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Bill Gates (Photo by Sebastian Derungs)

Year in Review 2013 by Bill Gates

I saw over on Business Insider that Bill Gates blogged about things that he thinks made the world better in 2013. I wanted to comment on his blog post and point out what I think many may not realize. Gates pretends to be doing good around the world, and perhaps some of what he’s doing may be beneficial to some people, but overall he’s a big hypocrite. Philanthropy is all about business to Gates and those who support him.

For example, Gates blogs:

We got smarter and faster at fighting polio. You may have heard about recent polio outbreaks in Syria, Kenya, and Somalia. What you may not know is just how rapid and effective the response has been. It looks like the outbreak in the Horn of Africa was controlled in 4 months, less than half the time it took to control an outbreak there in 2005. […] Despite the ongoing violence there and in Afghanistan—including horrifying reprisals against vaccine workers—the next couple of years are a good opportunity for us to make progress on this goal.

The polio vaccine was given to humanity for free by its inventor Jonas Salk. When asked why he didn’t patent his invention, Salk replied “There is no patent.  Could you patent the sun?” Today Gates and his band of thieves are raking in billions of dollars based on a vaccine that was given to humanity for free by its inventor. The next time you meet Gates, ask him why he and the corporations he has a stake in, insist on patenting their technology and medical inventions. Why do they insist on patenting their drugs? If Gates and his supporters are such good people, then why can’t they come even close to Salk, and release their inventions for free so all of humanity can benefit from them? Gates may be fooling a lot of people worldwide, but he’s not fooling me.

On top of that Gates mentions the violence in Afghanistan; violence his government is mainly responsible for. Why don’t we hear Gates publicly speaking out against the atrocities committed by the US government, not only in Afghanistan, but in many other countries? If Gates is really worried about innocent children dying, then why doesn’t he speak up about this? Children are being murdered by the US government almost every week by drone attacks, why doesn’t Gates step up and announce a press conference to condemn these attacks? Why isn’t Gates speaking out and using his influence against the genocide Israel is committing in Palestine? A few days ago, on Christmas eve, Israel bulldozed the homes of Palestinian families and made them homeless.

“UNRWA condemns the latest demolitions in the West Bank,  which displaced 68 people, the most recent of which occurred on  Christmas Eve,” spokesman Chris Gunness said in a statement. “The demolitions took place in Ein Ayoub near Ramallah and  Fasayil al-Wusta near Jericho in the Jordan valley with 61  persons displaced in Ein Ayoub, and seven persons, all refugees, displaced in Fasayil al-Wusta,” Gunness said. He added that  32 of those displaced were children, “including a five year  old girl who is paralyzed from the waist down.”

Do you hear Gates talking about this? The answer is that he won’t because he’s in this for the business and he’s not going to bite the hand that feeds him. Gates and his corporations benefit from these atrocities either directly and more often indirectly. He’s going to remain politically correct.

Gates further blogs:

The poverty rate went down—again. If you want to read just one article that explains the state of the world’s poor and the future of the fight against poverty, check out “Not Always With Us,” which the Economist ran in June. It gives a short but thorough overview of the progress so far—the poverty rate has dropped by half since 1990—and the prospects for keeping it going. As the article says, the biggest factor in reducing poverty over the past few decades has been economic growth—growth that touches not just those who are already rich, but a broad range of people.

What the fuck is Gates talking about? The gap between the rich and the poor continues to get larger and larger. Even in Gates’s own country, the amount of people living on food stamps continues to grow:

Some 40 years after the so-called “war on poverty” […] not only has poverty not been eliminated, but in terms of the percentage of the American population living in poverty, it has actually increased. […] “Simply put, the President’s policies have not produced jobs. During his time in office, 14.7 million people were added to the food stamp rolls. Over that same time, only 194,000 jobs were created – thus 76 people went on food stamps for every one that found a job,” says Sessions, ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee. “

Read my article on why the poor continue to get poorer, and you’ll quickly find out that it’s because of people like Gates that live like parasites on the backs of the middle class and the poor. The middle class and the poor are enslaved by people like Gates. If Gates really wants to improve the poverty rate, then starting a global effort to end income taxation that enslaves the entire world population would be a good start. Gates and his corporations use everything they can to avoid paying taxes themselves, while the income tax money from the middle class and the poor continues to flow to large corporations and ultimately into the pockets of rich people like Gates who own these corporations. That’s why you won’t hear Gates speaking for ending income taxation.

Another strategy they use is creating foundations that supposedly do charity work, and then they “donate” money every year to those foundations, so that they can deduct that “donated” money from their income to avoid paying taxes on it. Meanwhile their foundations invest that “donated” money in other for profit corporations that they own themselves, or have financial stakes in. So in the end, not only do they get the money they supposedly “donate” away back, but they get it back along with huge profits! I recently wrote an article where I discussed Mark Zuckerberg’s “donations” to his own foundations. These people think we’re all stupid. I strongly encourage you to follow my links and do your homework and research what I say here.

Gates continues:

Rich countries re-committed to saving lives. Just this month, donors met in Washington, D.C., to renew their funding commitments to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria. I was there and I got to meet Connie Mudenda, a Zambian woman living with HIV who started getting treatment in 2004 thanks to the Global Fund. The medicine she takes costs just 40 cents a day, and it helped her get healthy, go back to work, and support her family.

It looks more like rich countries are committed to the continued exploitation and enslavement of the poor and middle class worldwide, as I have already mentioned above. I also mentioned that it’s clear the rich are in this for the profits; why does Connie Mudenda have to pay 40 cents a day for her medicine? This is just another tax that’s being introduced by the rich in poor countries. Thousands of people paying 40 cents a day quickly adds up to their bottom lines. And this for a fucking made up disease that at least two Nobel prize winners have spoken against! There is absolutely NO evidence that HIV causes AIDS, and there are many prominent scientists who have risked their careers to say so in public. Despite this, the global HIV/AIDS establishment continues to ignore this so they can sell their patented drugs to people worldwide and make huge profits while innocent people who don’t know better even die because of being poisoned by those drugs.

Gates is a smart man right? Why hasn’t he heard of the HIV/AIDS scam and if he did, why does he keep his mouth shut about it? That’s because he has a lot to lose; his Bill and Melinda Gates foundation also make lots of money off of the HIV/AIDS scam by supposedly fighting HIV in poor African countries. Again, Gates is in this for the money, not because he values the lives of these people, and certainly not because he values what’s right.

Gates then ends his blog post by advertising one of the latest vaccines he stands to gain from:

Next year I’m excited about the continued rollout of a vaccine called pentavalent (because it prevents five diseases). Next year it will be available in South Sudan, the last of the 73 poorest countries to introduce it. India just announced that they’ll start giving it to every child in the nation in 2014. If other countries follow India’s example, pentavalent could prevent 7 million deaths by 2020. Next up are new vaccines to prevent pneumonia and rotavirus (which causes diarrhea). And we’re seeing more middle-income countries like China and India develop the ability to manufacture vaccines, which drives the cost down.

Crucial to delivering all these vaccines is GAVI, an alliance that has helped 440 million children get immunized since 2000. (Go back and read that again: 440 million.) Next year GAVI will be asking donors to renew their commitments, just as the Global Fund did this year.

GAVI, which according to Gates is crucial to delivering the vaccine, was founded using money from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation back in 1999. So it’s very clear once again that Gates has financial stakes in this. But an even bigger issue appears to be the risks associated with this new poison developed by those who Gates supports:

Accusing the World Health Organisation (WHO) of promoting pentavalent vaccine “by stating falsely that no adverse event following immunisation (AEFI) has ever been reported with the vaccine,” a leading science magazine in India ‘The Indian Journal of Medical Ethics’ (IJME) has sought immediate ban on pentavalent vaccine in the country.

Stating that this is contrary to the facts, the IJME editorial by Jacob Puliyel, head of paediatrics at St Stephens Hospital in New Delhi, charged the WHO with promoting a vaccine whose use has been discontinued in some countries following adverse reactions and deaths in children. The IJME editorial is based on his detailed investigation into the deaths of children in Bhutan, Sri Lanka, India and Vietnam following administration of pentavalent vaccine.

On May 4, 2013, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam suspended Quinvaxem- the pentavalent combination used in that country — after 12 deaths and nine other non-fatal serious adverse events. According to local news reports, all the babies who died were in good health prior to vaccination and had serious trouble breathing before dying shortly afterwards.

Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have also stopped using the vaccine following unexplained deaths soon after immunization, the IJME editorial says.

Bhutan stopped the immunization programme after four deaths but was later persuaded to restart immunization by WHO. Reintroduction of the vaccine was followed by a further four deaths and Bhutan is not using this vaccine any longer, the journal says. The deaths in Sri Lanka also resulted in the suspension of the immunization drive there.

In Pakistan too — where one child died within half an hour of receiving the vaccine and two others died within 12 to 14 hours — the vaccine was not blamed but no alternate cause of death was found for any of the cases, the IJME article says.

It further says that this combination vaccine is not licensed for use by the US FDA nor is it used in other developed countries, the editorial says. But the WHO recommends this pentavalent vaccine in developing countries, by piggy backing the hepatitis-B and Hib vaccines on the well accepted DPT to increase uptake of hepatitis B and Hib according to a write up on the GAVI website.

In India, according to IJME, 21 have so far died in a limited experiment after the vaccine introduced in 2011 in the immunization programme of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. India had announced plans to roll out the vaccine to other states after monitoring its impact in these two states.

The journal has also questioned the very rationale for introducing Hib vaccination in India where the incidence of Hib disease is very low. The editorial estimates that vaccinating 25 million babies could at best save 350 children from Hib meningitis and Hib pneumonia but “3125 children will die from vaccine adverse effects.”

But even while the above is happening, the WHO is talking about “positive outcome of the evaluation process” for pentavalent:

Panacea Biotec, a leading research based pharma company, has received World Health Organization (WHO) pre-qualification for its pentavalent vaccine Easyfive TT (DTP-HepB-Hib). WHO has also informed the UNICEF (the procurement agency for global markets) of the positive outcome of the evaluation process and will be issuing the letter to UNICEF informing the pre-qualification of Easyfive TT mono (one dose) and multi-dose (10 dose) presentations and the details of pre-qualification will be published on WHO webpage soon.

The company is now preparing itself to supply EasyfiveTT vaccine (pentavalent vaccine that protects against five diseases – diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) of early childhood) to UNICEF and other international agencies involved in procurement of vaccines at global as well as national levels in various countries.

Incredible isn’t it? This is business as usual for the money blinded corporatists like Gates, and Big Pharma in general. These people don’t care about people’s lives; it’s the business profits that matter. Similarly they’ve also sold poison (AZT) to people for many years to fight HIV, while the drug itself caused AIDS and killed thousands of people. So the “rationale for introducing Hib vaccination in India where the incidence of Hib disease is very low” is simply based on business profits. They want to sell their drugs to as many people as they possibly can. If you’re not convinced yet check this out:

The code of the Penatvalent used in Bhutan was ‘EasyFive’ a trade name used by Panacae Biotec, India. Each vial of vaccine has an identifier encoded in the barcode. Since different combinations are used, some of which are placebo, different receipient get different symptoms. Some are not given any treatment. When the dose is completed in an area, epidemic is spread. After the epidemic like the recent H1N1 swine flue epidemic, recipients susceptible to disease are noted and compared against the dose they received. After the tests are successfully carried out, the drugs with best results are replicated and sold in developed countries, which have reliable techniques to test and verify drugs. These selected drugs are usually a bit expensive.
Easy five, the Pentavalent received by Bhutan was the product of Panacea Biotech Ltd in New Delhi. The company must not be waiting with fingers crossed for the lab results. The government seems seriously evaluating the pros and cons of the report and its release. When the lab result is still in the file and peoples’ eyes are focused on it, there was a distraction. Bhutan received a dozen ultra sophisticated ambulances from New Delhi as gift with promises of some more such gifts soon.
Global alliance for vaccines and immunization (GAVI), an alliance of government, UN agencies, vaccine makers and charities was formed in 2000 AD with a globally appreciated altruistic motive. The motive was to provide life saving vaccines at subsidized cost to people in poor countries. Three prong approaches were adopted to fulfill the noble mission. Firstly, it was to raise awareness among people in the poor countries to make them seek the vaccines and increase the demands. Secondly, it was to encourage more vaccine makers to get into competition. Lastly and subsequently, it was to reduce the cost of vaccines.
The public private partnership, GAVI, based in Geneva was set up with a seed fund of US$ 750 million from Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation. When it began in 2000, there was only one company producing Pentavalent. Today there are at least four companies reaping profits from the alliance. The price has come down from $3.65 to $ 3.0 per dose, and profit swollen to 10 digits.
Two Indian vaccines makers, Shantha Biotechnics Ltd acquired by French drug maker Sonofi Aventis SA, and Panacae Biotech limited joined the competition in 2008.  Two more Indian companies, Serum Institute of India Ltd and Bharat Biotech International Ltd are knocking at the door of World Health Organization (WHO) for pre-qualification approval. Unicef buys drugs from companies which have pre-qualification approval from WHO. Unicef then gives to GAVI, which in turn supplies to member countries at subsidized rates. The vaccine is supplied to 72 countries chosen on the basis of their low economic standards.

There’s a lot of manipulation and bribery involved as you can see, and usually the only people who benefit in the poor countries are the local elite who help to get laws and regulations passed so that the multinational corporations can sell their drugs to people. These corporations work through the global organizations such as the WHO that looks after their interests. It’s the standard model of economic enslavement and modern colonialism described by John Perkins which I discussed in another post.

Also interesting in the above quote is the part in italics, where the method of testing these vaccines is described. First people are given different versions of the vaccines, after which an epidemic is spread in the area on purpose, to see who survives. After this experiment, the version of the vaccine that worked the best is sold in developed countries for a higher price. That’s why the pentavalent vaccine isn’t even licensed for use by the US FDA, but is already being experimented with in the poor countries, as mentioned above in the quote from the Pharma Biz article. And the same article also mentions the children dying because of this. It seems the poor countries are not only being exploited economically, but are also a huge testing ground for the poison created by Big Pharma without them even knowing it!!

And this is what Bill Gates supports and promotes. So when Gates mentions that “2013 was definitely a good year” in his blog post, you have to seriously ask yourself for whom it was a good year. Obviously it was a very good year indeed for Gates, his foundations and corporations and their bank accounts. For those people being exploited and enslaved by them, however, I bet it wasn’t such a good year.

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