We should all be Part-Time Lovers

The pyramid and the sun featured in the official music video for ‘Part-Time Lover’ by Stevie Wonder

On the morning of April 22nd 2018 I woke up with the melody from the song ‘Part-Time Lover’ by Stevie Wonder constantly looping in my mind for no immediately apparent reason. Literally, I opened my eyes and this melody was playing in my mind.

Although I had previously been familiar with the melody of the song (because I used to often hear it during my childhood around the time the single came out) I didn’t know the title of the song and didn’t know the lyrics. The only thing I knew was that the melody was from a song by Stevie Wonder.

It was strange that I would wake up that morning with that melody playing in my mind, while I wasn’t even thinking about it in the days and weeks prior to that. Later when I got behind my computer the first thing I did was search for all of the songs by Stevie Wonder on Google and YouTube and listen to them one by one until I found the one with the melody that I had in my mind.

It turned out to be the song ‘Part-Time Lover’ and looking at the lyrics, I began to understand why it might have been brought to my attention. Moreover, when I saw the official music video minutes later (embedded below), featuring the pyramid with the sun on top, it made even more sense.

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A conversation with Brittany about Love and Sex

A few days ago I had a short interaction in the comments section on one of my posts titled ‘Everything in Life is about Sex’ with a person named Brittany, who had a few questions relating to love and sex. I want to share the conversation with all of you below. Especially the concepts of male dominance and female submission that we see in interactions between men and women in most societies around the world were discussed. Should you have questions and comments of your own, feel free to add them below to continue this conversation.

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No Mark Zuckerberg, I don’t need your help

Fuckerberg probably thought I wanted to commit suicide

On the morning of March 26th 2018 I got behind my PC with my usual cup of coffee and decided to check my notifications on Facebook. I clicked to open two of them, both in a separate window, and in both windows was presented with a page asking me if I was going through a difficult time, and if I needed help. You can see a screenshot of the page in the above image.

This is the first time I ever saw this on Facebook. From what I can gather, it seems that my behavior on Facebook during the previous days had triggered one or more of Facebook’s algorithms detecting that I was probably ‘going through a difficult time’. Perhaps I was showing signs that other people had previously shown on Facebook who were going through difficult times. Or perhaps this was another one of those psychological experiments being run by Facebook where people were being manipulated and their behavior was being monitored without their knowledge and consent.

It’s quite outrageous that Facebook would presume that they are allowed to monitor my behavior in this way and that I would welcome their help and support in my personal life. I don’t remember signing up for this kind of psychological monitoring, analysis and profiling when I made a Facebook account years ago. I also don’t remember giving Facebook permission to do this.

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An example of the dangers of a government provided basic income

In my post ‘Governments and Basic Income: Why they don’t go together’ I discussed the dangers of relying on a basic income provided by the government. Specifically I mentioned the following:

If every individual’s universal right to life isn’t respected (in the broadest sense possible) then no amount of free money will be able to save them from abuse.

In fact, introducing a basic income in the current anti-social system can even be VERY DANGEROUS when the government decides on that income — making the individual even more dependent on the government for their basic human needs.

Once most individuals in society get comfortable receiving a basic income from the government and get to heavily rely on it for their survival, they’ll be even easier to control and manipulate by the government and the financial elite who control the money supply in society.

[…] In this way individuals in society can easily be manipulated and their thoughts and behavior can easily be controlled. Just look at how difficult it is for most people who work for governments worldwide to speak up against their governments, afraid of the repercussions and of losing their jobs/income.

And if you want a good example of how bad things can get, you just have to look at what’s happening in China today.

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On gender pronouns, gender identity and transgender people

You can’t be serious

Online discussions about transgender people, their rights and other related subjects, such as gender identity and the use of certain gender pronouns, were very popular last year and there’s a trend right now of governments in various countries that are getting involved to force a certain “(far) leftist” agenda down everyone’s throat.

The situation got particularly bad in Canada where they introduced legislation (Bill C-16) that could be used in the future to force people to refer to others by their preferred alternative gender pronouns. One of the people who spoke out against this was Dr. Jordan Peterson, who rightly pointed out that this was a serious violation of freedom of speech. But Peterson only appears to have a problem with the alternative pronouns such as ‘ze’ and ‘zir’, and wouldn’t mind addressing transgendered people by the traditional pronouns:

Dr Peterson says he does not object to trans people or to choosing which traditional pronoun they prefer. “If the standard transsexual person wants to be regarded as he or she, my sense is I’ll address you according to the part that you appear to be playing,” he said.

And in my view that’s a very stupid thing to do because by doing that you violate your personal integrity in order to please someone else. If you value the truth and want to go through life seeing reality as it truly is — which I’m sure Peterson does — then by pretending that someone else is a woman instead of a man and vice versa and going along with their delusions, you’re deceiving yourself and everyone else around you. I don’t know about Peterson, but my mind would constantly try to cope with this contradiction in interactions with such a person because I absolutely hate lying to myself; it would cause quite some mental discomfort. In addition you’re also being disingenuous and a hypocrite, since obviously you know the truth but you choose to pretend to the other person that you’re going along with their delusion. Nothing good can come out of that in the long term and it only makes matters worse.

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Politics: An Exercise in Futility

Larken Rose published a status update on Facebook a few days ago that I really liked. It’s worth sharing here again with everyone in it’s entirety:

Even back when I was a “limited statist,” desperately trying to increase freedom through voting and petitioning and campaigning, deep down inside I already knew that political activism was totally pointless and hopeless–that it would never lead to freedom–but I kept trying anyway, because I just didn’t know what else to do, and I refused to give up.

Now I realize that that is EXACTLY the entire purpose of the political process: to keep the peasantry obsessed with a game that will forever steal away their time, energy, money and hope, while providing NO chance of them ever achieving freedom. And all the while, the people as a whole had the power to be free the MOMENT they really wanted it, just by removing their cooperation from the “system.”

“Politics” is a hamster wheel in an unlocked cage. When the hamsters figure that out, the game ends.

Larken Rose, March 2018

Just like Larken, I also eventually came to realize a few years ago that the current anti-social system that we live in was designed specifically to abuse and enslave every individual, despite claiming to the contrary that it exists to serve the individual. And within this system, the whole political process is also designed and put in place to exploit people’s hope and give them the illusion of freedom and choice; especially the illusion of having a say and being able to influence the outcome of things. But what we see in reality is that this is just a game designed to keep everyone occupied in futile undertakings, like Larken mentions, to “forever steal away their time, energy, money and hope, while providing NO chance of them ever achieving freedom.”

As depicted in the above image, politicians come and go, presidents come and go, entire governments come and go, but fundamentally the system stays exactly the same and there’s no change in its purpose, which is the exploitation of the individual. This is the case today, and has been the case throughout all of history.

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Thank you, Chuck Westfall

Photo from PetaPixel

Very sad to get the news today that Canon USA’s Chuck Westfall passed away. A great loss for especially Canon photographers worldwide, who could always turn to Westfall not only for expert advice and guidance, but quite often also for personal help.

Back in 2007 when I made the decision to invest in Canon photography equipment, Chuck Westfall was practically the face of Canon’s photography division on the Internet. Everywhere you went, Westfall was around sharing technical advice, either through articles, interviews or comments. Later on when I was disappointed with Canon and decided to put up a blog to voice my criticism comparable to the Fake Steve blog, the only executive that I could use that would be recognizable and speak to photographers worldwide was Chuck Westfall. Had I chosen Canon (USA)’s CEO or any other top level executive, very few people would know who they were, and the Fake Chuck blog would certainly not have had the impact that it did. This says a ton about what Chuck Westfall was to Canon.

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Pay attention!

Pay attention!

About two weeks ago I was watching a TEDx presentation by Jordan Peterson titled “Potential.” As I was lying in bed watching on my phone late at night, I suddenly got an incoming call that interrupted the video. It was from my dad. The incoming call notification came on for just a brief moment though — just enough to see that it was a call from my dad — then it went away and the video continued playing.

After waiting a few seconds to see if my dad would call back, I decided to call him and check what was up. I didn’t bother to pause the video, left it playing in full screen in the background, and just went to the phone app and called my dad. When he answered, I asked him if he had called. “Yes,” he responded, “but it was by mistake.” I remember thinking to myself that this was strange and something seemed a bit off. After I hung up a few seconds later, the phone app closed and as its screen animated and faded away, Peterson’s presentation, still playing in the background, filled the screen on my phone at around the 15 minute and 20 second mark as you can see in the above screenshot.

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On money, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s going on in the world these days you’ve no doubt noticed the sharp rise in the popularity and adoption of cryptocurrencies and in particular Bitcoin. I’ve noticed that many people don’t understand the significance of these developments and the exact problems that they’re solving so in this post I’m going to share some of my thoughts on this and also discuss some of the things that people should watch out for when they decide to invest in cryptocurrencies.

It’s too bad that many of the developers who are introducing their own cryptocurrencies these days don’t understand the fundamental reasons for why Bitcoin was created, don’t understand the history and the purpose of money, and as a result create digital currencies that will help to perpetuate the same problems humanity has been suffering from for thousands of years.

Please take the time to educate yourselves first. This post is my way of helping you with that. Some of the things I will discuss might lie (far) outside of your realm of awareness, but keep an open mind and take this information into consideration, and I’m confident that with time you’ll reap the benefits — especially if you’re looking into investing in cryptocurrencies in the future.
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Making sense of Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has been receiving quite some attention in the press because of some “controversial” things he said recently in a few interviews. People are wondering whether Carrey is going through a depression or simply going crazy. In one interview with E! News, for example, Carrey mentions that this reality that we live in is “just clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together.”

In another interview with TIFF, he mentions how we’re all ideas; for example, he mentions that he “had to become a famous idea” and have the experiences that he had in order to finally understand that those worldly achievements didn’t matter.

Most people are unfortunately still not at a level of awareness to be able to understand what Carrey is talking about. And Carrey himself so far hasn’t explained in a lot of details what exactly he means by the concepts of “tetrahedrons” and “ideas” that he mentioned.

And I was surprised to hear him mention those concepts because I’ve also recently mentioned them on my blog, and in fact the intro sequence for my new website which I launched earlier this year is built around that information. If you want to know more and understand more of what Carrey mentioned, then read my post “An explanation for my website intro” where I go into more details.

I don’t agree with everything Carrey mentions. One of the things that I don’t agree with is that he mentioned in the above interviews that “none of this matters”, “we don’t matter” and that “there’s no meaning to this” implying that this reality that we live in and what we choose to do and become in it doesn’t really matter in the end. This isn’t entirely correct and depends on how you look at it. My own research so far has shown that it does in fact matter what choices you make and what you learn from those choices in this reality. We’re in this reality to learn from experience, and in fact those lessons learned are the only things that we get to take along with us when we leave this reality. We’re here to improve our consciousness, and it’s an improved consciousness (hopefully, if we learn) that we get to take with us when we leave. If we fail to learn, we get to try again until we finally “get it.” History will repeat itself, you will get presented with the same problems and situations in life and even in the next lives, when you fail to learn. For more on this, check out my post “On Simulations and the Purpose of Life”.

If Carrey has learned anything then it’s that wealth and fame don’t matter in life and don’t bring happiness; he mentions so himself in the TIFF interview. None of his worldly (materialistic) achievements ultimately matter. What matters is what you’ve learned about yourself and your environment from experience, and if you’ve been able to put that knowledge into practice (change your behavior, act on your conscience etc.) in order to improve and evolve. In other words, what ultimately matters in this reality and beyond are your achievements on a personal spiritual level (your consciousness), in order to become a better more enlightened “idea” or soul.

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