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LGBT pride month: There is no pride in mental illness

Whatever you may have heard this month about “gay pride” or “LGBT pride”, let me tell you that there is absolutely no pride in mental illness. Because that’s what all the LGBT and gender identity fuss is all about: mental illness. We’re talking about people who suffer from severe mental damage caused by sexual suppression and repression starting from early childhood. I’ve discussed this before in my post “On gender pronouns, gender identity and transgender people” and won’t be going into details on that here.

What I do want to discuss is what appears to be the celebration of mental illness. Why would anyone pretend like it’s normal for people to want to fuck others in the ass? There’s a penis and there’s a vagina; those two go together like two pieces of a puzzle. It’s not rocket science. The anus clearly has a different purpose. Why would anyone pretend that a man thinking he’s a woman, or a woman thinking she’s a man, is normal? Why would anyone pretend that a woman thinking she’s a bunny or a horse is normal?

Like I mentioned before, these types of mental disorders (neuroses) are a direct result of sexual suppression and repression. They’re kind of an unintended “side effect.” Because the primary desired result that the elite who implemented sexual suppression and repression in society were after, was submission of the individual in order to easily be able to control and manipulate them like slaves.

In my sex-counseling centers, it became clear to me that the suppression of child and adolescent sexuality had the function of making it easier for parents to insist on blind obedience from their children. In the earliest beginnings of economic patriarchy, the sexuality of children and adolescents was combatted by means of direct castration or genital mutilation in one form or another. Later, psychic castration through the inculcation of sexual anxiety and guilt feeling became the customary means. Sexual suppression has the function of making man amenable to authority, just as the castration of stallions and bulls has the function of producing willing draft animals. No one had thought about the devastating consequences of psychic castration, and no one can predict how human society will cope with them. Freud later confirmed the relation between sexual suppression and the attitude of submissiveness, after I had brought the issue to a head in my publications. Wilhelm Reich

This is why the individual is exposed to sexual suppression starting from early childhood; they’re being mentally castrated and by the time they grow older their will has been completely broken in most cases. Physical castration had the same purpose; like Robert Anton Wilson explained: “Geldings [castrated male horses], any farmer will tell you, are easier to control than stallions. The first governments, which were frankly slave-states, inculcated sexual repression for precisely this reason.”

Today all countries — or more accurately plantations — around the world consist of mentally castrated slaves who are often scared of their own sexuality, let alone that of others. For example, men are getting “cock-blocked” by all the rules — written and unwritten — in society when it comes to dating and approaching women. That’s castration. Women are programmed to withhold sex for as long as possible, waiting for the perfect partner. That’s castration. Men and women are programmed to demand exclusivity either in relationships or marriage. That’s also castration. The #MeToo movement which is causing men to become afraid to approach women? Also castration. Demanding celibacy or virginity? Maximum castration. In short, whenever an individual is being limited or prevented from easily satisfying their sexual desires in a natural and healthy way we can speak of castration. In the case of physical castration you cut away or mutilate (circumcision etc.) the genitals, but in the case of mental castration you prevent (as much as possible) the genitals from being used. Both ultimately give the same result. Sexual suppression and repression, which can be implemented in society in a variety of ways, severely limit every individual in society from getting sexual satisfaction and introduce lots of scarcity — ideal circumstances for creating submissive and easily manipulated slaves.

However, an unwanted “side effect” of sexual suppression and repression is that the sexual desires are so strong that they eventually seek relief in another way; again, like Freud said: “The sexual instincts are remarkable for their plasticity, for the facility with which they can change their aim…for the ease with which they can substitute one form of gratification for another.” So if people aren’t allowed to satisfy their sexual desires in a normal way, eventually they try to seek relief in other, often bizarre ways. This is where the perversion of sexual desires comes from, in extreme cases resulting in the kind of sexual preferences and mental damage that we see in the LGBT community. Because sexual suppression starts during early childhood, as Freud and Reich will also tell you, these people later often claim to have been born with their perverted sexual desires. “I was born this way,” or, “they were born that way,” you’ll often hear. The truth is that they’ve simply been damaged by sexual suppression starting from early childhood, wanting to satisfy their sexual desires as children but not being able to, consequently developing perverted and warped sexual preferences. As adults later in life, they’ve had those preferences as far back as they can remember — hence the claim to have been “born that way”.

So what are the elite to do about this?

Certainly they can’t stop sexual suppression and repression in society, because that would result in losing control over the individual over time. Without sexual suppression and repression in society, individuals would naturally develop themselves into strong, mentally stable, rational and independent adults — and those would make far from ideal slaves. The solution to the unintended “side effects”, then, is to normalize them; have them become a normal and accepted part of life. This explains the LGBT and gender identity “pride” agenda currently being pushed aggressively worldwide by the elite. Let people think that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this kind of clearly observable mental damage and irrationality so that they don’t question it and don’t even think about researching it to find out exactly what’s causing it. The benefit of this is that, not only does it keep the sexual suppression and repression brainwash in place in society, but it also prevents people from truly being able to satisfy their sexual desires, keeping them perpetually frustrated and thus weak and easily manipulated and enslaved. In other words, it keeps people mentally castrated. George Orwell warned that this would happen:

Allowing for the book, after all, being a parody, something like 1984 could actually happen. This is the direction the world is going in at the present time. In our world, there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement. The sex instinct will be eradicated. We shall abolish the orgasm. George Orwell

You can never truly satisfy your sexual desires with the same sex or by pretending to be a different gender; as research clearly shows, these people stay frustrated all of their lives and most of them become and stay suicidal. If you want to find true sexual satisfaction, there’s one “natural” way of really getting it and it’s very obvious what that is. If you’re in doubt, or if you want to know the exact details of how you can satisfy your sexual desires in the best way possible, the brilliant Dr. Wilhelm Reich has lots of information in his book “The Function of the Orgasm”. Once you’ve read Reich’s book, you’ll understand why fucking someone in the ass will never have the same effect as fucking a vagina.

I propose that instead of celebrating mental illness caused by sexual suppression and repression we should speak the truth about it. Expose this nonsense for what it is and let people know what they can do about it so that we can work towards a healthier way of living together.


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