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Website intro

An explanation for my website intro

There’s a lot of thinking that went into the creation of the intro sequence that I have on the homepage of my new website. It’s based on years of my personal research into trying to find out more about life and about the reality that we live in, much of which you can read about in my post on the All Seeing Eye and the Cycle of Life. In this post I’ll go through the sequence and explain what you’re seeing.

On the load screen you can see the equilateral triangle with the numbers 3, 9 and 6 which are related to the fundamental energy — spirit, consciousness or “god” — behind the universe and all of creation. I go into more details on this in my post on the Cycle of Life. Many people know this as the Divine Trinity (from Christianity and other religions and philosophies), though very few realize quite what it actually means.

Right behind the equilateral triangle you can see the geometry that’s popularly known as the Flower of Life. This geometry is a blueprint for all of creation — our physical reality — which is the product of consciousness as it travels through the points 3, 9 and 6.

These 3 points stand for creation (3), experience (9) and learning (6). As consciousness repeatedly travels through these points in a cycle, it continuously creates, experiences and learns while giving rise to our physical reality. This is the purpose of life and the reality that we live in. The universe is a gigantic simulation designed for us to learn and develop our consciousness in order for us to reach higher states of awareness and understanding. We keep creating, experiencing and learning until, through our gathered knowledge and experience, we reach absolute wisdom or enlightenment. As long as we fail to learn the lessons we’re supposed to learn, we’ll stay in this cycle and won’t advance much further (we’ll keep getting born (created) in this physical reality in order to learn until we finally ‘get it’). So as a person, you may choose to stay stubborn and refuse to learn and change, but it only means that you’ll return in another life for another chance to try again.

As I explained in my post on the All Seeing Eye, we can only reach higher states of awareness and understanding if we choose to see things as they truly are, or in other words, if we value the truth. Once you understand the universe, you’ll automatically oppose deception because you’ll fully understand how detrimental deception is for your own personal growth and ultimately for the entire universe. If you value the truth, continuously search for it, accept it and live by it, you put yourself in alignment with the universal consciousness and purpose, and consequently will be fully supported in all that you do.

The system I described above is what you see at the beginning of the intro. In the center there’s the equilateral triangle, in this case a tetrahedron in 3D, the zero point energy — the source — that’s creating the universe around it. It’s all spinning in a counter clockwise direction, as shown by the orange arrow in the image below.

With the energy spinning in the middle in the direction that it is, this creates a magnetic field that influences the path of the particles.

Right hand grip rule: a current flowing in the direction of the white arrow produces a magnetic field shown by the blue arrows. Source: Wikipedia.

This is actually how all energy in the universe flows and behaves and is what creates the vortex (or torus) geometry as discussed in my post on the Cycle of Life. In the intro sequence you can see the particles not only rotating around the zero point energy, but also in the magnetic field around the path that they’re traveling on as shown by the blue lines.

You’ll note that in my intro sequence I have a big empty space in the middle of the torus, and this is for creative reasons so that the 3D model of myself will fit inside it later in the sequence. But in reality there’s very little to no space inside the torus as seen in the above image.

Like a fractal, the universe itself is infinitely divided into smaller parts that are similar to the whole. For example, huge galaxies and star clusters are divided into stars and planets, then further into cells, molecules, atoms, electrons and protons, etc. In the same way, consciousness is also infinitely divided into smaller parts.

For the purpose of this intro I focused on the division of the universal consciousness to the level of what we know of as the “soul”, that is, the amount of consciousness that’s combined to form a single human being at our level of reality. So every particle in the intro represents a soul. If you think of the whole system as a thought process, then a soul represents an idea. It might be a good idea, or a bad one, but that will become clearer eventually as it continues to develop itself — which is the purpose of this simulation. Ultimately all good ideas will get harvested and will return to the source.

In our reality, each soul is on its own unique path of continuous transformation and improvement. Each soul is going through the cycle of life which I described above in order to learn and grow and reach higher states of awareness. It’s a process of continuous learning and self-improvement.

But we’re not on our own. All souls are being assisted by the ascended masters. The ascended masters are souls who have completed their journey to enlightenment, and who come back as teachers to assist other souls in the system in the completion of their own journeys. The ascended masters nudge the other souls in the right direction from time to time when needed in order to make sure the system as a whole advances and does not deteriorate. They’re symbolized in the intro sequence by the bright orange streaks of light. They’re enlightened souls so they shine as bright as the source in the middle. Note that there are 7 of them; this is in reference to the Seven Sages or Apkallu, which I discussed in a previous post.

And ultimately, after as much cycles as needed, all souls end their journey at one final destination: The achievement of absolute wisdom or enlightenment.

When we make progress on our journeys through this simulation, when we learn the lessons we’re supposed to learn, then eventually we become ready to “graduate” and return to the source. That’s what you see in the screenshot below, where 3 souls shining brightly are leaving the others behind and are returning to the source. They’ve achieved enlightenment.

If you continue to watch the intro you’ll see this happening often as the simulation progresses.

The intro sequence ends with a 3D model of me in the middle of the universal consciousness, and this is to symbolize that I identify myself with this system. As a fractal part of the universe, I’m similar to the universe, and I function and behave exactly like the universe, albeit on a smaller scale. In reality every single human being — and indeed every organism in the universe — can be represented by this same system because they’re all a fractal subdivision of the universal consciousness and thus similar to each other, and to the whole.

For example, our minds are a subdivision of the universal consciousness or the universal mind. And just like the universal mind is infinitely divided, so too are our individual minds infinitely divided into smaller minds. All the cells in our bodies can be seen as the souls in the larger simulation that is the human body. When we think, we don’t think just with our brains. That’s a common misconception. In fact we think with our entire body. Like I wrote before:

When particles come together and form an organism, say a single cell, that cell is driven by the combined consciousness of all the matter that makes up that cell. Therefore, the consciousness of a human being is the combined consciousness of all the cells that make up that human being. Yes, our consciousness is not created by our brains but by the combined processing power of every living cell in our body, comparable to a biological supercomputer with many trillions of nodes.

So when the universe thinks, it’s actually thinking with all the energy (matter, organisms etc.) that it contains. It’s comparable to a program running on a supercomputer that is spawning a large number of parallel threads each with their own task of trying to work out a specific part of a problem. When you think and ask yourself a question and try to work out an answer, what’s actually happening is that you’re sending a task to all of the cells in your body to help work out an answer.

The term “Deep Learning” is very popular these days especially among artificial intelligence (AI) researchers, and it works according to much of the universal principles which I described above. The universe is a very advanced deep learning system — infinitely deep in fact. AI researchers are beginning to come to the realization that instead of programming AI with predefined rules, it’s much better to develop an AI that’s able to experience and learn on its own. The latter approach has more advantages, one of which is that it’s able to adapt and scale very easily because it’s capable of learning on its own.

And that’s what we’re all doing in this reality or simulation. We’re here learning by ourselves, trying to develop wisdom based on our own experience and understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

I thought all of this would be pretty fucking cool to convey to everyone as soon as they visit my website. 🙂


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