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Theft and extortion by the criminal government

Reading the article “Customs officials detained for theft, extortion and accepting gifts” published on Starnieuws (January 18th 2020), I immediately thought that these customs officials were detained for exactly the same things that the criminal government does every day on a large scale, namely theft and extortion under the name “taxation”. Ironically, these men did the same things they were hired for by the criminal government, but they made the mistake of doing the “work” on a private basis and not on behalf of the criminal government.

Apparently different moral and ethical values apply to the criminal government. When the criminal government confiscates part of your salary every month, I don’t see any difference with theft. When the criminal government sends a tax bill and demands that you pay them under threat of violence, I see no difference with extortion. Where the criminal government claims in the “constitution” that they want to protect your right to life (art. 14) and that involuntary servitude is forbidden (art. 15), they trample on everyone’s right to life on a large scale and subject everyone to involuntary servitude on a daily basis.

For make no mistake, many forms of “taxation” are nothing but compulsory labor – pure slavery. As Leo Tolstoy had already realized in 1887 (“What shall we do?”), the essence of all slavery is to take the product of another man’s labor by force; it does not matter if this violence is based on the ownership of the slave or on the ownership of the money he must get in order to live. Think of “income and payroll taxes”.

These are things I had already discussed in 2012 in an open letter to Mr. Desi Bouterse and Mrs. Jennifer Simons. About 85 years ago (“We slaves of Suriname” (1934)) Anton de Kom also knew this as I have shown in another recent article. But “strangely” many people today seem to be unaware of exactly what kind of “civil society” they find themselves in.

Those in service of the criminal government, walking around in fancy suits and often pretending to uphold the highest moral standards, also seem to be unaware that they are in fact criminals, and that the organization they work for (the “State”) has a lot in common with the Mafia.

As Albert J. Nock points out in his book “Our Enemy the State” (1935), “the activities of the founders, administrators and beneficiaries of the State are indistinguishable from those of a professional-criminal class.” He goes on to say, “As Dr. Sigmund Freud has observed, it can not even be said that the State has ever shown any disposition to suppress crime, but only to safeguard its own monopoly of crime.” If you look at current developments, wouldn’t you agree with Mr. Nock? I’m sure Anton de Kom would agree with him given the things he wrote about in his book.

I still wonder today why I never learned this in school. Why are our children deliberately misled and kept ignorant? Why don’t they get the right information to become truly free and independent people? I already know the answer to these questions; what I would like to know is if you know them yourself?


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