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The Real Secret

By now you’ve probably already heard of, and have likely already seen, the movie “The Secret.” If you haven’t yet seen it, the website for the movie is here. You should take a look for yourself in order to better understand what I’m going to talk about below.

The movie is put together really well visually, has nice directing and good marketing. It was designed to appeal to the masses. It attempts to make life look like a fairy tale, to make it seem like all can be nice and well if you just believe it to be so and want it badly enough. You don’t actually have to work for it, you see. All you have to do is forget about the bad or negative things in your life, just focus on what you like and have fun, and everything will magically take care of itself. Everything you need will automatically come your way. Yes, my dear reader, according to The Secret, you can even get rich that way. In fact, the central focus in The Secret is around how you can get rich easily.

But what this movie really is, is disinformation. While the movie does include common wisdom, and even mentions great people from the past like Albert Einstein in a way which would make you think Einstein actually endorses the message being communicated by the movie and agrees with it, it also contains lots of things that are just plain wrong and misleading. And that seems to be the purpose of the movie, to put people on the wrong path, to distract them by making them believe in things that lead to nowhere.

If you want to tell people a lie, and want to make it sound convincing so that they believe you, one way to do that is to mix a little bit of truth into your story together with the lies. That gives people bits of logic that they can hold onto as they follow your story from start to finish, accepting the lies in between as they go along. And if you can make the bits of truth seamlessly flow into the lies and back into the bits of truth, establishing a relationship between them in the process, it becomes even better and as a result a lot more difficult for someone to notice that something is wrong with your story. This is being done all the time these days to brainwash people on a large scale, and The Secret is merely an example.

Like I already said, The Secret exists to distract people from what really matters. To distract them from the things they should really be looking at. If you’re a leader bent on world domination, if you’re busy doing a lot of evil and causing loads of pain and destruction everywhere on the planet while you benefit from it, you’ll want people to ignore you and you’ll want them to look elsewhere for solutions to the problems you’re creating. You certainly don’t want them to focus on you! So what you do, is you pick up a small stone and throw it in a direction that is opposite of you as much as possible, and you send them on a wild goose chase while you continue making life worse for them. And that is exactly the purpose of The Secret. Most people have all kinds of issues in their lives these days which are mostly the result of policies which are decided by very few people who are in control and who benefit. Religion is falling apart right now, and doesn’t seem to be able to brainwash people anymore. A bit more time, and they’re actually going to wonder what the hell is going on and demand real answers. Those in control can’t let that happen. So what is the solution? Invent something new for them to believe in and hold onto, distracting them from what they should really be looking at to fix issues on this planet. Don’t let them look at the leaders who’re causing most of the problems, no no, let them focus on believing they can ignore that and have fun doing positive things and everything will be alright. Besides, they don’t want to focus on anything negative anyway, or anything that would require them to think about and to do tedious things. They want to focus on nice, easy, fun and positive things. So those in control give them that and keep them occupied with it, while they are free to do even more evil.

It’s sad but true. But what’s even sadder, is that most of the things discussed in The Secret are so obviously stupid, that I wonder how they’re still able to fool millions of people around the world with it. If you just look at it and ask some simple questions, it all falls apart in nanoseconds.

For example, the main concept being discussed in The Secret is “The Law of Attraction.” As described by Bob Proctor in the movie, “everything that comes into your life, you are attracting into your life.” And it appears that you do that largely by thinking about it, or desiring it so much, that the universe decides to give you what you want and creates situations for you which enable you to get what you need or desire. But let’s hold it right here. Does Bob Proctor want me to believe that those people in the Twin Towers who died on 9/11 all wished to die on that day under such terrible circumstances? Because it looks like the universe acted on their needs there, according to The Law of Attraction. Right? Bob wants me to believe those people attracted that horrible event into their lives. I find that a little hard to believe, Bob. And in the case of 9/11, we’re talking about 3000 people. Did the tens of thousands of people who died because of the tsunami in Asia a while ago also attract the tsunami into their lives? It’s kindof hard to imagine all those people wishing for death. There were tourists there from all over the world, Bob, and they were there to have fun! How the hell did they end up like that? Surely there had to be a big misunderstanding between them and the universe.

It’s so stupid it’s very disturbing to realize most people buy into this. According to The Law of Attraction, you should forget about your problems because if you think about them, you’ll only attract more problems into your life. But if there’s anything the universe or nature has taught us, it’s that opposites attract eachother. So if I think about my problems, shouldn’t I attract solutions? Strangely, The Law of Attraction wants us to think about positive things to change the negative things, and thus to create or attract positive things in our lives. But ofcourse, you can’t just think positive and hope to change something negative with it. If you want to turn a negative (bad) situation into a positive (good) one, you’re going to have to deal with the negative (bad) things and change them (make them positive (good)). You can’t ignore the negative things and just keep yourself busy with positive things and hope that the negative things will automatically turn positive. You’re going to have to concentrate or focus on them and put some effort into getting them positive. It’s just like in math, which is often called the language of nature. In math, you can’t multiply a negative number with a positive one, and hope to get a positive outcome. No no, you multiply the negative number by a negative number in order to get something positive out of it. This again shows that you’ll have to work with the negative to turn something negative to something positive. Now when you view the whole process, you might say that you’re overall doing something positive (good), because turning something negative (bad) to something positive (good) is a good (positive) thing to do. But take note of the fact that in the process, you’ll actually be focusing on the negative because that’s what you want to change. I wrote about this before.

Things like The Secret fool people into thinking that they can just focus on the positive things and all their problems (the negative things) will automatically take care of themselves and disappear, totally ignoring the fact that the only way to create something positive out of a negative situation, is to change the negative and thus, to focus on the negative. It’s the same thing as those who say “positive thinking” is the solution to all your problems. It’s brilliant disinformation. It keeps people looking for solutions to problems in the wrong places, or prevents them looking for solutions completely. And sadly most people buy into this stuff immediately, because it is the path of least resistance. “You mean I can just think positive, have fun and all my problems will go away automatically??? Wow! Awesome!!” Who wouldn’t love that? If it were really true, it wouldn’t surprise me that most people would rather choose to “think positive” instead of facing their problems and trying to solve them. This is one of the important reasons why the world is a complete mess today. People are too easy-going and don’t like to face problems. They’ll believe in fairy tales if it will allow them to ignore certain issues, to the advantage of those who create the issues and benefit from them.

That’s where things like The Secret come into play. To use the example I mentioned before: If you’re a leader bent on world domination, if you’re busy doing a lot of evil and causing loads of pain and destruction everywhere on the planet while you benefit from it, you’ll want people to ignore you (the negative) and you’ll want them to look elsewhere for solutions to the problems you’re creating by having them believe in The Secret and have them use that disinformation to pursue a better life (the positive) while they ignore you (the negative) so you can continue to do your thing in the background.

And that, my dear reader, is the REAL secret.

Anyway, if there really is such a thing as The Law of Attraction, the fact that nature has clearly shown us that opposites attract eachother means that according to The Law of Attraction you should be thinking about your problems in order for the universe to respond with solutions. You should be dissatisfied with your status quo and let that be known to the universe in order for the universe to respond with things that can help to get you satisfied. If you pretend to be satisfied, happy and think positive, which is what they encourage you to do in The Secret, the universe will respond by bringing negative things into your life. It’s all about maintaining balance in nature. If you’re leaning too much towards being dissatisfied and unhappy, the universe will try to get you more towards the side where you feel satisfied and happy. And the other way around. So the smart thing to do is to never be satisfied, think about your problems and deal with them in order for the universe to continue to respond with positive things in your life to help you improve.


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