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‘Chan’ for ‘Bouta’: lead for old iron

“It is no coincidence that the current political/economic system continues to do exactly what it was designed to do, namely, exploitation of everyone on the plantation Suriname regardless of which overseers temporarily ‘come to power’.

The lesson we should learn from this is that the only solution is to replace the current system, imposed and left behind by the colonizer, in its entirety with a different way of living together. Continuing to vote and participate in this system is not only immoral, but also futile. Placing other people in the same positions within the same anti-social system of enslavement is absolutely not going to change anything in the long term. On the contrary, we’re going to encounter the same predictable results over and over again with every new generation of politicians.” 1

“So regardless of which political parties win in the upcoming elections, the people on the plantation Suriname will once again prove to be the big losers.” 2

The above quotes are from two of my previous articles on Starnieuws, the last of which was published exactly two years ago — shortly before the May 25th 2020 elections.

The purpose was to warn my fellow slaves on the plantation Suriname not to allow themselves to be fooled into voting again for the umpteenth time. Unfortunately, many did for various reasons. A large group was blinded by their hatred for one man: ‘Bouta’; he had to go at all costs. However, he was replaced by ‘Chan’ who in several aspects is even worse than ‘Bouta’. It turned out again that making decisions based on fear or hatred is never a good idea. A large group also thought that they were voting ‘smart,’ but alas, voting is always done out of ignorance (that is, ‘stupid’). The result speaks for itself.

We are in worse shape now; that too was predictable. As Albert J. Nock pointed out in his book “Our Enemy the State” (1935), we currently find ourselves in “an anti-social and criminal system that can only be administered by people who, given the nature of this system, are best adapted to such service,” namely, sociopaths and psychopaths. In the long run, ever bigger sociopaths and psychopaths will come to power within this system. This has also been proven to be the case recently.

It’s the worst kind of people who rule,” according to Tjeerd Andringa (2018), associate professor of cognitive science at the University of Groningen. To break away from this, according to Andringa, a psychological revolution is needed. “People need to learn to see that they would be so much better off if they took their fate into their own hands and stopped depending on incapable, power-hungry, or even evil authorities. Self-empowerment, citizens who empower themselves, is the key to a better world.” 3

So, individual sovereignty and self-determination, as opposed to ‘authorities’ in the robberment who rule over the people. Similarly, J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the popular book series “The Lord of the Rings,” came to the conclusion that “the most improper job of any man is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it, and least of all those who seek the opportunity.” In other words, politicians, activists and others, who seek the opportunity to come to power and rule over others, are the least suitable people for this. That they call that which they seek “governing responsibility” today does not make it any less immoral and reprehensible.

Especially in the current anti-social system of enslavement, it is utterly insane to give up the power over your own life by voting and entrusting it to so-called ‘representatives’. That your interests are ultimately not (or very poorly) served is demonstrated time and time again. A study done at the University of Leiden by Wimar Bolhuis has “scientifically proven that promises made during elections evaporate like snow before the sun” after the elections. “Of the many big promises that are invariably made by politicians to citizens during election time, little remains after voting; […] other interests gain a more prominent role,” Bolhuis (2018) concluded. 4

Worldwide the same has proven to be true for hundreds of years. That much is clear to anyone who studies history objectively, and especially the past 80 years on the plantation Suriname. We shouldn’t need scientific evidence for this; we should already know it from our own experience. How much longer, and how much more do we want to continue to suffer together before we become wiser?


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