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On Voting and the Mafia

In one of the MobileCoin groups on Signal one of the participants named Mike Glenn shared a comment that I want to share with all of you. I thought it explained really well how the public is being fooled by voting in the so called ‘democracies’ of today while being robbed and enslaved. Glenn is one of the few people I met in the MobileCoin community who often held MobileCoin’s leadership’s feet to the fire when it comes to their policy of robberment compliance. Check out the comment below.

When the Italian mob ran NYC back in the day, everyone knew who ran shit.

They did the “protection money” extortion rackets, made sure that drugs weren’t being dealt on the streets, and generally kept everything behind closed doors.

But everyone knew who ran shit.

But there was a problem: there were several different crime families, all chasing the same dollars.

So they made The Commission. Where the heads of each of the families would come together and meet. They would divvy up the business and the areas and hopefully settle any beef that had been caused since the last meeting.

Now imagine they took it one step further.

Imagine that they allowed the public to vote on which one of them got to wear a green suit.

This would be the symbol of ultimate power, to the public. Because green suits are obviously signs of immense power and everyone knows that 🙄🙄🙄

So the public votes.

And nothing changes except one of them now wears a green suit and all the rest of the commissioners know it is bullshit but they all pretend that the green suit is the one with the power so the public will STFU and let them run their mafia business without complaining about it, because — after all — they voted them in.

And imagine some run of the mill Irishman decides that he’s going to run for the office of the green suit? No worries, they will muscle him out with money, power, intimidation, etc… Or maybe they will cut him in on the games. But it is nothing but a charade.

The mafia still extorts protection money. They will still break the knees of anyone who doesn’t pay them.

But now one of them is wearing a green suit.

And that makes the public feel like the process is consensual because — after all — they voted!


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