourself to one person. Just think about it, do you really think there’s one person out there that can satisfy all your needs? Everyone is different, and in everyone you’ll find some things that you like. However, you’ll also find that they can’t give you certain things that you’re looking for. Instead of being unsatisfied and trying to make it work with one person and limiting yourself in the process, you’re supposed to go out and find others who can fill in the gaps. For example, if you’re a guy, today you can spend time with Sarah, who just likes to go out, party and have fun. But tomorrow you can spend time with Nicole, with whom you can have really deep conversations about important things that matter to you; the kind of conversations you simply can’t have with Sarah. If you couldn’t have Nicole, you’d be expecting Sarah to have the deep conversations with you and since she’s not very interested, it would cause trouble in your relationship with her. Since you can satisfy your need for deep conversations with Nicole, you don’t have to bother Sarah with that and can focus on doing the things that you can do together with her. When you’re not with Sarah, she’s also free to do things with others that you can’t do with her. And so on.

Think of how much richer your life might be in such a case, how many more experiences you’d be able to have, how many more people you’d be able to meet. You’d be completely free, without limitations with regard to who you can love and spend time with. You’d be able to love and be loved without limitations. You’d be able to reach out to all those different people to help to satisfy you and help you grow to what you want to be in life.

Of course when you’re controlled by greed and want to control someone and have that person only for yourself, things are different and it never works out. Not only do you limit the person you pretend to love, but even more importantly perhaps, you also limit yourself. With the many years of programming ever since your childhood, it might not be easy to accept what I explained above. For hundreds and maybe even thousands of years, people have been forced and brainwashed into accepting the opposite in order to frustrate their lives and make it easier for others to control and manipulate them. And this is just one of the areas where this is the case. If you look around you, it should be more than clear that what we’ve been taught about love, and the rules we’ve been told to live by only serve to frustrate our lives, hurt our relationships and make things more difficult for us. Love isn’t supposed to be limiting. Let’s have as much of it as possible.

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