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Brain Damage has infiltrated the Open Source Initiative

After Linus Torvalds got castrated and Richard M. Stallman was forced out of the organization he founded, Eric S. Raymond recently got banned as well from the mailing list of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) which he founded. I mentioned in the past that “the ‘pride/diversity’ agenda is spreading all throughout tech like a virus,” and that it’s being used to infiltrate and co-opt the important free software and open-source organizations, and more people are slowly coming to the same conclusions.

After being banned, Raymond wrote the following on his blog:

It shouldn’t be news to anyone that there is an effort afoot to change – I would say corrupt – the fundamental premises of the open-source culture. Instead of meritocracy and “show me the code”, we are now urged to behave so that no-one will ever feel uncomfortable.

We are being social-hacked from being a culture in which freedom is the highest value to one in which it is trumped by the suppression of wrongthink and wrongspeak. Our enemies – people like Coraline Ada-Ehmke – do not even really bother to hide this objective.

Coraline Ada-Ehmke is a man who pretends to be a woman (a so called “trans woman”) and appears to be going around on the Internet forcing brain damage culture on everyone. What’s surprising to me is that many people — even Eric S. Raymond on this blog — are referring to him as ‘her’ or ‘she’ when he is in fact a man.

Here’s from I Programmer, “Co-founder of OSI Banned From Mailing Lists” (March 11th 2020):

Coraline Ada-Ehmke is a current candidate for a position on the OSI board. She is a leading advocate of the Ethical Source movement, is  best known as the creator of the Contributor Covenant. It is this document on which the revised Linux code of conduct, adopted in the aftermath of the Linus Torvalds almost being forced out for his own use of language, is based.

It is tempting to look for comparisons between Linus Torvald’s situation and that of Eric Raymond. However, while Torvald’s decided to revise his ways and adapt to the current climate – where bad language isn’t a joke and isn’t tolerated and empathy is the order of the day, ESR is sticking to his existing attitudes and opinions, as is evidenced in the answers he gave to  Bryan Lunduke for a report in the Lunduke Journal:

Lunduke: What do you see as the root cause of the issues you see with the OSI?

Eric S Raymond: The fetishization of ‘nice’ behavior, where ‘nice’ ends up defined as being any behavior some self-appointed censor doesn’t like. Usually (and in this case) accompanied by a lot of bafflegab about “inclusion” and “diversity” so that anyone who isn’t a fan of the new, censorious rules can be cast as some sort of bigot.

Lunduke: How would you go about fixing those issues?

Eric S Raymond: Abolish “Codes of Conduct” and all the Orwellian doublespeak that goes with them. It’s less bad that people sometimes got their feelings hurt than it is to institutionalize a means by which dissenting opinions are crushed under the rubric of “not nice”.

I agree with Raymond on most of what he says, but am disappointed in the fact that — much like Linus Torvalds — he decides to play along with brain damage culture in pretending that people are something that they are not. This is especially strange when he says:

“Codes of Conduct” that purport to regulate even off-project speech have become all too common. […]  Wake up and speak out. Embrace the right to be rude – not because “rude” in itself is a good thing, but because the degenerative slide into suppression of disfavored opinions has to be stopped right where it starts, at the tone policing.

Would that not also include refusing to treat a man pretending to be a woman as a woman? Even Jordan Peterson wasn’t able to resist being a participant in this freak show. It’s incredible how brain damage culture manages to circumvent reality, truth and rationality.

In any case, like I mentioned before, the brain damage culture is being used as a political attack vector to get control of the free software and open-source movements in order to get stronger control of technology in general. Once they have control, they can go ahead and slowly but surely implement their agenda of weakening the organizations and their software and hardware products, possibly introducing back doors and locking down the software and hardware, much like we’ve seen recently with Apple. Knowing their Orwellian agenda, as it became very apparent with Apple, it would be in their interest to get full control or otherwise get rid of the free software and open-source alternatives as soon as possible.


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