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Making sense of Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has been receiving quite some attention in the press because of some “controversial” things he said recently in a few interviews. People are wondering whether Carrey is going through a depression or simply going crazy. In one interview with E! News, for example, Carrey mentions that this reality that we live in is “just clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together.”

In another interview with TIFF, he mentions how we’re all ideas; for example, he mentions that he “had to become a famous idea” and have the experiences that he had in order to finally understand that those worldly achievements didn’t matter.

Most people are unfortunately still not at a level of awareness to be able to understand what Carrey is talking about. And Carrey himself so far hasn’t explained in a lot of detail what exactly he means by the concepts of “tetrahedrons” and “ideas” that he mentioned.

And I was surprised to hear him mention those concepts because I’ve also recently mentioned them on my blog, and in fact the intro sequence for my new website which I launched earlier this year is built around that information. If you want to know more and understand more of what Carrey mentioned, then read my post “An explanation for my website intro” where I go into more details.

I don’t agree with everything Carrey mentions. One of the things that I don’t agree with is that he mentioned in the above interviews that “none of this matters”, “we don’t matter” and that “there’s no meaning to this” implying that this reality that we live in and what we choose to do and become in it doesn’t really matter in the end. This isn’t entirely correct and depends on how you look at it. My own research so far has shown that it does in fact matter what choices you make and what you learn from those choices in this reality. We’re in this reality to learn from experience, and in fact those lessons learned are the only things that we get to take along with us when we leave this reality. We’re here to improve our consciousness, and it’s an improved consciousness (hopefully, if we learn) that we get to take with us when we leave. If we fail to learn, we get to try again until we finally “get it.” History will repeat itself, you will get presented with the same problems and situations in life and even in the next lives, when you fail to learn. For more on this, check out my post “On Simulations and the Purpose of Life”.

If Carrey has learned anything then it’s that wealth and fame don’t matter in life and don’t bring happiness; he mentions so himself in the TIFF interview. None of his worldly (materialistic) achievements ultimately matter. What matters is what you’ve learned about yourself and your environment from experience, and if you’ve been able to put that knowledge into practice (change your behavior, act on your conscience etc.) in order to improve and evolve. In other words, what ultimately matters in this reality and beyond are your achievements on a personal spiritual level (your consciousness), in order to become a better more enlightened “idea” or soul.


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