De rol van Nederland en kolonel Valk bij de coup van Bouterse in Suriname (1980)

Waren de “groep van 16” die op 25 februari 1980 via een coup de macht overnamen op de plantage Suriname helden, of slechts gemanipuleerde en misbruikte slaven, die de belangen dienden van de Nederlandse kolonialisten?

Suriname werd zogenaamd “onafhankelijk” op 25 november 1975 — dat was alleen een sprookje voor de domme slavenmassa. Op de achtergrond gingen de eigenaren van plantage Suriname rustig door met de uitbuiting. Vandaag is Suriname nog steeds niet onafhankelijk. Sterker nog, slavernij bestaat nog steeds, alleen weten velen het niet.

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Censorship on; Pay attention Bill Ottman

In June 2017 I learned about a new social media website called While criticizing other social networks for their role in censorship,’s co-founder and CEO Bill Ottman claimed that there would be no censorship on; in his words, “Minds is engineered for freedom of speech, transparency and privacy.” But my own recent experiences show that we can probably expect the same kind of bullshit on that people are now dealing with on other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Court rules that Politicians blocking followers on Social Media violates Free Speech

Back in October 2016 I had blogged about my experiences with censorship on Facebook, where I mentioned that the reporting functionalities provided by the social media network were “being abused […] to harass, silence and censor people, and is a serious violation of every individual’s natural right to free speech.” Interestingly a judge in the USA seems to agree in at least one specific instance:

Court Rules That Politicians Blocking Followers Violates Free Speech
This week, a federal court in Virginia tackled the issue when it ruled on behalf of a plaintiff blocked by a local county politician. According to The Wall Street Journal, “Brian Davison sued the chairwoman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, who temporarily banned him from her Facebook page after he posted criticism of local officials last year.” Judge James Cacheris found that she had violated Davison’s First Amendment rights by blocking him from leaving comment, because, in his judgment, the chairwoman, Phyllis Randall, was using her Facebook page in a public capacity. Though it was a personal account, she used it to solicit comments from constituents.

While the above instance is specifically about a politician abusing the functionality provided by Facebook to censor someone, I think that blocking or banning anyone on the social network — unless they are somehow violating someone else’s right to life (aggression) — is a severe violation of their right to free speech, which follows from their natural and universal right to life. And while the above example concerns blocking someone from posting on a specific page, it’s an even bigger violation of an individual’s right to free speech when you block them from posting on the entire network — including their own profile. And Facebook is being complicit in these violations by allowing it to happen and indeed providing the functionality for it, as are other social networks.

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Ronald Bernard Exposes the Zionist Financial (Banking) Elite – Part 2

Part two of an interview with Ronald Bernard, a former insider working in the financial sector, has been published by Coöperatie De Vrije Media. Check it out ASAP, find out how you’re being enslaved in the current anti-social system of enslavement that we live in, and don’t forget to share as much as possible. To see part one of the interview and to read my thoughts on that, click here.

Sexual Suppression and Repression I: Definition and Origin

The suppression and repression of our sexuality is one of the biggest problems humankind is currently suffering from. According to my research we’ve been dealing with this problem for many thousands of years now. The root cause of most of the problems — even the seemingly unrelated ones — that we’re dealing with in societies around the world can be traced back to sexual suppression and repression.

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Credo Mutwa on the Division between Men and Women

In an interview by David Icke a few years ago Credo Mutwa shared some very interesting ancient African knowledge that got passed on to him. Among other things, he tells the story about how men and women were divided, conquered and enslaved many thousands of years ago by technologically advanced extraterrestrial beings.

You can watch part of the interview in the above video, which is an excerpt from a much longer video titled “The Reptilian Agenda Part One: David Icke talks to Credo Mutwa” published by Bridge of Love Publications.

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Model Photo Shoot: Zurina Williams

A few weeks ago I did a photo shoot involving a very pretty young lady named Zurina Williams. This time the theme was ‘faux freckles’, meaning that freckles were drawn onto the face of the model by the makeup artist, in this case the talented Tanielle Seauw. We did two looks; the first one a ‘natural’ look and then after that a more colorful version with heavier makeup. The focus was on taking portraits showing off the creative talent of the makeup artist. Towards the end I also briefly brought in my Guy Fawkes masks since the model is a fan of Anonymous (as am I).

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Ronald Bernard Exposes the Zionist Financial (Banking) Elite

Coöperatie De Vrije Media recently published an interview with Ronald Bernard, a former insider working in the financial sector, exposing some of the inner workings at the top of the system. Bernard, one of the founders of De Blije B, worked for many years in the financial sector having his own company specializing in asset management, currency trade and deposits. As he grew and climbed the ladder to the top he eventually found himself at the center of the big cash flows in the industry. That gave him insight into how the world really works behind the scenes. If you’re familiar with the popular adage “follow the money,” you know that by following cash flows you can get to know a lot about who is influencing, supporting or financing everything in the world.

Bernard was able to see, for example, that intelligence agencies and governments were financing terrorist organizations, and eventually had to conclude that intelligence agencies and governments are themselves criminal organizations — something I concluded myself based on my own reasoning and research. He also gives examples of how intelligence agencies and governments launder money that they obtained from illegal practices by converting and investing it into different assets (which is what Bernard specialized in). This is probably one of the reasons why the USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (through their venture capital companies such as In-Q-Tel) was one of the early investors in Google as I wrote about a while back. All the money that the CIA is making in the illegal drug and weapons trade has to be laundered in some way to get back into the legal circuit, and this is one of the ways in which they manage that.

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The Sony α9: Canon, patience is running out

The first camera I ever bought was the Sony Cybershot DSC-F717. That’s when I first had enough money to be able to afford my very own digital camera and really take up photography as a hobby. At a price of around 1000 USD it wasn’t exactly cheap either and it was definitely more of a prosumer camera. Soon after that I upgraded to the newer model, the Sony Cybershot DSC-F828, and after that the Sony Cybershot DSC-R1.

I shot my first small paid assignments with the Sony DSC-R1. It was an awesome camera — the first fixed-lens camera to feature a large CMOS sensor with live preview. In an older post from 2007 I had already described what I liked so much about this camera. Specifically the live preview and electronic viewfinder simulating the exact exposure before you took the shot, the fact that you could focus anywhere on the screen by moving the autofocus point around with the joystick button, and the articulating LCD screen that made it possible to take pictures from very difficult angles and positions. In fact I very rarely used the viewfinder and preferred working with the LCD screen, because it was also more comfortable that way and made it easier to communicate with people when shooting portraits.

However, as I grew as a photographer the relatively slow speed (slow contrast detect AF and small buffer and write speed) of the DSC-R1 started to become a limiting factor. In addition I wanted to be able to use different lenses. But at that time Sony hadn’t gotten into the DSLR business yet (it would take a while before they bought Konica/Minolta and started offering DSLRs), so there were no other options for me than to look at Canon or Nikon as an alternative.

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Choose Pussy over Pain

Cidny G. Green published a video on Vimeo where she discusses the problem of sexual suppression and repression on social media these days, making many good points. I highly recommend watching it. She does a very good job of exposing the double standards and the hypocrisy in societies around the world when it comes to (female) sexuality. What triggered Green to make this video was her Instagram account being deleted because she had posted an image containing nudity which violated their guidelines.

I admire Green’s courage and enjoyed her good sense of humor. Actions such as Green’s will help a great deal with exposing the bullshit and hypocrisy surrounding human sexuality in societies around the world; it all needs to end as soon as possible.

In the past I had already posted specifically about Facebook’s hypocritical policies with regard to female nipples and nudity. I’ll have much more to say about this in the near future.


Check out the first part of my article series on sexual repression and suppression here: “Sexual Suppression and Repression I: Definition and Origin”

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