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Suriname also becomes COVID-19 police state

The police state tactics that I warned about a few months ago have now come to Suriname. Here’s from “COVID-19 Team Encounters a lot of Opposition” (June 3rd 2020):

The special Task Force of Public Health doesn’t have enough resources to pick up contacts, conduct investigations and carry out telephone checks on people in quarantine. “It’s really not proceeding smoothly. Sometimes not from our side, but often enough not from the community’s side either,” says Cleopatra Jessurun.

The director of Public Health reports aggressive and violent behavior in people who are picked up because of a potential infection. “People who break bottles to attack the team and threaten them with weapons,” she explains.

Pickup is too often accompanied by a lot of sensation and loudness. The authorities are then forced to use violence which is not the intention of the health operation. “People do not want to be taken away and quarantined. Some people don’t care that they are positive, so they want to run away,” says Jessurun.

Imagine that, going to people’s homes trying to kidnap them and their reaction to that being resisting and fighting back. Completely unexpected and illogical, right? That’s at least according to the director of Public Health quoted above. I wanted to write that this is what happens when people don’t know and/or don’t respect the universal right to life of every individual, but unfortunately I’ve even seen people who (supposedly) know about those rights going along with the above cases of abuse. Fear (and perhaps just plain hypocrisy) will cause people to go against their own (supposed) principles.

These kinds of severe human rights violations are happening worldwide now. About two weeks ago someone uploaded a video to (embedded below) of a similar case in Canada. Apparently based on the video, slave patrol got into someone’s home and tried to coerce them to come along with them to the hospital for some tests, threatening them with force if they don’t cooperate. Pay attention to the farcical display of ‘politeness’ by the slave patrol officer, who clearly thinks his actions are morally right while in fact he’s severely violating the rights of another individual; it literally made me want to throw up. Everything he was doing was, in his own words, for his victim’s own “wellbeing and safety”.

This is the same kind of ‘politeness’ displayed by tax collectors when they come to extort you out of your money — also for your own benefit, of course. It reminded me of the ‘honest’ and ‘polite’ “Armed Gunman” skit by The Onion.

Just a few weeks ago I mentioned that within the current system of enslavement known as Statism, “the ‘rulers’ have more authority than you have over your life, your possessions and even your body. This is by definition slavery.” And the above is just another example proving my point.

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