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Brain Damage in Tech

Continuing where I left off in the last post about brain damage at CppCon 2019, where I made the remark that “the ‘pride/diversity’ agenda is spreading all throughout tech like a virus,” we know that this is deliberate policy in tech these days. The following quote taken from someone working at Automattic, the company behind WordPress, can serve as evidence:

To that end, as we reviewed our hiring process, we realized that the demographics of people we attract to apply are not inline with the demographics of the people we hope to hire. Whilst we have implemented a strong focus on metrics, and made certain adjustments, we’ve not seen the improvements we want. If this was a product, we would go to our users and ask them – so why not do the same here?

To that end, we are kicking off a user research project, to better understand the ways that people think about the process of finding a new job. Like all our user research, it’s compensated. Like everything we do, we share it openly – so whilst we will use the results to inform our process, we will also be sharing a public write up of the things we learned.

For our initial research, we’re looking for women and non-binary people (trans/cis/gnc) who may experience similar gender discrimination in the workplace, who have multiple years of experience in a software development role. If you’re open to participating, please fill in some information in our pre-screening form.

Basically they don’t seem to be getting the kind of people that they want applying for jobs at Automattic, and are now trying to find out how they can manipulate the process to attract more women and “non-binary” people.

You’d think that an objective hiring process, where you plainly and objectively list the technical aspects of the role you’re hiring for, would be enough. But apparently they’re getting too many men who apply and not many women and “non-binary” people.

Could it be that perhaps ex-Google engineer James Damore was right after all (read his memo), and women generally don’t like and aren’t well-suited for these kinds of jobs? Could it be the fact that the highly irrational character structure of women and “non-binary” people, in both cases due to sexual suppression and repression, makes them incompatible for a job that requires rationality and logical reasoning?

Is changing your hiring process to manipulate or persuade these people to apply, so you can have more “diversity” and “inclusivity,” a wise decision for the long term? Do you want to bring people into the company who aren’t really interested in or well-suited for the job, but were manipulated through your targeted advertising into applying? Do you think that will have a positive impact on your workforce and quality of your products? Or is it more important to virtue signal and participate in current politics so you can attract more funding from those pushing the “pride” agenda worldwide?

Ex-Google and ex-Facebook software engineer Patrick Shyu, better known as The TechLead among an elite class of initiated engineers online, recently spoke about the situation at Facebook; just start watching at 7 minutes and 50 seconds in.

Here’s the relevant quote:

One more interesting thing is that I think that Facebook and large tech companies, they’re very political. This is kind of a topic that people don’t like to mention too much but when you walk around the Facebook campus you will see political posters and art everywhere. Nearly every single piece of art is political in nature. It is about, say, LGBT pride, it may be about immigration, equality, gender free politics, all of this diversity stuff. Which I’m all for, you know, I think it’s great, I just think it’s a little bit too heavy handed there. […] And it’s a little bit strange, uncomfortable, for me to walk around in the campus — for Facebook especially, it is very big on the LGBT community. The company is pretty much overrun by them. You have like a rainbow flag for the LGBT community in the middle of the campus. It just feels a little bit overrepresented.

So if you were wondering where the recent influx of brain damage in tech came from, it’s because of deliberate hiring processes such as the above in tech companies these days, encouraged and funded by the cabal pushing the “pride” agenda worldwide. This is what led to the pathetic display at the start of Bjarne Stroustrup’s CppCon 2019 keynote. And where they can’t easily infiltrate and get their way, they use coercion and force — like in the case of Linus Torvalds and recently Richard Stallman.


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