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Truth is required for Growth

While reading “Selected Writings: An Introduction to Orgonomy” by Wilhelm Reich I came across the following bits where he talks about the truth:

Only the truthful organism can grow experientially, and the organism that cannot grow is not truthful, i.e., not in accord with its own bio-energetic needs. It remains sitting on the spot.

Although truth is essential and although it is the only weapon capable of disarming the plague, it cannot possibly be commanded, injected, taught, or forced upon anyone in whose organism it has not grown from the very beginning. Truth is being evaded because it is unbearable and dangerous to the organism which is incapable of using it.

Truth cannot be used as a tool without the infliction of pain, often severe pain; but neither can it be used like a medical drug. It is an integral part of the life of the future and has to grow organically in the senses and primal movements of our children from the very beginning, in infancy. Wilhelm Reich

I mostly agree with what Reich says but I have a few remarks.

Not only does the organism that is not truthful not grow, but in extreme cases it will also shrink and die. This is something Reich himself also discovered during his research. And I went into this in detail in my post “The All Seeing Eye: A Symbol Of Consciousness” where I mentioned that consciousness that is built on a foundation of lies can only come crashing down.

I also agree with Reich’s observations that truth is being evaded because it is unbearable and painful to the organism, but it should still be communicated in order to make the organism aware of alternative possibilities. It’s everyone’s moral responsibility to do so, but it shouldn’t be forced on the organism in any way, because that would be a violation of their right to life. In my posts “The Truth Offends; The Truth Hurts” and “Why I’m always right” I mention how I deal with this in daily communications.

And the last part where Reich mentions that truth has to grow organically in children from the very beginning is the most important part. That’s very difficult in the current anti-social system of enslavement that we live in, where children are being programmed to become irrational starting from early childhood. It’s very difficult for truth to grow in an irrational mind because truth requires logical/rational thinking. I hope you realize that we now find ourselves in a very difficult situation.

And yet, allowing the truth to grow organically within us based on experience seems to be exactly the purpose of the reality we live in. Like I mentioned before, we’re here learning by ourselves, trying to develop wisdom based on our own experience and understanding of what works and what doesn’t. This also explains what I wrote in my post “The Dark Universe” almost 10 years ago:

I wrote before about the fact that we’re living in a world of pain. Every day I look around me and I see lots of suffering and lots of pain. Sure, there are positive things happening here and there, but all of that is surrounded by and drowned in all the pain and suffering. It seems that anything positive doesn’t last for very long, and in fact, like I also wrote before, there can never really be lasting happiness in life. And if you look at the picture of the universe above, that is exactly what it is showing us. Small specks of light surrounded by an ocean of darkness. Small positive experiences surrounded by an ocean of negativity. Little bits of happiness surrounded by an ocean of pain and suffering. The little bits of happiness are like a small drop of water on a hot plate; in the end it really has no effect. This picture tells us what life in this universe is all about.

It seems that a reality, world or simulation with the purpose for us to learn the truth by ourselves unfortunately would have to be a painful one. Like Reich mentioned, truth cannot be conveyed without the infliction of often severe pain (in any case to those who are not yet aware of it). And if truth is required for growth, then that means that growth is also painful. I’ve often wondered what a caterpillar feels before turning into a butterfly.  The whole process might also be a very painful one, even though the outcome looks beautiful.


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