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What Anarchy Isn’t

When you hear about “anarchy” it’s often associated with violence and chaos, but this is not what the word actually means. In a new mini-book by Larken Rose he explains in simple language accompanied by beautiful illustrations what anarchy truly means. The book is titled “What Anarchy Isn’t” and is currently in production and will be released very soon. Larken Rose posted on Facebook how you can order copies for yourself, including a deal where you can buy 30 copies for just USD 50,-.  The book is also available for free in PDF e-book format, and can be downloaded from this link.

After having been conditioned from early childhood to think that being subjected to a ruling class or “government” is normal and even something to be desired, people find it difficult to imagine life without any rulers. Having been born slaves in the current anti-social system of enslavement that we live in, most people become so used to it that they can’t imagine life in complete freedom. In my experience they often even outright refuse to consider that possibility. Like Alejandro Jodorowsky said, “birds born in a cage think flying is an illness”. Thanks to years of indoctrination and deception by the ruling class, they associate life without government with chaos. But like Larken Rose wrote on the back cover of his book, “don’t be too surprised if, after learning what ‘anarchy’ actually means, you end up thinking, ‘Wait, that’s exactly what I want!'”.


  1. Is Anarchy Chaos? — Karel Donk (08/04/2019)


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