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About the voice-over for my website intro

When I started working on the intro for my new website in late 2015 I knew I would eventually want some voice-over to go along with the titles appearing on screen. I had looked online for voice talent on websites like, and had found a few people that had the type of voice I was looking for. One of them — my first choice — was L. Harvey Gold.

Seeing his client list however (National Geographic, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Toyota, Super Bowl etc.), and judging by the awesomeness of his voice, I doubted that I would be able to afford him. I went back to focusing and working on the technical parts of the intro and it wouldn’t be until months later, by the end of 2016, when I would consider adding a voice-over again. At that time I had much of the intro sequence working with the titles appearing on screen.

After much hesitation I decided to send an email to Harvey just to see what it would cost if he would do a voice-over for me. I totally expected it to be way above what I could afford, but my intuition told me,  and kept nagging me, to go ahead and try anyway. So I sent an email on December 25th 2016 — the first day of Christmas — inquiring about the costs.

Luck was on my side. I can’t go into any specifics, but it turned out that circumstances were such that they worked in my favor (talk about synchronicity!), and I was able to afford Harvey doing the voice-over for me. Not only that, but he had such an amazing service that I had my voice-over the next day on December 26th 2016 — the second day of Christmas. Not only did I not expect to be able to afford this, but I also didn’t expect to receive the voice-over within a day, and certainly not during the holidays when most people are on vacation.

I had promised Harvey that I would send him a link to the final work once it went live. So after I launched my website a few weeks later, I sent an email to him in the morning of February 19th, 2017 with a link to my website.

Later that same day I was working behind my PC when I suddenly got the urge to look at my phone. The time was 3:33pm.


I immediately recognized the significance of the moment, and quickly made the above screenshot on my phone. Having done that, as I looked up from my phone, I got a notification on my PC that I received a new email. It was a reply from Harvey, having arrived at 3:33pm. Talk about synchronicity!

A partial screenshot of the email I received from Harvey

Now, if you know what 333 means, put that in context with the fact that I asked for and received my voice-over during Christmas, also considering that circumstances were in my favor and that otherwise I probably would not have been able to afford Harvey. Add to that the number 3 in the screenshot above, and also consider the number 19 (which I often encounter during significant events as I wrote about before) and its significance. The golden background in the above screenshot is simply icing on the cake.

All of this only reinforces the meaning and thinking behind my website intro, which I went into details about in a previous post. It all came together beautifully. So here’s a big Thank you!!!!! to the universe.


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