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The Obama Deception

No we can't

No we can't

A while ago I wrote a post titled “Barack Obama: More of the same,” and in that post I basically described how Barack Obama was not going to bring any kind of change compared to what the former President Bush was already doing. At least, no positive change.

There’s a new documentary out by Alex Jones titled “The Obama Deception” (Download here) which I saw recently. If you haven’t yet seen it, take the time to watch it. In that documentary you’ll see what I described in my previous post about Obama, plus you’ll see how Obama is basically deceiving people on a large scale, and that in fact, nothing is changing at all and it’s just business as usual. You’ll see evidence of him lying, and doing the exact opposite of what he promised to do before he was elected. It’s just like I said before:

Don’t mind what he has been saying during his campaign. Talk is cheap. To win the election, it’s neccessary to give people hope and to tell them what they want to hear. His actual actions in the coming years are going to show you where he really stands. Obama wouldn’t even be a candidate and have so much support from corporations and especially the corporate media if they didn’t know beforehand that he would be protecting and supporting their interests, just like Bush has been doing the last 8 years. Interests of a small but powerful group of people. Remember, today the mere fact that a person is allowed to be running for president in the USA and has the approval of the corporate media and widely backed by corporations, means that he’s one of them. This has been the giveaway of the whole plot but few noticed.

And now, just a few months after his election, it is already very clear who’s interests Obama is looking after. After watching the documentary, leave a comment and let me know if you still have hope,  if you still think that “yes, we can,” and if you still think that “change has come to America.”


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