Coöperatie De Vrije Media recently published an interview with Ronald Bernard, a former insider working in the financial sector, exposing some of the inner workings at the top of the system. Bernard, one of the founders of De Blije B, worked for many years in the financial sector having his own company specializing in asset management, currency trade and deposits. As he grew and climbed the ladder to the top he eventually found himself at the center of the big cash flows in the industry. That gave him insight into how the world really works behind the scenes. If you’re familiar with the popular adage “follow the money,” you know that by following cash flows you can get to know a lot about who is influencing, supporting or financing everything in the world.

Bernard was able to see, for example, that intelligence agencies and governments were financing terrorist organizations, and eventually had to conclude that intelligence agencies and governments are themselves criminal organizations — something I concluded myself based on my own reasoning and research. He also gives examples of how intelligence agencies and governments launder money that they obtained from illegal practices by converting and investing it into different assets (which is what Bernard specialized in). This is probably one of the reasons why the USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (through their venture capital companies such as In-Q-Tel) was one of the early investors in Google as I wrote about a while back. All the money that the CIA is making in the illegal drug and weapons trade has to be laundered in some way to get back into the legal circuit, and this is one of the ways in which they manage that.

In addition, Bernard goes on to mention how the financial elite manipulate the values of currencies in order to get the results they want. It’s common knowledge these days for those who pay attention and do their research, that the values of currencies and commodities in the global markets are often manipulated in order to facilitate the geopolitical agenda of the financial elite. If they want regime change in a country, or want the leaders to get in line with their agenda, they can put pressure on them by manipulating the value of currencies and commodities, creating a crisis and forcing people to fall in line. For example, this is the root cause of the economic crisis that’s currently going on in Venezuela as I wrote about a while back. It’s an engineered crisis as most of them are. In another example, even the fucking scumbag Barack Obama admitted in 2014 that the oil price was manipulated in order to create problems for Russia.

It’s very easy to understand how this works if you think about an analogy that I first heard from Mark Passio: you can think of the flow of money in the global system as the electricity (or energy) that’s flowing inside a circuit. That’s why money is also referred to as currency (from the word “current”). By manipulating the flow of money (or energy) you can decide on which parts of the system you want to power (or support) and which parts you don’t want to power (or support). And as you can imagine, if you’re at the very top of the financial system managing the big currency flows, you can easily manipulate global events by manipulating the flow of money. You can even go so far as to manipulate thought and opinion; after all you can decide what politicians, the media and even academia say by financing only those who support your agenda. As Passio says, “the control of energy is the control of people,” and keep in mind that money is a representation of energy — a deceptive one, as Passio explains — in the anti-social system of enslavement (Statism) that we currently live in. In fact, everything surrounding the idea of money and generally referred to as “economy” is pseudoscience based on deception, invented by the elite who want to enslave humanity.

Bernard also gives us some insight into the kind of people who are at the top of the financial sector — psychopaths who lack a conscience. According to Bernard these people are also “Satanists” who worship “Lucifer” as their god and engage in practices such as human sacrifice, including children. At one point Bernard was also invited to take part in sacrificing children but he refused and that was the breaking point for him, where he couldn’t function inside the system anymore and eventually got out. Bernard mentions that the child sacrifice rituals performed by the elite are often done in order to make people susceptible to blackmail so that the elite have more control over them. This is one of the reasons why they promote sexual suppression and repression in society so that people can be manipulated and blackmailed through their sexuality (for more on this read my post “Everything in Life is about Sex” and also take a look at the notes there).

What’s also very interesting is that Bernard mentions Zionism, making the connection between the financial elite and the Zionist agenda. And if you’ve read my recent post on Adolf Hitler, you’ll know that Hitler was up against these same Zionist central banking and financial elite; in fact Hitler wanted to free Germany from the financial exploitation and enslavement by these people, and he succeeded initially until they mobilized much of the world against Germany during World War II to destroy the resistance against their enslavement.

Bernard is not the only insider coming out with this information. Recently Bradley C. Birkenfeld, a former private banker working for UBS, also spoke out about what’s going on behind the scenes in the financial sector; you can hear him explain some of it in the below interview with Sean Stone in the program “Watching the Hawks” on Russia Today (RT).

Birkenfeld also wrote a book about his experiences titled “Lucifer’s Banker.”

I’ve noticed that in discussing the information put out by Bernard, many people are referring to the financial elite as the “Illuminati,” “Luciferians” or “Satanists.” But you have to be very careful because there’s a lot of deception and confusion surrounding these names and this deception has been going on for thousands of years; I explain some of this in my post “Apple – The Occult Secrets behind the Brand.”  If you read that post, you’ll notice that I give a completely different explanation for who “Satan” might be and what’s actually going on in the world today in the struggle between light and darkness as Bernard also mentions. You’ll find that the deception goes so deep that the good guys are often portrayed as the enemies. This is true for “Satan” from the bible, but is also true for people such as Hitler and Gaddafi. The elite working behind the scenes always demonize the good guys and demonize information that they don’t want the masses to pay attention to, in order for the masses to stay ignorant so that they can easily be manipulated and enslaved. So be extremely careful before you draw conclusions and be thorough and rigorous in doing your research.

The fact that we see people like Bernard and Birkenfeld coming out with information exposing the elite is clear evidence to me that we’re now heading into the age of enlightenment — the age where knowledge will become available to everyone and where nothing can remain hidden anymore, as I explained in my post on “The Global Brain.” Other people like Edward Snowden and organizations like WikiLeaks also are part of this global movement towards transparency and openness, and towards the free flow of information. It looks like things are unfolding exactly as foretold.