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St. Matheus

The End of Religion

For most of my life, I knew there was something seriously wrong with religion. And I’m not the only one. There are many people around the world who have had the same feeling. If you just spent some time to think about it, a lot of things just didn’t make sense in all the religions of the world. So many contradictions and absurdities. In addition, while religion is supposed to be a good thing, when you do enough research you quickly find that religion is not only made up by people, but that it has consistently been used to manipulate, control and enslave people on earth for the benefit of the few who are in control. It has constantly been changed and interpreted differently based on the agenda of those who were in control and the situation during a specific moment in history.

Normally you wouldn’t need a lot of evidence to be able to see the many problems with religion. Just a little common sense and objectivity would be enough. But due to the massive brainwashing that has been going on for thousands of years around the world, it is very difficult for most people to break through all the programming they’ve had ever since their birth and see religion for what it really is. But when they break through the programming and are able to think and see clearly, suddenly they start to notice the problems. Suddenly they start to see that a lot of things that they accepted as being normal, or that they simply never noticed, are so absurd they wonder how come they never noticed it before.

Many people immediately act on their conscience when they find out about this. But a lot of people still desperately try to hold on to their beliefs, afraid of what it might mean when they accept the fact that their beliefs along with a lot of things they thought were normal have been wrong for many years. Indeed their whole life may have been based on their religion, and their entire belief system as well. Having to admit that their assumptions about life were wrong, means that they’re going to have to act on it if they want to maintain personal integrity, and that will undoubtedly lead to drastic changes in their lives. So most people still seem to take the easy way out, which is to desperately hold on to their current beliefs and ignore anything that may suggest otherwise. If they aren’t able to explain away the many problems with religion, they simply close their minds to it. In addition, religion readily provides “answers” to a lot of important questions in life, such as “Where do I come from?” and “What is the purpose of life?” These are very important questions, and as you can no doubt imagine, when you lack good answers to these questions, it can be very difficult to live your life not knowing where you’re heading. So most people will choose to believe in religion simply to make their life easier and because there is no better alternative. They’ll even believe in fairy tales if it will mean that they can enjoy their life that way.

The other option of course, is to not believe in religion and admit that you don’t have answers to many important questions in life. This is a more difficult road to take, but a more rewarding one for the long term. It is much better to admit when you don’t have the answers, instead of believing in improvable theories from others that require you to accept lots of things based on faith, because in the latter case you open yourself up to manipulation. And if you look around you, it’s not very difficult to see that this has been the case for many years around the world. People are being manipulated to go to war in the name of god. They’re being manipulated to do many questionable things in the name of god. Religions are being played out against each other for the benefit of the few in control behind the scenes. People are being manipulated into accepting a false reality. An example is the caste system in Hinduism, according to which you get born into a specific class of people in society and have to live your life according to all the rules and restrictions that apply to it, when in fact, everyone gets born a normal human being and should be able to freely live his life as he chooses to. It’s absurd to suggest that someone has to be an outcast simply because he was born in a specific class of society. And yet, millions of people still accept these ridiculous theories and live their whole life according to it, to the benefit of those in the higher classes who rule over the rest.

When you start to look into religion, you also find that hundreds of years ago, there were already people who could see through the absurdities and the manipulation. But somehow, their ideas never really caught on and never reached large parts of the public. Many rulers have also tried to destroy all the information that would lead people to find out about the truth. Books were burned on a large scale, certain information made illegal, inaccessible or was simply hidden from people. Still, there’s a lot of information out there and much more information is becoming available thanks to the many scholars and archeologists who are working on this subject. And because this information is now able to reach even more people, and more people are starting to wake up as a result, religion is starting to fall apart around the world. As this is happening, the few in control are already hard at work to find other means of controlling people and to find substitutes for religion to brainwash and enslave people on a large scale.

I’d like to suggest some books that you should read as soon as possible in order to have a better understanding of religion, it’s origins, the many issues with religions around the world, and how it’s being abused. These are essential reading:

  • That Old time ReligionJordan Maxwell
    Jordan Maxwell has done incredible research into many related areas, including religion. In this book he shows us the origins of many religions around the world, and how they’re all based on astrology. I also highly recommend all other books by Jordan Maxwell.
  • Losing Faith in Faith – Dan Barker
    This book discusses the many problems with Christianity, the contradictions and the absurdities. Dan Barker tells us the story of how he turned from preacher to atheist. You’ll wonder how it’s possible that you read the bible and never noticed all the stupidity before.
  • Jehovah Unmasked – Nathaniel Merritt
    Nathaniel Merritt brings to light even more stupidity in the bible in a very humoristic way. You’ll find it difficult to stop reading.
  • The book your church doesn’t want you to read – Tim C. Leedom
    A compilation of works from various authors and researchers including Jordan Maxwell. When you read it, you’ll find out why it’s called “The book your church doesn’t want you to read.”
  • The Christ Conspiracy: The greatest story ever sold – Acharya S
    Acharya S is one of the great scholars who has done lots of research into the subject of religion. In this book she mainly discusses the origins of Christianity. Highly recommended.
  • Suns of God – Acharya S
    In this book Acharya S discusses the origins of Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. You’ll see the incredible similarities between the spiritual leaders of these religions, and get to know the fact that they were all based on stories that existed hundreds of years before in a wide variety of cultures. Highly recommended.

Update July 2nd, 2007: It appears Jordan Maxwell has part of the story that’s covered in his book “That Old Time Religion” up on his website.


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