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Psychological warfare used in Germany to make citizens receptive to the hard lockdown

Leaked emails from government officials and scientists in Germany show that politicians and scientists worked together on a plan to expose the German public to psychological warfare in order to get them to give up their freedoms and accept hard COVID-19 lockdown measures. Several scientists came up with proposals on how to instill “fear and obedience” in the population. No, this is not a “conspiracy theory”; The Volkskrant, a mainstream newspaper in the Netherlands, has some of the details in a recent article and I’m including an English translation below.

Here’s from the Volkskrant, “Politiek en wetenschap werkten in Duitsland samen om burgers rijp te maken voor de harde lockdown” (February 8th 2021) (Archived without paywall):

Politics and science worked together in Germany to make citizens receptive to the hard lockdown

During the first lockdown, Germany’s Interior Ministry asked scientists for tips to prepare the minds for even tougher interventions in citizens’ personal freedom. This is confirmed by email correspondence between politicians and the scientists involved, which is in possession of the newspaper Die Welt.

The scientists were asked to help “plan further measures of a preventive and repressive nature.” This sounds like a concoction of a conspiracy theorist, but the passage stems from 200 pages of email traffic between the ministry headed by Horst Seehofer (CSU), and a number of scientists. In the documents, which Die Welt obtained through a Wob-request after a long legal battle, their names have been blacked out.

According to Die Welt, the idea of influencing public opinion stemmed from Interior Minister Seehofer himself, who was afraid that state governments would insist on relaxations, while scientists had urged him that this was not a good idea. Seehofer’s plan was implemented by Markus Kerber, a nonpartisan secretary of state.

Among the scientists who cooperated, according to Die Welt, was Lothar Wieler, the chief of the RKI [Robert Koch Institute], the German RIVM [National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands]. In addition to virologists, staff from several economic and political think tanks also collaborated on the government’s plan.

Psychological warfare

The scientists’ advice resulted in a secret document, intended only for the inner circle of Seehofer’s ministry, containing ideas on how to instill “fear and obedience” in the population in order to broaden support for tough measures. These ideas sometimes border on psychological warfare: “The strongly present feeling of powerlessness must be curbed by the impression of strong state intervention,” writes one of them. Someone else suggests creating “the desired shock effect” among the population with scenarios in which people wait in vain for a hospital bed with their seriously ill relatives, so that they end up dying a painful death. In this way, they hoped to gain widespread acceptance for a “sharp but short” lockdown.

A few days after this secret document was created, the German government came up with a “worst case scenario” in which there were perhaps as many as a million corona deaths. The lockdown was extended.

That the ministry asked these scientists for this strange ‘cooperation’ is one thing. The fact that the scientists were all too willing to cooperate, insofar as this can be deduced from the fragments made public by Die Welt, is at least as much of a shock.

The question now arises, of course, as to which politicians were aware. What did Angela Merkel herself know? Secretary of State Kerber is not aware of any wrongdoing, according to a reaction to Die Welt. He let it be known that at the time there was no need for “a theoretical explanation” that the recommendations were intended to address “concrete problems” and “prevent a worst case scenario.” The RKI, the German RIVM, did not wish to comment on the matter because it was an “internal discussion paper.”

Even with this kind of unmistakable, blatant and in your face information about what has been going on all this time, it won’t surprise me if many people still remain blind to reality. There are several more instances of politicians openly revealing on mainstream media what their true intentions are but the public stays naive. For example, the WHO admitted to the BBC that its June 2020 mask policy update was due not to new evidence but “political lobbying”:

We had been told by various sources [that the] WHO committee reviewing the evidence had not backed masks but they recommended them due to political lobbying. This point was put to [the] WHO who did not deny. Deborah Cohen, BBC Medical Correspondent

Several Dutch politicians appeared on television last year admitting that face masks “have no medical benefit” but that they were instructed by the “safety council” to still recommend and enforce the use of  face masks in order to “influence behavior.” In other words, psychological manipulation to create a climate of fear and anxiety among the population in order to get them to obey commands.

A few months ago I had also mentioned another leaked report from the German Ministry of the Interior in my post “The COVID-19 Deception – Part 2” where another group of German scientists pointed out that “the State has failed in the coronavirus crisis in an almost grotesque way” and that “the observable effects and consequences of COVID-19 do not provide sufficient evidence that it is more than a false alarm in terms of health effects on society as a whole. The new virus has probably never posed a risk to the population in excess of normal levels […]. In all likelihood, we are dealing with a global false alarm that has gone unnoticed for a long time. […] The collateral damage [because of the measures] is now enormous and far greater than any observable benefit. […] The State turned out to be one of the biggest fake-news producers in the coronacrisis.”


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