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Yesterday I posted about the fact that censorship on the Internet is getting worse and that the criminal governments around the world are increasingly more often trying to censor parts or all of the Internet to stifle dissent. If you haven’t yet read the Access Now report mentioned in that post, go and take a look at it in order to build up awareness of what is taking place around the world so that you can prepare yourself ahead of time should you need to (re)act in the future.

One of the things that I discovered about a month ago is that my blog is very likely also being targeted by bandwidth throttling locally where I live. This specific case won’t affect people visiting my blog from other countries. But I discuss a lot of controversial subjects on my blog and there’s always a chance that it could get added to some block list by a criminal government who wants to shield their slave population from alternative information.

Therefore I want to remind all of you that if there’s any information here on my blog that you find useful and would like to keep having access to, make sure to make a print out, either in physical form on paper or electronically as a PDF. The popular webbrowsers support saving webpages as PDF and on Windows 10 you can also print to the PDF printer (“Microsoft Print to PDF” or “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”). In addition, you can also save webpages via and (I recommend always doing both). I’ve already saved most of the important posts of mine in both of those online archives and if this blog ever becomes inaccessible, if you know the URL you’re looking for you can try to find them there. has a nice search feature for pages per top level domain (example for

But remember, some countries also block the above mentioned archival websites, so your best bet is to always save a local PDF copy for things that you find really important. Of course there’s also the possibility to try to circumvent any access restrictions imposed by criminal governments through the use of Tor browser or VPN software, but this might be risky when it’s ‘illegal’ depending on the slave plantation that you’re living on.

In the near future I’m also going to be looking at the possibilities for mirroring this blog on other websites and optimizing the pages even more to make it easier to print and save them.


  1. More censorship coming to the Internet Archive, Mailchimp, GitHub and other platforms — Karel Donk (01/11/2020)


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