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What is legal isn’t always right, and what is right isn’t always legal.

The Financial Elite are behind Deplatforming and Censorship on the Internet

When Alex Jones got deplatformed a few months ago, I mentioned that it was the result of a coordinated effort happening behind the scenes to censor certain people. If you were still in doubt about who exactly is behind this latest trend of deplatforming, demonetization and censorship on the Internet, then the following bit of information will remove all doubt for you.

1791L have recently spoken to Jacqueline Hart of Patreon’s “Trust and Safety” team who shared some very revealing information with them. You can listen to the details in the video below (“Our call with Patreon” on YouTube / December 28th 2018).

Here’s a transcript of the important part of the video starting at 2 minutes and 20 seconds in:

When pressed on this point, Ms. Heart turns to what seems to be the primary reason for this action [the banning of content creators]. She mentions that the company has to abide by expectations from their “global payment network”. When pressed on what this meant she explains that they must maintain a close relationship with banks and payment processors in order to exist. She didn’t elaborate beyond that. What this means, or what this reveals, is that it’s probable that Patreon’s own policies and stances are irrelevant. When every other competitor to Patreon has been banned by a so called “global payment network” for enabling hate, it would be foolish not to explore what this network is and what kind of influence they have on companies.

We can turn to two incidents that bring some clarification. Bitchute, a YouTube competitor, was banned from the payment processor Stripe. Stripe claims that they didn’t want to do it, but that they were forced to by their “financial partners”. Both Stripe and Patreon obscure which financial institutions are responsible for these acts of censorship. But in August of 2018, Patreon revealed that Mastercard demanded that they ban a prominent critic of Islamic extremism. It’s not clear how much of a role these banks played in the banning of Carl Benjamin and others, but it could very well be that banks and payment processors work together in some sort of incestuous relationship to shut down Patreon’s competitors. The former president of PayPal himself contributed to the first significant round of venture capital financing for Patreon, which totaled 15 million dollars. PayPal and other payment processors have shut down the accounts of every Patreon competitor: MakerSupport, Hatreon and now SubscribeStar. As many are aware, Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson plan to create an alternative themselves. It remains unclear how they plan to circumvent these financial institutions and the “global payment network.”

This is hard evidence pointing to the fact that it’s the global financial elite who are working behind the scenes to censor people on the Internet. And, no, they’re not doing this to “shut down Patreon’s competitors” as 1791L seems to think. The reason why they’re doing this is because some creators are beginning to pose a bigger threat to the global domination of the financial elite because they’re waking up the ignorant and enslaved masses (AKA the “sheeple”). At the very least these creators are causing the masses to question what they’re being fed by the establishment. So any payment processor that helps to finance these creators automatically also becomes a target. This is not about competition; it’s about mind control and stifling dissent. Like I discussed recently in my post “On money, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general”, there’s a very good reason for why they’re going after people’s income:

With the above quick history of money in mind we can have a good understanding about what its purpose has been from the very beginning and what it is still used for today. As Mark Passio described you can think of the flow of money in the global system as the electricity (or energy) that’s flowing inside a circuit. That’s why money is also referred to as currency (from the word “current”). By manipulating the flow of money (or energy) you can decide on which parts of the system you want to power (or support) and which parts you don’t want to power (or support). And as you can imagine, if you’re at the very top of the financial system managing the big currency flows, you can easily manipulate global events by manipulating the flow of money. You can even go so far as to manipulate thought and opinion; after all you can decide what politicians, the media and even academia say by financing only those who support your agenda.

So basically they’re trying to dry up the sources of revenue of the content creators that pose a threat to the establishment, so that they become marginalized and (hopefully) die off. This is also why, for example, Collective Evolution was demonetized just a few days ago on YouTube, and why The Free Thought Project was banned from Facebook a few weeks ago.

As more and more of the slaves start to wake up it’s going to become increasingly more difficult for the international financial elite to enforce their global agenda of enslavement and exploitation. Their response is to try to stifle the spreading of alternative information (especially the truth) and the way they’re doing that in this case is by banning people based on the purposely vague and subjective concept of “hate speech.” If you want to find something to use against someone to shut them down, “hate speech” becomes a very useful tool to use against them, as we’ve recently seen with the banning of Carl Benjamin from Patreon. The exact same strategy is being used on most social media platforms on the Internet.

Content creators have to wake up from their naivety and start to understand who exactly it is that they’re up against. You need to understand at a deep level who these people are and what their modus operandi is, because they’ve been at it for thousands of years already. Read my posts “On money, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general” and “Ronald Bernard Exposes the Zionist Financial (Banking) Elite” for important (historical) background information, which will also clarify why fully decentralized and peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrencies are the only solution we have right now for this problem.

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