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Messages from the Universe

I promised in previous blog posts that I would write more about the “strange coincidences” that happen in my life. I’ve already written about some of them, and you can find them here on my blog tagged under “coincidences.” In this post I’m going to write about a number of them that have to do with numerology. Call me crazy — and I know I myself would many years ago — but receiving messages and guidance via numbers in our reality appears to be a real thing. I speak from experience.

The cases that I’ve included below are just a small sample of even more “strange coincidences” that were happening simultaneously. For example, seeing the numbers 1111 and 111 in various forms, whenever there’s something significant going on, happens to me almost on a weekly basis for a few years now.

An ad for my blog post "The Manipulated Man" got approved at 11:10 after an unusually long delay (no doubt because of additional screening by Facebook). This type of stuff happening on variations of 11:11, 10:10 10:01 etc. occurs often.

In this partial screenshot of my phone, you can see that an ad for my blog post “The Manipulated Man” got approved at 11:10 after an unusually long delay (no doubt because of additional screening by Facebook). This type of stuff happening on variations of 11:11, 10:10 10:01 etc. occurs often.

This in addition to weird stuff like lights briefly flickering when I walk into a room in my house, especially during periods where I have a heightened feeling of enlightenment and connectivity with the universe and I come to new realizations and understandings.

The airco confirmation

In September 2015 I was thinking about replacing the air-conditioning units at my house. I was hesitating quite a bit, and didn’t know if it was the right time to do it, and whether or not it needed to be a priority. So while I was at a local store, checking out some of the models on display, I had decided on a specific model I would want to purchase. Still very hesitant, I asked the salesperson if she could calculate the total amount it would cost me in euros. When she did, 666.666666… appeared on her calculator. That’s when I knew I had to do it and shouldn’t delay much longer.

The water pump interval

From the year 2014 to early 2015 I was having a strange issue with the water pump at my house. Ever so often it would turn on to refill the pressure tank, but without any faucets being open and me using any water. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is that there must be a leak somewhere in the house, or outside, that’s causing the pressure tank to empty. I couldn’t find any leaks anywhere, and since this was not happening very often, I left it like that for a long time. And after some time I realized that the water pump would turn on roughly once every 6 hours. So the pattern that was created was 6.. 6.. 6.. 6.. 6.. and on.

Then one day in August 2015, the water reservoir at my house ran out of water (because the water filter had become too dirty to let any water through), and when I refilled it, I noticed that the water pump now turned on in much shorter intervals than before, even while I wasn’t using any water. I realized again that it was a regular interval, and that now the water pump would turn on every 19 minutes. I timed it, and sure enough, every 19 minutes it would turn on. So now the pattern was 19.. 19.. 19.. 19.. 19.. and on. By this time, I had already learned just a few months earlier what the significance of the number 19 was. It was clear to me that there was something significant happening, or about to happen in my life, and that I needed to pay attention. I would find out later that from the moment the 19 number pattern started, to the moment it stopped, one of my lust interests at that time was having difficulties with me, to the point of wanting to stop seeing me. My “relationship” with her began in the 6th month of that year (June 1st). And the cool thing was, I knew intuitively as well, from the moment the 19 number pattern started, that she had to be the reason for it (she was the one I needed to pay attention to), which would be confirmed a week later when she would tell me by herself.

As for the water pump, the issue was solved within a week from the start of the number 19 pattern. It turned out that there was a check valve that needed to be replaced; it was slowly leaking water back to the main supply to my house. After it was fixed I saw my lust interest again and she told me about the issues she was having. She didn’t “break up” with me immediately at that time though; that would happen months later — exactly 7 months (January 1st 2016) after we began our “relationship.” The number 19 would then appear again a few days later, when she blogged about the reasons for “breaking up,” on a date where the day and month added up to 19, and the complete date (day, month and year) also added up to 19. I pointed all of this out to her too, so she can attest to the fact that this really happened.

The amount due

On February 3rd 2016 I went to a local newspaper to place an ad related to my personal activism efforts in trying to spread knowledge and raise awareness. The ad was related to this article, which was also published in another local newspaper, and also related to this post on my blog. The total amount that I had to pay for placement of the ad was SRD 555.21.

The three repeating 5’s immediately caught my attention of course. The 21 adds up to 3 (2+1=3). So it becomes 555.3. Note the symmetry of three 5’s before the decimal point and the number 3 after (so it’s almost like 3.3). The receipt date (as written on the receipt) also adds up to 3 (3/2/16 — 3+2+1+6=12 and 1+2=3), while the full receipt date adds up to 5 (3/2/2016 — 3+2+2+0+1+6=14 and 1+4=5).

Further, 555 adds up to 6 (5+5+5=15 and 1+5=6), so the total amount becomes 6.3. And 6+3=9. So we have the numbers 6, 3 and 9, which relate to the Cycle of Life (exactly in that order — 6,3,9). Note again that the total amount adds up to 9 (5+5+5+2+1=18 and 1+8=9).

Now if you know what 555 means, you’ll realize that I was told to move on, and that current events and changes in my life were divinely inspired. This also makes sense in the context of the number 9. This was not long after the “break up” with the lust interest mentioned above, after which she tried to reverse her decision and would still talk to me. This message was to let me know that it was time to close that chapter and move on. As an added bonus, the receipt number was 59955. Again, 5’s and 9’s. And, 5+9+9+5+5 = 33. Remember the 3.3 symmetry mentioned above. If you know what 33 means, you know that it makes complete sense in this context. 😉

And here's the receipt

And here’s the receipt

The activism assurance

In early May 2016 I had done an interview with Starnieuws — a local news website — on some of my activism during that period (particularly my support to the “We Zijn Moe” group), and related to the presidential portrait I had made back in 2010. I’ve written more about that in another blog post, where you can also read a translation of the published article which was based on the interview. A day before that article was published, I was working at my PC and in between the work I was doing, I wondered about whether or not they were going to publish the interview because a few days had gone by and I hadn’t heard back. I had said quite some “controversial” things and was a bit worried that it would probably be too “controversial” for publication. Moments after that, I accidentally sent myself an email without knowing it while replying to another email. And that email to me arrived shortly after, at exactly 4:44pm. As you can no doubt imagine, I was surprised to suddenly see a notification on my phone for an email from “Karel Donk” at 4:44pm. The number 444 was my assurance that all was well, that I had nothing to worry about, and that all the work I had done towards creating something new was going to pay off. And the next day, the interview got published, with most of what I said perfectly communicated — the “controversial” things being mentioned verbatim. Needless to say, the new thinking that I wanted to share got a lot of exposure.

The pedo support

On May 23rd 2016 I had published a post on Facebook that caused a lot of controversy. I’ll probably do a separate post about this in the future, but in short, most people got very upset because they thought I was promoting child sexual abuse. Needless to say, I got a lot of hate comments on that post, it was shared far and wide on Facebook, people were calling me a pedophile etc. etc. Quite a few people who pretended to like me, and pretended to be my friends, some of whom I had helped in the past in various ways too, also got the opportunity to show their true colors. They distanced themselves from me and publicly joined the outpour of hate and ridicule. Some people went so far as to call up my friends, acquaintances and clients to urge them to unfriend me on Facebook and to stop doing business with me. It was clear to me that this was not a chance occurrence, and that there was a group of people (I know who they are) doing this on purpose in order to damage my reputation, and through me, also the reputation of the group of activists I was supporting (“We Zijn Moe” mentioned above). When they launched their attack, most people, like the sheep that they usually are, and lusting after sensation, gladly jumped on their bandwagon.

Fortunately, I was prepared for all of this. On the night of May 20th to 21st, 3 days before the whole pedo-affair, I had an unwelcome visitor in my bedroom. In the early morning I was woken up — rather violently — by some very loud and scary noises coming from my bedroom window. It turned out that a mole cricket had somehow made its way into my bedroom, as far as I can tell, through the very narrow openings below the window panes (the window was closed). It still remains a mystery to me exactly how it could have gotten in. After I got it out of my bedroom, I went back to bed. Before I closed my eyes, I looked at the time and it was 3:33am. Now if you know what 333 means, you know that I was told that I was going to receive some major support. Essentially the message was: “Something quite disruptive is going to happen [the mole cricket], but remember, we’re here to assist [333].” And like I mentioned, 3 days later I found out what this was for.

May 23rd 2016, and the days that followed, were very intensive to say the least. I got a chance to really spread my knowledge on human sexuality to a large audience in the heated and intense discussions that followed on social media. I got a lot of hits on some important articles on my blog on this subject; it was the kind of exposure that would take months of advertising to get (and I know the difference, because I had been advertising those posts in the past on social media). Note that the date May 23rd 2016 also adds up to 19 (23/5/2016 — 2+3+5+2+0+1+6=19).

It was also very interesting to observe people finally showing their true colors. Anyone who knows me a little better, would know that I’m not one to support child sexual abuse. So it was especially interesting when those people who pretended to be friends, and who knew me much better than all the others who just blindly followed the crowd, also turned against me. Masks fell. I usually have the ability to sense people’s true motivations, intentions and feelings, so there were no surprises as far as I’m concerned. Apart from being an interesting experience and case study, it was also a welcome change in my life. It was kind of a cleansing of my social relations. As someone mentioned to me later, “the trash took itself out.”

The perfect weight

On the morning of August 7th 2016, I stepped onto my body weight scale at home while being completely nude (no need to thank me for that mental image), and the digital display read 77.7KG. I smiled and thought to myself, “this is interesting.” So I stepped off the scale, stepped back on, and sure enough it read 77.7KG again. I repeated this about 3-4 times, and every time it showed 77.7KG. So I thought to myself, “I have to take a picture of this.” I went and took my smartphone, put it on the home trainer that I had standing next to the scale and set it up so that I could push the shutter release button on the display while I stood on the scale. This time when I stepped back onto the scale, all of a sudden my weight was now 77.8KG. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I stepped off and on again a few times, and it stayed 77.8KG. And it would stay like that for the next few hours.

At first I thought that perhaps I wasn’t supposed to take a picture of the number 777 appearing on the scale, and that I was prevented from doing that when I tried. But later on, I thought that the reason why it happened like it did, is because you could easily think and say that my weight being 77.7KG was just by chance. In order to make sure that I knew that this was special, it changed to 77.8KG when I tried to take a picture of it. This while it had repeatedly been 77.7KG a number of times a minute or two before. All I had done was walk away to take my phone and it makes no sense that my weight would suddenly increase by 0.1KG in those approx. 2 minutes that had gone by.

So I was convinced that this was a special message to me — a very, very special one, if you know what 777 stands for. In light of all my activism efforts in the past 6 years and especially recently, in light of everything that I went through, and I think especially in light of the fact that I have worked on myself very hard, making many sacrifices while putting into practice what I learned, and continuously trying to live a life that’s aligned with the truth as best as I know it, it makes sense to me that I would receive such a message at this time. 🙂 And it’s not over yet, but more on that in the future.


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