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Face mask versus muzzle: COVID-19 one big puppet show?

I’m featured in the December 2020 edition of Parbode magazine regarding the so called COVID-19 ‘pandemic.’ The article titled “Mondkapje versus muilkorf: COVID-19 één grote poppenkast?”  (December 10th 2020) is in Dutch and you can read part of it online by clicking here. I’ve also included an English translation of the online portion below. It’s good to see that at least some media aren’t afraid to publish opposing views; I’ve had some cases in the past where some media refused to publish articles I sent them, and one case where a published article was taken offline (censored) within an hour or two after they received threats.

Mondkapje versus muilkorf: COVID-19 één grote poppenkast? – Parbode

Here’s an English translation of the online portion of the article:

The COVID-19 pandemic is being used to create unnecessary fear and panic, is the ever stronger call of various anti-movements in the world. Resistance to the corona measures is also increasing in our country, with microbiologist and food technologist Ricky Stutgard and social influencer Karel Donk in the front line. The virus is said to be no deadlier than a normal flu, and with all the restrictions on freedom, Suriname is in fact being converted into a concentration camp. Two leading health experts also give their opinion.

Social influencer Karel Donk

“If you threaten with death, you get the masses with you”

Karel Donk, a fierce critic of the corona measures, fights on Facebook against the frontrunners of the new normal. Donk is vehemently opposed to the COVID-19 measures and explains this on various social media platforms. “Corona is one big puppet show. And people display sheep behavior. It’s an ordinary flu virus, which can normally kill people with underlying diseases.” This (scientific) information is already known and published, but does not reach the people, says Donk. According to him, the interests surrounding the coronavirus dominate. The coronavirus is blown up in such a way that a lot of fear is pumped into society. “Because if you threaten with death, you get the masses with you, because nobody wants to die, the policymakers think. Take away all our rights, so that we can continue to live,” says Donk. “In addition, the number of deaths is manipulated, because all the dead get labeled as corona-deaths, even if someone has died from something completely different. That has been confirmed by relatives.”

According to Donk, certain industries benefit, such as the pharmaceutical industry or governments that use corona as a great distraction. “The fierce protests of the yellow vests in France immediately disappeared into the background. Policymakers and politicians use corona as a means of ‘controlling’ the population. All COVID-19 measures have brought Suriname into a deeper economic crisis. Completely unnecessary and very unfortunate if you have the correct information about the new virus. Suriname has to become much more critical. And don’t simply take everything over from abroad.” According to Donk, the media are partly responsible for the mass hysteria surrounding the virus. “A more critical perspective should be given. The parties that say that the coronavirus is no more dangerous than influenza, for example, should also have their say. People need to become aware of that.”

Donk himself complies with the corona measures as little as possible. “I usually go out as little as possible anyway. I only go to the store, and then to one where you can buy your groceries without a mask.”

Microbiologist and food technologist Ricky Stutgard

“Of all infected, only 1.5 percent die from the coronavirus”

Lecturer at our university Ricky Stutgard is also against the COVID-19 measures. He puts the whole thing in perspective. “The cure is worse than the disease. Other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, hypertension and diabetes mellitus are still in the top five most deadly diseases. They claim many more victims, but there are no strict protocols, measures or lockdowns. Stutgard sees the economy and social life as further disrupted if we don’t realize what we’re doing soon enough. “We want to help dozens of COVID-19 patients, but the measures will make thousands of healthy people sick.”

Continue reading this article in the special December edition of the Parbode. In the article also the opinions of infectiologist Stephen Vreden and public health expert Ruben del Prado, as well as the opinions of citizens.

The article doesn’t get into much detail about why exactly I’m opposed to the COVID-19 measures and why exactly I think that it’s a puppet show. If you want much more details on that, then click on the links below to read more (and don’t forget to also check the references and notes below the articles):

It’s important to take a look at the alternative information and do your own research. By now you should know that you cannot trust any government on this planet and certainly not the medical and pharmaceutical companies that stand to gain from this so called ‘pandemic.’


  1. COVID-19 vaccines in Suriname: Vacci-nations or vacci-nazis? — Karel Donk (23/04/2021)


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