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Scene from the movie The Matrix where Morpheus says: “The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world, built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this [a battery].”

Sexual Suppression And Repression II: The Human Battery

We’ve seen in the first part of this series what the origin is of sexual suppression and repression among humans according to various sources available today. In this second part we’ll take a closer look at how the biological and social mechanisms behind sexual suppression and repression are implemented. It’s important to understand this because it will make it easier to see why this mechanism is being used when we take a more detailed look at the purpose of sexual suppression and repression in later parts of this series.

Like I explained in the previous part of this series, sexual suppression and repression serves to divide the human race at the fundamental level of the sexes so that they become easier to control, manipulate and enslave. It’s a “divide and conquer” strategy implemented at the most fundamental level of humanity, weakening the entire race. At this point it’s very important to understand where the word ‘sex’ comes from and what it really means. Because most people think that the word ‘sex’ is a synonym for having intercourse, mating or fucking, i.e. the act of a man and a woman coming together in intimacy where the man puts his penis into a woman’s vagina. But if we look at the etymology of the word ‘sex’ we find that this is not what the word really means.

The word ‘sex’ comes from the Latin word ‘sexus’ which itself derives from the word ‘secāre’ which means “to cut, cut off, sever, split, divide in two.” In the previous part of this series I’ve discussed several ancient sources that actually describe how a long time ago humankind was divided into the male and female halves that we have today. Given that knowledge we can be certain that the word ‘sex’ does indeed refer to this division among humans. This is very important, so take note: ‘sex’ doesn’t mean “men and women coming together in intimacy” but “men and women being split apart” — which is the exact opposite of what people generally believe. 1 What we’re dealing with here is quite literally the ‘divide’ in “divide and conquer.”

Dividing humankind into the two sexes that we have today.

According to a few of the sources discussed in the previous part of this series, namely Credo Mutwa, Plato and the bible, there’s a possibility that a long time ago the original human beings were androgynous beings, meaning that a single human being had both the male and female biological functionality in them (represented by A in the above image). The fact that the human species might originally have been androgynous makes sense if you consider the fundamental principle of the universe where everything (including all organisms) is a fractal representation of the whole; so if the universe is all one (thus having both the male and female sex/functionality in one), then any subdivision of the universe would also have the same characteristics — unless it gets tampered with. And this is also what we see when we look at the fundamental building block of biological organisms, namely the cell. It all started with unicellular organisms, that were whole and complete (essentially having both sexes in one) and could multiply all on their own (asexual reproduction).

It’s possible, as mentioned by Credo Mutwa and Plato, that those who wanted to enslave the human species — the so called ‘gods’ — decided to split the original human being into two halves in order to more easily be able to control and manipulate them. Think about it; a single androgynous individual would have all the needed biological functionality inside them and would therefore be whole, complete and quite independent, not having to rely on anyone for satisfying their basic biological needs. However, if you split this individual into two separate halves, separating one or more essential biological functions (in this case, among others, the ability to reproduce), then you make both halves dependent on each other for satisfying each other’s biological needs. 2 And when you introduce dependency, you introduce a means of control and manipulation. Essentially you’ve weakened the individual.

Preventing male and female from easily uniting again.

So the two halves of the human species, known as male and female, eventually ended up as seen in situation E in the above image. However, this was not enough to be able to control and manipulate them and use them as slaves. As I’m sure you can imagine, those two halves would be able to easily come together again at any time to satisfy their sexual needs.

The ‘gods’ therefore had to implement additional measures in order to hold them apart. They did this by means of introducing various rules and requirements among the humans that the humans had to satisfy first before they were allowed to come together in intimacy. This is where all the rules came in that attempted to regulate human sexuality. In the ancient past the ‘gods’ would personally hand down and implement these rules, and much later through representatives such as priests, prophets and kings. Today these rules are still enforced through religion via various ‘commandments’ (for example, requiring virginity and marriage), through governments via various ‘laws’ (for example, ‘laws’ regarding the “age of consent”), or through culture via various customs and traditions (for example, men needing to prove themselves through wealth, social status, monogamous commitment etc., before being worthy of access to a woman’s vagina). In all cases the purpose of these written and unwritten rules is to enforce sexual suppression and repression in society, making it difficult for men and women to easily come together to satisfy their basic biological needs. This is symbolized by the large brick wall between the man and the woman in situation F in the above image.

Both the man and the woman could decide to climb over the brick wall to be united again, but this often has serious consequences for them, symbolized by the barbed wire on top of the brick wall. Climbing over the wall to get united again, that is, bypassing the rules promoting and enforcing sexual suppression and repression, can’t easily happen without getting hurt. And this is what we see implemented in society, where men and women are often severely punished when they choose to ignore the rules promoting and enforcing sexual suppression and repression. In ancient times (and still today in certain countries) going against those rules could even mean death if you were caught. For example, having intercourse outside of marriage could result in a death sentence. Or, having intercourse in violation of the “age of consent laws” in various countries could mean imprisonment. Or, a woman giving herself too easily to men could lead to her being stigmatized by society as being a ‘whore’ or a ‘slut,’ becoming socially rejected/­ostracized, possibly leading to physical and emotional pain. Not too long ago, such a woman would be labeled by certain western societies as being a nymphomaniac, resulting in her incarceration into a mental asylum. 3

All these rules and requirements promoting sexual suppression and repression that keep men and women apart for most of the time cause the individual to be castrated. Castration is not only done physically, but also mentally and socially. As explained in my post “On the Forms and the True Purpose of Castration”:

Whenever an individual is being limited or prevented from freely satisfying their sexual desires in a natural and healthy way we can speak of castration. The degree to which an individual is castrated is inversely related to how easily they’re able to satisfy their sexual desires.

Historically all the measures promoting and enforcing sexual suppression and repression in society have affected women much more negatively than men — and this was on purpose and by design. A passage in the bible reveals exactly why the rules were stricter and harsher towards women. According to Genesis 2:18, when the ‘gods’ decided to create the female they did so for the following reason: “I will make a helper [ezer; עֵזֶר] as his complement [neged; נֶגֶד].” Now pay special attention to the Hebrew word ‘neged;’ it’s translated as ‘complement’ but it actually means ‘against’ or ‘opposite’ or ‘contrary to.’ So it’s clear that the female was not created to be equal to the man, but as a helper and his opposite, thus being inferior to the man and pitted against him. The word ‘neged’ also sounds a lot like the English word ‘negate’ which means “to make ineffective, invalid or negative.” This makes sense when we consider that women started to exhibit a strongly diminished libido or sex drive compared to men due to the often very strict and harsh sexual suppression and repression measures taken against them starting from early childhood. 4

So when it comes to the libido or sex drive, women became negatively charged, while in comparison, men would become positively charged and regarded as being oversexed most of the time.

Look at research on the sex drive: Men and women may have about equal “ability” in sex, whatever that means, but there are big differences as to motivation: which gender thinks about sex all the time, wants it more often, wants more different partners, risks more for sex, masturbates more, leaps at every opportunity, and so on. Our survey of published research found that pretty much every measure and every study showed higher sex drive in men. It’s official: men are hornier than women. This is a difference in motivation. Roy F. Baumeister in “Is There Anything Good About Men?”

Sexual tension is built up between men and women, requiring men to do work in order to release this tension and satisfy the sexual needs.

In the image above the positive charge is symbolized by the orange plus signs (➕) around the man while the negative charge is symbolized by the blue minus signs (➖) around the woman.

The difference in libidinal charge between men and women becomes even greater when men also get stimulated by all the different kinds of sexual advertising in society, motivating them even more to want to jump through the hoops laid out for them in society in order to finally be able to get intimate with a woman. 5 This is symbolized by the rope hanging from above in situation H in the above image. The man has little choice but to follow the path (the rope) laid out by those in control to bypass the sexual suppression and repression rules in society (the brick wall) in order to get to the woman and satisfy his needs. In this way, those in control force the man to do the work that they require of him as he follows their path. The greater the difference in libidinal charge between men and women, the greater the potential becomes for getting work done. And take note of the fact that it’s the man that has to do the work; the woman has become passive due to being negatively charged and only serves to attract the man to her — which is generally the situation in most societies around the world today.

Thus the purpose of the biological split in genders along with the social measures promoting and enforcing sexual suppression and repression becomes clear: to create polarization and tension between men and women, so that it becomes difficult for them to connect and get intimate with one another; this allows for sexual energy to build up in their bodies without an easy way for it to be released, providing a constant source of sexual tension and energy to tap into. This can be compared to creating an electric dipole which is needed to create an energy charge between two points which can then be harnessed to do work in a controlled discharge.

Sexual excitation is functionally identical with the bioelectric charge of the periphery of the organism. Freud’s concept of the libido as a measure of psychic energy is no longer merely a simile. It refers to concrete bioelectric processes. Sexual excitation alone represents bioelectric functioning in the direction of the periphery (“from within outward”). Pleasure and anxiety are the two primal excitations or primal emotions of living substance. Their bioelectric functioning aligns them, in principle, with the general electrical phenomena of nature. Wilhelm Reich in “The Function of the Orgasm”

Humankind functioning as an electric dipole where the men are positively charged and the women are negatively charged.

By dividing the humans and creating this constant sexual polarization and tension between men and women that couldn’t easily be released, the ‘gods’ were able to manipulate humans to do the work for them. So when it comes to the Hebrew word ‘neged; נֶגֶד’ we see that the woman was quite literally created to serve as the negative pole of the man, positioned at his opposite. And when it comes to the word ‘helper’ [ezer; עֵזֶר], it’s important to understand that women were not created to help men with doing their work, but women were created to help motivate the men to do the work that they would otherwise refuse to do. Basically Genesis 2:18 tells us that women were created as the negative charge that would attract men and help motivate them to do work on the slave plantation known as “The Garden of Eden.”

I have not exhausted all the ways that culture exploits men. Certainly there are others. The male sex drive can be harnessed to motivate all sorts of behaviors and put to work in a kind of economic marketplace in which men give women other resources (love, money, commitment) in exchange for sex. Roy F. Baumeister in “Is There Anything Good About Men?”

The ‘gods’ understood that men and women would naturally want to get back together after the biological split, so they created a social situation whereby men would have to do work for them in order to make that happen. Dr. Sigmund Freud referred to the diversion and harnessing of sexual energy for different purposes as sublimation and was acutely aware of the fact that ‘civilization,’ as we’ve known it for thousands of years, is founded on the basis of sexual repression.

Humankind divided and used as a battery to do work.

In fact the ‘gods’ turned the human species into a biological battery, as shown in the above image. The rope from situation H is simply replaced by an electric circuit where the required work is symbolized by the lamp. In order for men to get to women and finally be able to satisfy their sexual needs, they have little choice but to follow the circuit as it is laid out in society and do the work that is required of them by society. 6 We saw this theme being used in the movies “The Never Ending Story” and “The Matrix” which I discussed in my post “Understanding Women Part III.”

Scene from the movie The Matrix where Morpheus says: “The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world, built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this [a battery].”

Like Morpheus explained in “The Matrix,” most people living today are indeed living in some kind of dream state. They’ve been conditioned and brainwashed by society to such a great extent, that they’re often unaware of their own true desires and fundamental biological needs, which have been repressed deep inside their subconscious minds. 7 Instead, they’re living their day-to-day lives based on programs placed inside their minds by society starting from early childhood. Programs designed by social engineers to exploit them like slaves, while simultaneously making them believe that they’re free. Indeed these programs are so effective that most people today love, and even demand, their own enslavement, believing that it’s beneficial to them and the best way to live their lives.


  1. See my post “The True Meaning Of Sex” for a more detailed discussion of the true meaning of the word ‘sex’. ↩︎
  2. As discussed in the first part of this series, the likely method used to modify the original human species was via genetic engineering. There are plenty of ancient sources describing how humans were biologically modified at various points in time by the so called ‘gods.’ In this case, the biological functions required for achieving a complete and fulfilling discharge of sexual energy (“orgastic discharge” as described by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in his book “The Function of the Orgasm”) and reproduction were split into two halves, requiring both halves to have to unite again to satisfy their previously mentioned biological needs for a brief period of time.

    As an example to make it a bit more clear what happened, imagine if they would have split apart some other biological function, say, the ability to eat and nourish the body. Let’s imagine that, while splitting the original human being, they also split the digestive system, and gave the ‘male’ half a mouth and stomach, while the ‘female’ half received the intestines and anus. The ‘male’ half (lacking intestines and anus) would only be able to eat, while the ‘female’ half (lacking a mouth and stomach) would only be able to process and excrete the waste. For both the ‘male’ and ‘female’ to survive, they would have to come together intimately via their mating organs that would be present below the chest and connect those two organs, so that the whole digestive system would be complete for a brief period, which would allow them to satisfy their biological need for nutrition. ↩︎

  3. For more details on the treatment of women considered to be nymphos see my post “Understanding Women Part IV”. ↩︎
  4. This includes the brainwash every woman receives from society regarding the requirements that a man first needs to satisfy before she allows him to make use of her vagina. As I’ve discussed in my post “Understanding Women Part V,” women free from all the sexual suppression and repression brainwash in society have a similar sex drive to men. ↩︎
  5. For examples of how men get sexually stimulated in society to do work for the elite see my post “Access To Porn Does Not Mean Sexual Freedom.” ↩︎
  6. For more on how men are being manipulated through their sexual needs to do work in the current system of enslavement, read my post “The Manipulated Man.” ↩︎
  7. For more on how the mind works, check my posts “The All Seeing Eye: A Symbol Of Consciousness” and “Convincing C Programmers To Switch To C++; A Look At Human Thinking Behavior.” ↩︎


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