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Censorship by Cloudflare and the Internet Archive

Both Cloudflare and the Internet Archive have proven again that they cannot be trusted. This time they’ve worked together to erase a website called Kiwi Farms from the Internet. As reported by The Verge:

The Internet Archive is no longer hosting backups of Kiwi Farms, continuing the forum’s removal from major web platforms. Twitch streamer Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti, who has led a recent campaign against the site, publicized the removal yesterday. Another tweet noted that a separate backup site has also been removed; searching either returns a response that “this URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.”

Kiwi Farms’ main site has been offline since security provider Cloudflare dropped it earlier this week, citing an “immediate threat to human life” due to threats and potential criminal actions from Kiwi Farms users. But until yesterday, many of its threads were available through the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, including posts with personal information about Kiwi Farms targets.

The Internet Archive didn’t respond to a request for confirmation that it had actively excluded the domain, but Kiwi Farms administrator Joshua Moon criticized the removal on Telegram, suggesting the site wasn’t blocked by its own operators. […]

Kiwi Farms is known for collecting and publicizing personal details about targets it holds in contempt, many of whom are transgender women like Sorrenti. “Kiwi Farms has been scrubbed from the Internet Archive” (September 22th 2022)

I hadn’t heard of Kiwi Farms before this controversy, but from what I gather, some brain damaged social justice warrior types have succeeded in cancelling them.

I’ve warned in the past on multiple occasions that Cloudflare cannot be trusted and that nobody should be using their services. I also noticed back in 2020 during the COVID-19 plandemic how subtle forms of censorship were being introduced on the Internet Archive, including “fact checks”. And now with Kiwi Farms they aren’t even attempting to hide it anymore.

So here’s another cautionary reminder to make personal offline copies of everything that you find on the Internet that you would like to continue to have access to in the future. And that includes anything on my website, like I mentioned a while back.


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