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Update on COVID-19 courtcases

As you may be aware of, I started two lawsuits against the criminal government of Suriname in 2021. The first was against the COVID-19 mask mandates and the second was against the various COVID-19 lockdown measures. I initially lost in both cases, and I filed for appeal. On August 5th 2022 the appeal hearing of these lawsuits began and I submitted my pleading for both cases.

The pleading documents can be downloaded from the websites that I set up for these cases, namely Anti-Muilkorf and Anti-Lockdown. You’ll find the pleading documents (‘pleitnota’ in Dutch) below the “Update 7 augustus 2022” heading. The documents are in Dutch, so you’ll need to use a translation service to be able to read them if you don’t understand Dutch. However, I think it’s worth looking at it as there’s lots of information in there that you won’t find in the mainstream news. Some of the attached documents (‘produkties’) are in English so that helps.


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