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Way to go Notch; Keep speaking the Truth

Silencing and marginalizing people who go against the brainwash and propaganda that you want to promote appears to be the general trend these days, especially on the Internet. One particularly interesting case caught my attention a few days ago. Microsoft are distancing themselves from the original creator of the Minecraft game. Here’s from The Verge:

Microsoft says “comments and opinions” from Minecraft creator Markus Persson, better known as Notch, have led the company to exclude him from an upcoming event celebrating the game’s 10th anniversary. Microsoft told Variety, “His comments and opinions do not reflect those of Microsoft or Mojang and are not representative of Minecraft.”

As Microsoft has worked to make Minecraft into a universal, family-friendly game, Persson has been something of a thorn in its side. The game’s creator is better known today as an online troll, peddling transphobic, sexist, and otherwise problematic language. He also recently endorsed the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Microsoft bought Minecraft developer Mojang a while back for $2.5 billion, making Notch a very rich man. So you can imagine that Notch has a ton of money right now and is probably in a situation where he’s highly independent and is able to speak his mind. To be sure, you don’t have to be rich to be independent; all you need to do is structure your life in a way where you have nothing (or very little) to lose.

So Notch is able to say things like the following:

On Monday, Notch decided to share even more red-pill rhetoric with transphobic comments that drew immediate condemnation online.

In response to a My Little Pony meme saying “trans women are women,” Notch said “No, they feel like they are.” In a second tweet, he doubled down on that stance, saying “you are absolutely evil if you want to encourage delusion. What happened to not stigmatizing mental illness?”

Notice how rightfully calling out a man who is delusional enough to think that he’s a woman (a so called “trans woman”) is seen as being “transphobic”. Speaking the truth is being reported by the media as being “transphobic”. Of course it’s abundantly clear that the media’s current agenda is to normalize certain kinds of mental illness, so it’s understandable why they would frame Notch’s words in this case as being “transphobic”.

I point this out because it’s very, very, very important these days to not blindly trust what you see, hear or read in the media, but to go out and investigate and try to find out what the truth is. Always try to find and go to the source! In this specific case regarding Notch, if you had just read the article from The Verge, quoted above, where they mention Notch being “transphobic”, you wouldn’t know what he actually said and wouldn’t understand that what he actually said has nothing to do with being “transphobic”; he simply spoke the truth. The media can also selectively quote people or twist their words and make it seem like they’re saying something completely different. I’ve discussed other examples here on my blog before where people have been completely demonized by the media, when in fact very little of what they say about the person is true. When you go to the source and read or hear their own words, you get a completely different understanding of what’s going on.

When I read that Notch was supposedly “transphobic”, I went and searched for his actual quote — his own words — so I could read for myself what he said. If I knew him personally, I would have called him to ask him personally. And it turns out that I completely agree with him on this subject; I have a whole post on gender identity and transgender people, showing that they’re basically suffering from mental illness as a result of sexual repression starting from early childhood.

I hope Notch keeps doing what he does. Keep honestly speaking your mind. All of us should be able to do this. We should all structure our lives in such a way where we position ourselves to be as independent as possible so we’re able to speak our minds without fear.


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