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More censorship by YouTube

YouTube keeps deleting my videos. Anything that challenges the COVID-19 plandemic, vaccine poisoning and the brain damaged rainbow crowd, gets taken down by YouTube eventually. Back in March 2022 they took down a video I made where an AI voice read my post “LGBT Pride Month: There Is No Pride In Mental Illness”. Since I knew that YouTube likes to censor this kind of content, I had also published it on other platforms. So that video can still be found on among other places.

As you can see, truthfully speaking your mind is “hate speech” these days. Calling crazy people crazy is being hateful instead of factual. That is, according to the precious “Community Guidelines,” of course.

No, this was definitely not the first time.

Then in April 2022 they took down another video where I and a bunch of other people were explaining to everyone why they shouldn’t take the COVID-19 vaccine poison.

Apparently YouTube seems to think that I give a fuck about my channel being removed from their censorship platform. The only reason why I still leave it up is because I don’t want to break links to content posted there that is being used by other people.

I left my Facebook accounts online for the same reason; so that others could continue to have access to their comments and other content posted on my profile, apart from the content I posted there myself. I haven’t used my personal Facebook accounts for months now and plan to keep it that way.

Facebook censors anti-plandemic information (August 2021)

I also stopped using Twitter months ago, but now that Elon Musk bought the platform and plans to make it a free speech platform, I might have to consider becoming a little more active there again. It’s going to be interesting to see if Musk can keep his promise.


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