The bad news on human nature, in 10 findings from psychology

An article on Aeon mentions ten negative types of behavior that we can find today among humans worldwide. In particular I found the ones quoted below important. I’ve found that they are the result of the anti-social system of enslavement that we currently live in, which, as I have discussed before, perverts true human nature and turns people into psychopaths. And in the current system, the biggest psychopaths will always gravitate towards and end up in positions of power.

We favour ineffective leaders with psychopathic traits. The American personality psychologist Dan McAdams recently concluded that the US President Donald Trump’s overt aggression and insults have a ‘primal appeal’, and that his ‘incendiary Tweets’ are like the ‘charging displays’ of an alpha male chimp, ‘designed to intimidate’. If McAdams’s assessment is true, it would fit into a wider pattern – the finding that psychopathic traits are more common than average among leaders. Take the survey of financial leaders in New York that found they scored highly on psychopathic traits but lower than average in emotional intelligence. A meta-analysis published this summer concluded that there is indeed a modest but significant link between higher trait psychopathy and gaining leadership positions, which is important since psychopathy also correlates with poorer leadership.

We are sexually attracted to people with dark personality traits. Not only do we elect people with psychopathic traits to become our leaders, evidence suggests that men and women are sexually attracted, at least in the short term, to people displaying the so-called ‘dark triad’ of traits – narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism – thus risking further propagating these traits. One study found that a man’s physical attractiveness to women was increased when he was described as self-interested, manipulative and insensitive. One theory is that the dark traits successfully communicate ‘mate quality’ in terms of confidence and the willingness to take risks. Does this matter for the future of our species? Perhaps it does – another paper, from 2016, found that those women who were more strongly attracted to narcissistic men’s faces tended to have more children.

Wilhelm Reich on Sadism

If men and women could just have a daily orgasm and be fondled everyday, then all the wars and terrible violence of humanity could be avoided. Only the liberation of the natural capacity for love in human beings can master their sadistic destructiveness. Wilhelm Reich

Mark Passio on living under duress

I can’t recommend this presentation by Mark Passio highly enough. Be sure to free up 3 hours of this weekend to watch this presentation. After watching this you might also be interested in watching his 8 hour long presentation on Natural Law, which can also be found on YouTube.

Bell Hooks on Solitude

Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape.Bell Hooks

Butterick’s Practical Typography

If you’re interested in good typography check out the online book Practical Typography for the basics. For even more on this topic, I blogged about “The Elements of Typographic Style” by Robert Bringhurst in the past.

Mark Passio on Sexual Repression

I recommend watching the above video of a presentation by Mark Passio on sexual repression in societies around the world today. Based on my own research, I can tell you that he’s very, very close to the truth. He doesn’t talk about the origins of sexual repression, but does mention its purpose, which quickly becomes obvious once you understand what’s going on. For the origins you can read my post “Sexual Suppression and Repression I: Definition and Origin”.

Working on a new design for the blog

I’m finally working on a new design for my blog like I intended on doing more than a year ago. I was too focused on working on QuantumGate, but I’m currently taking a short break from that to work on my blog. I’m planning to launch the new design before the end of the year so I can get back to working on QuantumGate. Also, when the new blog design goes live I intend to cut back on social media and publish more often on my blog instead. So you if you want to stay in touch, subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed or sign up for email updates by using the form on the homepage.

Albert J. Nock on the State

The State […] is an anti-social institution, administered in the only way an anti-social institution can be administered, and by the kind of person who, in the nature of things, is best adapted to such service [a psychopath]. Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class. As Dr. Sigmund Freud has observed, it can not even be said that the State has ever shown any disposition to suppress crime, but only to safeguard its own monopoly of crime. Albert J. Nock in “Our Enemy, The State”

Thank you, Jack Poulson

Jack Poulson, a senior Google scientist, recently resigned because of the work Google is doing on censorship. Here’s from The Intercept:

Jack Poulson worked for Google’s research and machine intelligence department, where he was focused on improving the accuracy of the company’s search systems.

In early August, Poulson raised concerns with his managers at Google after The Intercept revealed that the internet giant was secretly developing a Chinese search app for Android devices. The search system, code-named Dragonfly, was designed to remove content that China’s authoritarian government views as sensitive, such as information about political dissidents, free speech, democracy, human rights, and peaceful protest.

After entering into discussions with his bosses, Poulson decided in mid-August that he could no longer work for Google. He tendered his resignation and his last day at the company was August 31.

He told The Intercept in an interview that he believes he is one of about five of the company’s employees to resign over Dragonfly. He felt it was his “ethical responsibility to resign in protest of the forfeiture of our public human rights commitments,” he said.

In his resignation letter, Poulson told his bosses: “Due to my conviction that dissent is fundamental to functioning democracies, I am forced to resign in order to avoid contributing to, or profiting from, the erosion of protection for dissidents.”

“I view our intent to capitulate to censorship and surveillance demands in exchange for access to the Chinese market as a forfeiture of our values and governmental negotiating position across the globe,” he wrote, adding: “There is an all-too-real possibility that other nations will attempt to leverage our actions in China in order to demand our compliance with their security demands.”

The Intercept also published Poulson’s full resignation letter at the bottom of that article and it’s an interesting read.

Poulson is one of a couple of other Google engineers who have recently resigned because they didn’t want to continue contributing to Google’s immoral practices. I’ve recently also blogged about engineers at other companies such as Microsoft and Amazon refusing to go along with immoral business decisions.

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I don’t trust Cloudflare with IPFS

Cloudflare recently announced their own IPFS gateway:

Today we’re excited to introduce Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway, an easy way to access content from the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) that doesn’t require installing and running any special software on your computer. We hope that our gateway, hosted at, will serve as the platform for many new highly-reliable and security-enhanced web applications.

See that? “Highly-reliable” and “security-enhanced”. Riiiiight.

After their CEO recently decided to take down a website that they were supposedly “protecting” against attacks, anyone who trusts Cloudflare today has got to be a fucking idiot. Like I discussed in a previous post:

[…] about a year ago, Cloudflare, a company whose goal purportedly and ironically is to “help build a better Internet” and “protect websites from all manner of attacks,” itself took a website offline after it’s boneheaded CEO Matthew Prince thought “they are assholes.” Here’s what he had to say about it:

Earlier today Cloudflare terminated the account of the Daily Stormer. We’ve stopped proxying their traffic and stopped answering DNS requests for their sites. We’ve taken measures to ensure that they cannot sign up for Cloudflare’s services again.

This was my decision. Our terms of service reserve the right for us to terminate users of our network at our sole discretion. My rationale for making this decision was simple: the people behind the Daily Stormer are assholes and I’d had enough.

Let me be clear: this was an arbitrary decision. […] I woke up this morning in a bad mood and decided to kick them off the Internet. […] It was a decision I could make because I’m the CEO of a major Internet infrastructure company.

Having made that decision we now need to talk about why it is so dangerous. I’ll be posting something on our blog later today. Literally, I woke up in a bad mood and decided someone shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet. No one should have that power.

Yes that’s right, you fucking moron, you should not have that kind of power and nobody else should either. Centralized power corrupts, and this much centralized power corrupts absolutely as we’re seeing every day now. And it’ll only get worse if this is allowed to continue.

Remember the saying, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”?

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