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On the origins of homosexuality and homosexuals

In my post “On gender pronouns, gender identity and transgender people” I spent some time discussing how the types of people that we currently see in the LGBT movement are created by society. What it essentially comes down to is that sexual suppression and repression cause severe mental damage to children as they grow up, which eventually expresses itself throughout their adulthood through various forms of neuroses.

Due to sexual suppression, children are being mentally and socially castrated and aren’t allowed to develop their sexuality in a free, natural and self-regulated manner and as a negative consequence of that develop very perverted sexual preferences and warped ideas about (their) sexuality. This is the root cause of people developing paraphilia, such as sexual attraction to the same sex (homosexuality), a primary sexual preference for children (pedophilia) or for animals (zoophilia), and people developing warped ideas about (their own) sexuality (gender dysphoria; transgenders).

I came to the above conclusions by myself in the course of years of personal research and observations. Later I discovered that Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a brilliant psychoanalyst and one of Dr. Sigmund Freud’s best pupils, came to the same conclusions based on his own research and data gathered during treatment of his patients in the course of many years. I want to bring the following quote to your attention from his book “Children of the Future” (1950):

Young people have more than merely a right to be “enlightened”; they are fully entitled to their emotional health and their sexual joy in life. This right has been taken away from them. Countless young people have lost all awareness of their sexuality, although this has opened the way to serious psychic disturbances during puberty.

If the young person is unable for external or internal reasons to take the step to sexual intercourse and to a mature sexual life, his development is blocked and it is easy for him to start to slip backwards, i.e., to have recourse to childish fantasies that lead him away from the naturally given goal that now exists. We observe that various drives then increase in intensity. For example, the inclination toward persons of the same sex increases; the social barriers preventing sexual intercourse and the separation of the sexes are the major reasons for excessive indulgence in mutual masturbation among young people of the same sex. The lascivious desire to look at naked bodies or to expose one’s own sex organs and the temptation to have sexual relations with children also often occur for the first time at this stage. Because of pent-up sexual energy, which finds no satisfactory release, sadistic and masochistic tendencies, which are usually attenuated and kept in the background by the development of normal sexual activity, now become fully effective. It is certainly not our intention to frighten anybody by pointing out such things. We merely wish to state that the foundation for such disturbances can be laid by preventing young people from having normal sexual relations at a time when they urgently need them. We cannot ignore the facts and must fight with all means available against the sexual rules of society that cause such damage in young people. We must use all our force to make them understand that their struggle with masturbation, their feelings of guilt, their sexual deviations, are not their fault nor are they inherited; instead, they are for the most part the consequences of a society’s rules governing sexual behavior which force the development and the natural course of sexuality into one mold into which it is impossible for all young people to fit.

What is more, there are many men who have the physical and emotional characteristics appropriate to the sex organs with which they are equipped, yet they desire younger, effeminate men toward whom they behave like a man to a wife; and there are completely feminine women who behave toward harder, more masculine-looking women like a wife to a husband. These kinds of homosexuals did not become inclined that way because of physical developments but as a result of defective emotional development in early childhood, when they suffered severe disappointment at the hands of a member of the opposite sex. For example, a male child can easily become openly homosexual if the love he has for his mother is too often and too bitterly disappointed because she is a strict, harsh person. Similarly, a girl can easily be induced to become homosexual at a very early age if she is severely disappointed by her father. Such children readily withdraw their sexual desires from the opposite sex and turn instead to those of their own sex. As a rule, these early disappointments are repressed. Upon growing up, the person who has suffered such disappointments is no longer aware of them and can only recall them when he or she relives this early period of development while undergoing psychiatric treatment.

The most powerful rebuttal that we can make against the claim made by so many homosexuals that they represent a special kind of sexuality and are not an aberration, is to point out that in the course of a special kind of psychiatric treatment any homosexual can stop feeling the way he or she does, whereas a normally developed person never becomes a homosexual through this same treatment. If the homosexual behavior has not gone on too long and has not totally destroyed relations with the opposite sex, if also the person in question is not happy with the homosexual state and wishes to be rid of it, then homosexuality can be cured fundamentally by treatment, which reverses the aberrant sexual development that occurred in childhood. What we have said so far is scientifically based fact, and it can be further reinforced by pointing to the example of primitive peoples who lead a satisfying, undisturbed sexual life, who do not hinder the sexual development of their children, and among whom homosexuality is consequently unknown, except in the spiritualized form of friendship. According to the findings of Malinowski, an English ethnologist, homosexuality starts to appear among primitive peoples at the same rate that missionaries import Christian morality into these people’s natural sexual lives and separate the sexes from each other. This is also confirmed by the fact, which we observe over and over again, that wherever normal sexual relations between men and women or girls and boys are prohibited or hampered (e.g., in boarding schools, in the army or navy, etc.), homosexuality develops in proportion to the degree of sexual suppression. Thus, ignoring the cases which are physically based, we may provisionally conclude that homosexuality is a purely social phenomenon, i.e., a question of sexual education and development. The best means of preventing it is to bring up and educate the two sexes side by side and to permit sexual intercourse to commence at the right time.

In twenty or fifty years’ time it will have become commonplace that persons who take care of children must experience love themselves and that their organism must know the orgastic sensation and convulsion before they can understand a small child. I am well aware how repugnant that must sound to some ears today, yet in everyday experience it remains true that the greatest danger to the development of the child is represented by orgastically impotent educators. The so-called autism of the small child—his stillness, his pallor, his withdrawnness—is an artifact of upbringing, a product of our total social misery.

There’s lots more where that came from, and apart from “Children of the Future,” I also highly recommend reading the books “The Invasion of Compulsory Sex-Morality”, “The Sexual Revolution” and “The Function of the Orgasm” by Wilhelm Reich. You may also be able to find them on for free in e-book format.

Instead of normalizing mental illness — to the point of even telling people to be proud of being mentally ill — it’s better to solve the root cause in society that leads to these forms of neuroses. But solving the root cause will require liberating our sexuality and especially that of children — a very controversial subject, as Reich also noted. It seems to me that if you want to raise healthy children, it’s quite clear what you should and shouldn’t do.

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