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Brain damage has infiltrated CppCon 2019

CppCon 2019 began this week and the keynote presentation by C++ inventor Bjarne Stroustrup is now online on YouTube. I’m looking forward to watching most of the presentations this year; usually I binge-watch them as they come online which after a week becomes very exhausting. But I can’t help myself.

If you watch the keynote video above, you’ll see a kind of awkward introduction, where a boy pretending to be a girl is invited on stage to introduce Stroustrup. I started noticing ever since CppCon 2018 that they were positioning the conference as being open to “diversity” and “inclusivity” and were basically virtue signaling a lot to the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) on the Internet. I don’t exactly know why they’re doing this, but it seems like they’re trying to show that they’re hip and playing along with today’s politics, possibly to attract more funding.

I expected a lot more rationality from C++ programmers/engineers and wouldn’t have imagined them caving in so easily to irrationality, and quite frankly and factually, brain damage. I’m seriously wondering where software development is going to be in 20 years when these are the minds that are going to be taking over in the near future. I like Jon Kalb and Bjarne Stroustrup a lot, but this is just fucking stupid.

And there were quite a few comments pointing out this stupidity below the video, which after half an hour or so, disappeared after they disabled comments on the video. Censorship is standard operating procedure for those suffering from brain damage.

The “pride/diversity” agenda is spreading all throughout tech like a virus. Not long ago Linus Torvalds, the inventor of the Linux kernel, also found himself on the receiving end of the brain damage movement, who have somehow managed to infiltrate and take over the Linux Foundation as well. Torvalds got castrated and lost his balls but appears to have recovered somewhat after that debacle. Apparently concessions were made.

And just this week, Richard Stallman, another prominent figure in the free software community, had to resign from both MIT and the Free Software Foundation, after “leaked” emails revealed “controversial remarks about rape,” as Ars Technica put it. ZDNet said that Stallman “defended Jeffrey Epstein’s behavior” which is a complete fabrication. So don’t believe what you read in the press; Stallman’s words got twisted to make it seem like he was saying something completely different. After many, many years of trying, it seems that they finally found something to attack him with and get rid of him. And I know Stallman was very careful. You can imagine that the Free Software Foundation, which Stallman himself founded, is going to be completely fucked in the future now that Stallman is out of the way. Watch out for “diversity” bullshit and rainbow flags to appear on


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