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Japanese hire saboteurs to end their relationships

Japan is one of the countries where the devastating effects of sexual suppression and repression are at their worst and a recent article by the BBC shows just how bad things are. Due to the written and unwritten rules in society, people who make the terrible mistake to get married, can’t easily get divorced, leading to a situation where they try to get rid of their partner by hiring someone to sabotage their relationship. Here’s from “The saboteurs you can hire to end your relationship” (August 2nd 2020):

In Japan, you can pay private agents called ‘wakaresaseya’ to seduce your spouse or their partner.

One survey showed around 270 wakaresaseya agencies advertising online. Many are attached to private-detective firms, similar to private investigators in other countries (who can also become entangled in relationship dissolution).

Although some features of the wakaresaseya industry are unique to Japan, Scott says that similar services exist around the world. They may be less formalised honeytrap or con-artist arrangements, or they may be part of the private-investigations industry.

Agents can also be hired to gather evidence that will help a wronged spouse collect consolation money, which is compensation for the dissolution of a relationship. Although the Yamagami International Law Office hasn’t worked with wakaresaseya agents, lawyer Shogo Yamagami notes that some clients do work with private agents more generally to obtain evidence of adultery. The consolation payment system means that hiring wakaresaseya agents can be beneficial not just emotionally, but also in practical monetary terms.

The continuing existence of the wakaresaseya industry suggests that money and deception may be uncomfortably threaded into relationships more often than people recognise. And divorce laws, social norms around adultery and the difficulty of confrontation are unlikely to change radically in the near future, suggesting that the services of agents like Mochizuki will remain valuable.

“It’s a very interesting job,” he reflects. He feels it has given him plenty of insight into how people exaggerate, lie, talk and interpret. “It’s very interesting to see how people are made.”

There would be no need for ‘wakaresaseya’ if people didn’t have to get into exclusive relationships in order to get intimacy from the opposite sex. And there would be even less need for ‘wakaresaseya’ if people could just get a divorce without the criminal government or society getting involved with all kinds of rules and demands. Not to mention the fact that the partners involved get abused like slaves not only during marriage, but even long after divorce through all kinds of financial and other obligations. Fortunately in Japan, both men and women are beginning to avoid marriage because they recognize it’s little more than slavery.

And pay attention to the following quote from the article:

The continuing existence of the wakaresaseya industry suggests that money and deception may be uncomfortably threaded into relationships more often than people recognise.

Did the author really need the existence of the ‘wakaresaseya’ industry to realize that money and deception are “often uncomfortably threaded into relationships”? Wasn’t it already blatantly obvious from all the sexual suppression and repression policies in societies worldwide? In most societies around the world a man can’t get any pussy if he doesn’t have enough money and doesn’t know how to lie to a woman. The majority of women also lie about their appearance most of the time by faking their nails, hair, boobs, you name it. Not to mention the fact that both men and women often fake their personalities, especially in the beginning, in order to get the other person to like them more. All the dating and courtship games often involve all kinds of deception.

The article also mentions honeytrap- and con-artist arrangements. Again, these things can only exist in societies where there’s artificial scarcity when it comes to sex and intimacy due to sexual suppression and repression. People who are desperate for sex and intimacy can easily get manipulated. I’ve discussed examples of these in the notes in my post “Everything in Life is about Sex”; you might want to take a look there to get an idea of what to look for unless you want to easily become a victim of these traps.


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