Hellstorm: The Genocide of Germany by the Common Enemy

Change your plans for this evening, because this is a documentary you have to see. Read more »

Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told

Much of what you’ve learned about Adolf Hitler isn’t true. For many years we’ve been deceived into believing a distorted — and often completely fabricated — version of reality. Read more »

The Choice is Ours

Is Earth the insane asylum of the universe? The answer to that question is explored in the first two parts of a new documentary by The Venus Project that’s been released two days ago, and can now be watched online for free. Read more »

Evan Rachel Wood: “Accept that women are sexual beings”

Here’s another clear example of female sexual suppression in society: A sex scene featuring actress Evan Rachel Wood was cut out of the movie “Charlie Countryman” by the MPAA because apparently it showed oral sex being performed on ... Read more »

The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

Back in 2006 I recommended watching a movie titled “Steal This Film,” which is about file sharing on the Internet centering around the popular website The Pirate Bay. Read more »

Karma explained by Electromagnetism

A while ago I saw a documentary on electrodynamics and free energy, where Tom Bearden was interviewed explaining the concept behind free (or radiant) energy. Read more »

The Dangers of Hope

In the second Matrix movie, “Matrix Reloaded,” the Architect says to Neo: “Hope… it is the quintessential human delusion – simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.” And he ... Read more »

I love Loreena McKennitt

More than 10 years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to music by Loreena McKennitt (Wikipedia). I instantly fell in love with her music. Read more »

The Obama Deception

A while ago I wrote a post titled “Barack Obama: More of the same,” and in that post I basically described how Barack Obama was not going to bring any kind of change compared to what the former President Bush was already doing. Read more »

Donk’s Diet – The Ultimate Weight Loss Program

I understand completely if you’re initially very surprised when you see the title of this post. The truth is, in your position, I’d be surprised myself, even though I’ve been known to cover a wide range of topics on my blog. Read more »
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