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Messages from the Universe – Part 2


63336 / 63555

Not long ago I had published a post here on my blog where I discussed some examples of “coincidences” happening in my life. In this post I want to share another very interesting case concerning the above picture.

Ever since the recent price increases I’ve been closely monitoring the power consumption at my house; from time to time I check the electricity meter to record the date and amount. It’s important to note that I don’t have any fixed intervals that I do this on. As far as I know it’s completely “random.” I check the meter whenever it’s convenient for me, for example, whenever I happen to go out of the house. Sometimes an arbitrary number of days go by without checking it too.

What you see in the above picture are crops of two different photos I took of the electricity meter. The photos were taken after I published the aforementioned previous post, and are cropped to show just the usage display. The chances of me randomly walking up to the meter once every few days and seeing these exact number patterns are very slim.

In addition, in the week before seeing the 63336 number on the meter, I was often being presented with the numbers 3, 6 and 9 in various combinations (939 a few times, 336 etc.). I hadn’t experienced seeing those combinations so frequently before; usually the only numbers I saw that frequently were 11, 111 or 1111.

But the really cool thing about the image above — lest I or anyone else would think the numbers mean nothing special — is that just a few moments ago, I tried posting it on Instagram and then something very interesting happened. I had already selected the photo in the Instagram app on my phone, had applied a filter to it, and had typed up a caption, when I pressed the “Share” button to publish it on Instagram. However, instead of posting the photo to my Instagram profile, the app just closed and the phone took me back to the Start screen. I think the Instagram app probably crashed, but take a look at the partial screenshot of my phone below, which was taken right after that happened.



Note the time in the upper right corner — 11:11. Now what are the odds of this happening at precisely 11:11 (1111) with the above photo involved? This is similar to what I described in a previous post where the number on the weight scale changed from 777 to 778 for no particular reason, just to make sure I knew the 777 was a special case. In the same way, being presented with 1111 at the exact moment when I tried posting the above picture with the 63336 and 63555 sequences is to make sure I can be confident of where they come from.

The degree to which one is in harmony with the Universe can be measured by an intensified flow of synchronicity. Christopher Jargodzki

After taking the above screenshot just seconds after being presented with that screen, I went back into the Instagram app on my phone, and tried posting the image again with the exact same filter and caption, and this time I succeeded.

Also very interesting to note today’s date: 9/10/2016 (9/1/9), which becomes 19 (9+1+0+2+0+1+6=19). 😉 Remember the significance of the number 19, and how often I mentioned coming across it in the previous post.

These “coincidences” always make me smile.

Additional Notes


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