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COVID-19 vaccines in Suriname: Vacci-nations or vacci-nazis?

I’m featured again in the April 2021 edition of Parbode magazine, this time regarding the COVID-19 vaccinations. The article titled “COVID-19-vaccins in Suriname: vacci-naties of vacci-nazi’s?”  (April 8th 2021) is in Dutch and you can read part of it online by clicking here. I’ve also included an English translation of the online portion below. Previously I had already been featured in Parbode in connection with the use of face masks against COVID-19. You can read more about that in “Face Mask Versus Muzzle: COVID-19 One Big Puppet Show?”

COVID-19-vaccins in Suriname: vacci-naties of vacci-nazi’s?

It’s good to see that at least some media aren’t afraid to publish opposing views; I’ve had some cases in the past where some media refused to publish articles I sent them, and one case where a published article was taken offline (censored) within an hour or two after they received threats.

Here’s an English translation of the online portion of the article:

For over a year we have been under the spell of the coronavirus worldwide. Pharmacists are working day and night to bring a vaccine, which normally takes years to develop, to market as quickly as possible. It is a race against the clock to regain “normalcy” as quickly as possible. But opinions on the COVID-19 vaccines are strongly divided. Even in Suriname, not everyone is enthusiastic about just getting the COVID-19 syringe in their arms. And you?

Karel Donk will certainly not be the first to line up for a COVID-19 vaccine and get injected with a Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Moderna vaccine. The activist, who has been a fierce opponent of the global COVID-19 policy and Suriname’s in particular from the beginning of the outbreak in March 2020, is questioning everything. “I don’t trust any vaccine that comes on the market. The data and information, all the research that has appeared on it, do not reassure me.” He cites examples of people whose health has been damaged for life. “The vaccines almost all have so-called side effects, adverse reactions, but they have been there from the beginning. The general public is not adequately informed of the risks.” Donk does not classify the news about the side effects as fake news. “Numerous scientific publications have already been published and a lot of research has been done on them.”

The new corona vaccine has limited efficacy, Donk warns. “So why deploy it as a solution to the pandemic. The Pfizer vaccine, for example, only ensures that you might get less sick from COVID-19, but not that you can’t infect someone else. So how do you help eliminate the virus?” According to Donk, even if everyone has been vaccinated, the measures will simply remain in place; lockdowns will not be lifted, and face masks will remain (mandatory).

Also not interested in corona vaccination is health guru and food technologist Ricky Stutgard. He would rather have millions more people precede him in the COVID-19 vaccination program than offer his own arm to have the prick put in. “There may be a COVID-19 vaccine offered by several manufacturers, but the speed with which it has been researched worries me. On average, science takes decades for a vaccine to be approved (by world health organization WHO, ed.) to reach the market. With the corona vaccine, this was achieved within just one year. Who tells me it’s safe? And most importantly, aren’t there side effects that don’t show up until years later?”

He illustrates his argument using the drug diethylstilbestrol (DES) that women took at the time to secure their pregnancies. Their children were found to have developed serious health problems from it that were not known beforehand, such as structural damage to the sex organs of DES- sons and -daughters and increased risk of miscarriage in DES-daughters.

If it were up to Stutgard, a corona vaccine would not be given to him until 2030. Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle increase resistance, emphasizes Stutgard who has been working on health and good nutrition for years. According to him, these aspects are ultimately the only way to master the corona pandemic through one’s own immune system. He puts the severity of the virus into perspective. “On January 26, 7,304 people were declared cured of the coronavirus. This all by itself, without any vaccine or medication. Up until that day, 149 people had died from the disease. That’s only 1.8 percent. So 98.2 percent survived,” Stutgard says, pointing out that the deceased mostly belonged to people over 80 and people with chronic conditions. “So individuals whose immune systems are declining or weakened.”

Stutgard is not one for conspiracy theories. He does, however, believe in greed, profit motives and corruption at the top of the medical and political world. “With this coronavirus, they have seen a way out where there is big money to be made. And I’m not cooperating with that.”

The article doesn’t get into much detail about why exactly I’m opposed to vaccines in general (and not just the new ones against COVID-19). If you want more details on that, you can check out my post “Vaccination Is Ineffective And Dangerous.”

For more information about the global COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ scam, click on the links below (and don’t forget to also check the references and notes below the articles):

It’s important to take a look at the alternative information and do your own research. By now you should know that you cannot trust any government on this planet and certainly not the medical and pharmaceutical companies that stand to gain from this so called ‘pandemic.’


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