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Leaked German government report: ‘Coronavirus was false alarm’

A report on the coronavirus by the German Ministry of the Interior was leaked on May 9th 2020 by officer Stephan Kohn to the magazine Tichys Einblick, one of the most popular alternative media in Germany. The report titled “Coronakrise 2020 aus Sicht des Schutzes Kritischer Infrastrukturen – Auswertung der bisherigen Bewältigungsstrategie und Handlungsempfehlungen” (“Corona crisis 2020 from the perspective of critical infrastructure protection – Evaluation of the current coping strategy and recommendations for action”) (PDF download) states, among other things, that:

  • The danger of COVID-19 has been overestimated.
  • People dying of the coronavirus were already at the end of their lives.
  • There are some 250,000 coronavirus fatalities worldwide, while 1.5 million deaths occurred during the 2017/18 flu wave.
  • Coronavirus poses no greater danger than many other viruses.
  • This was a false alarm.
  • The government itself turned out to be one of the biggest producers of fake news during the coronavirus crisis.

The report also states that most people die as a result of the coronavirus measures put in place by the government, not because of the virus.

Initially, the government tried to dismiss the report as ‘the work of an employee’. This is not correct, since the document was drawn up by a scientific panel formed by the Ministry of the Interior, which consists of medical experts from various German universities.

The authors released a press statement on May 11th 2020 in which they criticize the government for ignoring the advice of experts. They also said that their patients suffer greatly from the coronavirus measures.

More on this can be found on Nine for News, “Duitse overheid ernstig in verlegenheid door gelekt rapport: ‘Corona was vals alarm’” (May 30th 2020).

If you’re familiar with my post “The Global Coronavirus (COVID-19) Hysteria” and the additional notes published there, the above information won’t be news to you since there have already been many other doctors and other medical experts around the world who have said the same things months ago, even from the very beginning of the so called ‘pandemic’. Check out that post for more information.


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