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Donk’s Diet – The Ultimate Weight Loss Program

I understand completely if you’re initially very surprised when you see the title of this post. The truth is, in your position, I’d be surprised myself, even though I’ve been known to cover a wide range of topics on my blog. Mostly anything that I feel I should write about. And guess what, it’s time to write about the ultimate weight loss program, which, after many years of research, I’m confident is ready to be revealed today.

Before I go on to explain what it is, let me tell you that there is absolutely nothing like this out there. My theory will put even Atkins Diet and all the other money making, consumption promoting schemes to shame. We live in a world today where consumption, and even more consumption, is being promoted everywhere (for more background on this, watch the first part of a BBC documentary titled “The Century of the Self“). This, as a lot of things that we view as being normal in society today, is by design. It didn’t happen by itself, but it’s being done by a small group who ultimately benefits. People are being manipulated into consumption to make them feel good about themselves. And the more they consume, the more money others make. I’m not going to go into details about this here, just check out the documentary.

The result is that everyone wants more, newer, bigger and “Super Sized!”. If you look at restaurants in the USA, such as the Mc Donalds and Burger Kings, the amount of food that they sell to a single person is unbelievable. Just check out a documentary called “Super Size Me.” And then ask yourself, does a single person really need THAT much food for a single meal? And then, people ask themselves how it is that there’s so much obesity and ask themselves what is causing that problem. Money is being spent on research to find answers to such questions, when it’s fairly obvious what the answers are. You don’t have to be a scientist for this.

And so this brings me to my theory, which if you ask me, is truly groundbreaking and radical in the time we live in today, because with the mindset that most people have today, I think very few would get such an idea. This is the ultimate way to lose weight and to very easily maintain the right weight. Forget everything you’ve learned from other weight loss programs – it’s all bullshit. So what, exactly, is this great theory of mine, you impatiently ask? Here’s what you need to do:

Eat when you’re hungry.

What? That’s it?

That’s it.

Simple, isn’t it? No complex theories about carbs, no complex lists of food and calorie amounts to maintain, no extra work. Simply eating when you’re hungry.

Can you still remember the feeling you get when you’re really hungry? A light pain in your stomach? Well when you feel that, that’s your body telling you that it’s time to eat. If you don’t have that feeling, then you shouldn’t eat because it’s highly likely that most of what you eat then will be too much for your body to process. You should only eat when you feel hungry, and even then, eat only enough to stop you feeling hungry. So no large meals, just what your body needs to keep you going, until you feel hungry again.

Like me, you’ve probably been brought up with the bullshit theories of eating at least 3 times a day, having breakfast at a fixed time in the morning, lunch at noon, etc. It has been taught to you ever since you were a child, and it has become a habit. Now, if you skip lunch you feel like you’re not taking care of yourself, even though you may not feel hungry at all, because you’ve been taught that it’s not healthy. Ofcourse it’s not healthy if you don’t eat when you don’t need it, not for you, but for the corporations who need you to eat/consume so they make even more money. Just look at Atkin’s Diet. Ofcourse everyone loves it, because it promotes eating all you can eat while still losing weight. And that’s exactly what people with their current mindset of consuming like.

Well, it’s crap. All of it. Just forget about it and simply eat when you’re hungry, or in other words, eat when you need it. If you don’t feel that pain in your stomach, you’re not hungry, even though you feel that you could really go for a Big Mac now after seeing that commercial.

And while this is a simple natural concept, I guarantee you that it won’t be easy to follow it. Why not? Because society, right now, and perhaps for centuries now, is designed to encourage you not to follow it.


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