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Vaccination: Proved Useless and Dangerous

I first learned about the book “Vaccination: Proved Useless and Dangerous” written by Alfred R. Wallace back in 2017. It’s currently downloadable for free on the Internet Archive. It’s a book written all the way back in 1889, but the information and the situation discussed in the book are still relevant today. It’s very interesting to see that we’re still dealing with the same problems today, worldwide, that existed back then in England.

It was already clear, even way back then, that vaccination is not only useless but also very dangerous. You’ll see how numbers and statistics are being manipulated by the medical establishment and vaccine producers to make it look like their poison has a positive effect, all while the numbers actually show that their poison is not only ineffective, but a probable cause of even more illness and death.

Many diseases were already on the decline due to improvements in living conditions, such as better sanitation and hygiene, both mentioned in the book, but also better nutrition becoming available (for more on this see my post “Vaccinated people have more chronic conditions”). But the introduction of the small-pox vaccine had a negative effect on this trend as mentioned:

Every one will admit that this remarkable decrease of Typhus, is due to more efficient sanitation, greater personal attention to the laws of health, and probably also to more rational methods of treatment. But all these causes of amelioration have certainly had their effect on Small-pox; and as the mortality from that disease has not equally diminished, there is probably some counteracting cause at work. So far, therefore, from there being any proof that vaccination has diminished Small-pox in London, the tendency of the Registrar-General’s facts, (and there are no other facts which are trustworthy,) is to show that some counteracting cause has prevented general sanitation from acting on this disease as it has acted on Typhus, and that cause may, possibly, be vaccination itself.

In the case of COVID-19, for example, there are many reports worldwide of outbreaks happening right after vaccination, showing that vaccination isn’t protecting anyone and is now likely causing the disease itself. But in the notes below my post “Vaccination is Ineffective and Dangerous” there are more examples of vaccination causing outbreaks of the disease they’re supposed to eliminate.

You’ll also see in the book how government coercion is being used to force people to take the vaccination poison and damage their own bodies. A severe violation of the individual’s Right to Life. Like the author states:

If these facts are true, or anything near the truth, the enforcement of vaccination by fine and imprisonment of unwilling parents, is a cruel and criminal despotism, which it behoves all true friends of humanity to denounce and oppose at every opportunity. Such legislation, involving as it does, our health, our liberty, and our very lives, is too serious a matter to be allowed to depend on the misstatements of interested officials or the dogmas of a professional clique. Some of the misstatements and some of the ignorance on which you have relied, have been here exposed. The statistical evidence on which alone a true judgment can be founded, is as open to you as to any doctor in the land.

Check out the book for more and don’t forget to share.


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