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Messages from the Universe – Part 3


Continuing where I left off in the previous post in this series, in the months following that post, I experienced what I can only describe as an onslaught of the numbers 3, 6 and 9 in various combinations of 3 digits. It seemed as though the timing in so many events in my life were synchronized according to those numbers. Every time something significant happened I’d look at my phone and the time would be a combination of 3, 6 and 9 (e.g. 9:36, 6:39, 3:33 etc.). And the meaning of those number combinations would completely make sense in the context of what I was experiencing then, to the point of providing exact guidance on what I needed to do.

And this is still going on today, but the events related to the above image just completely blew me away.

First some background. I have an air conditioning unit at my house that has a weird problem where sometimes when I turn it on in the morning, the outdoor compressor won’t turn on even though the indoor unit turns on. This happens at random; sometimes weeks and months go by before I encounter this problem again. And when this happens, the only way for me to get the outdoor unit to turn on is to reset the entire system by going outside and turning off the main power switch, wait for a few seconds, and turn it back on again. I’ve had it checked by the service center a couple of times, and so far they also have no idea why it’s doing this. It’s also very interesting to note that this was one of the units I bought when 666.666666… appeared on the salesperson’s calculator in the store, which I wrote about before (see the heading “The Airco confirmation”).

So last Thursday morning, after I woke up at a random and unplanned time, I turned on the Airco unit and noticed that the outdoor unit wouldn’t turn on again. I went outside to reset the unit as usual, and decided to also take a look at the electricity meter to record the power consumption at my house. And lo and behold, it was precisely 66666 kWh. I stood there in awe and quickly took some photos with my phone; you can see a crop of one of them above (that photo was taken on March 30th, at 9:27am, and note that 6+6+6+6+6 = 30, while 9+2+7=18 and 1+8=9).

Like I already discussed in a previous post, the odds of this happening just by chance are extremely slim. You can’t plan for this and, as far as I know, it’s completely out of my control. Just think about it, what are the odds that the Airco unit would decide to act up again at the precise day and moment when the display on the electricity meter would read exactly 66666? Based on my power consumption right now, the display would also only read exactly 66666 for less than an hour. And it just so happens that I decided to wake up that morning at the precise time to make this possible (these days I randomly get out of bed anywhere between 7am and 10am).

If the Airco unit hadn’t made me do it, I wouldn’t have gone outside that day and would not have noticed the 66666 on the display of the electricity meter. It seems to me that I was made to go outside with the precise timing to get the message. And as far as I can tell, the message was 66666 ⇒ 30 and 9. 😉


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