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It’s all about Ron Paul

It’s a real joy to see the donation meter on Ron Paul’s website climb almost every minute. Looks like he is very much on track to reach his 12 million goal by December 31st. Not only is he raising a lot of money, but he is currently the biggest GOP fundraiser:

Ron Paul is well on course to be the GOP presidential candidate frontrunner in terms of funds raised in this the fourth and most crucial quarter in the run up to the primaries in January.

With a month still to go, the congressman’s funds will today swell to over $10 million, double what was raised in the third quarter.

Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who has continued to attract popularity as the year has gone on. Paul raised more money in the third quarter than in the second quarter while none of the other candidates achieved this. With the 16th December “money bomb” coming up, it looks like the Congressman will raise more money this quarter than any other GOP candidate including Giuliani. This means he will have more cash on hand going into the primaries than any of his Republican opponents.

Yesterday saw Ron Paul soar above Fred Thompson’s $9,750,821 mark and Mitt Romney’s $9,896,719 mark earlier today (excluding money he has loaned to himself). Today will likely see Ron Paul pass a third milestone– that of Rudy Giuliani’s $10,258,019 fundraising mark for the end of the 3rd Quarter.

And of you check his website, you’ll see he is already well pass Giulliani. Keep in mind that Ron Paul is able to do this without having the advantages all the other candidates have, like donations from the rich class and big corporations and support from the mainstream media. It’s simply incredible what you can achieve when you promote the right message to people and can take advantage of the Internet. It’s like he said, put out the right message and people will find you, instead of you having to actively look for supporters.

Even around the world, Ron Paul is very popular:

A website which has collected over 72,000 votes from people in countries all over the world has revealed that the vast majority would elect Ron Paul if they had the opportunity to influence the 2008 US election.

At time of writing, the site at has collected 72,556 votes from people in countries across the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between.

The results reveal that the overwhelming favourite candidate in almost every corner of the globe is Congressman Ron Paul.

If you’re new to all this Ron Paul business, just check out his website and check out the video’s of him on YouTube.

However, like I wrote before, the more Ron Paul is gaining popularity, and the bigger his chances to get elected, the more he puts himself in danger. There are groups of people who are not going to allow Ron Paul to do what he is promising his supporters that he will do when he gets elected. They’re going to do everything they can to stop him. If it means stopping the next election, and declaring martial law in the USA, they’re going to do it. If it means killing Ron Paul, they’re going to do it. If it means sabotaging the elections, like they’ve been doing for a while now, they’re going to do it. These people are going to do everything to get Hillary Clinton elected.

Now if you don’t understand what and who I’m talking about, check out the following movies as soon as possible: Endgame, Zeitgeist, Loose Change Final Cut.


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