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Taken with the Nokia Lumia 930

Photography with the Nokia Lumia 930

A few months ago I finally replaced my old BlackBerry Bold 9700 phone with the brand new Nokia Lumia 930. The previous phone, which served me well for over 4 years, was beginning to slowly die on me and the timing coincided perfectly with the release of the Nokia Lumia 930. I had to suffer 2 months with bad reception on the Bold 9700 before I could finally get my hands on the Lumia 930. I could have gotten another phone much earlier but I specifically wanted the Lumia 930. And after a few months of using it, I can say that it was well worth the wait.

The Lumia 930 is Microsoft Mobile’s flagship phone right now, and it’s a really awesome phone to use. One of the reasons why I got it was for the camera features; it currently has one of the best built-in cameras for mobile phones, not to mention the awesome Nokia Camera app. And with the Denim update, which is currently being rolled out around the world, things will only get a lot better (all new “Lumia Camera” app with new features).

Since I got this phone I rarely take my big and heavy DSLRs along with me anymore when I go out. It’s so much easier and convenient to just take pictures with my phone. And I have to say that the image quality is good enough and I’m having a lot more fun editing and uploading pictures right from my phone to my Instagram profile. Back when I was still doing the Fake Chuck blog, I had written a post about the rise of smartphones, and I know from my own experiences now that the threat to camera manufacturers from the smartphone industry is very real. If they don’t come up with more reasons for people to actually want to carry around a compact camera or DSLR, they’re going to start losing market share very fast in the near future.

In this post I want to share some of my favorite photos taken last year with the Lumia 930. All photos are edited using a combination of the following apps which are available for the Windows Phone OS:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express – Some nice editing features, but not as full featured as Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • Fhotoroom – This is like Adobe Lightroom for your phone and has a lot more editing features than Photoshop Express.
  • SophieLens HD – I seriously love the presets and the live view capabilities of this app.
  • Lomogram+ – Very nice effects and presets.
  • LazyLens –  Very nice effects and presets.
  • Lumia Creative Studio – Some cool features, such as background blur and color pop.

These photos are just me having fun and fooling around. It’s a very different (liberating) experience when you can take photos just for yourself, and not having to worry about satisfying a client’s expectations. 🙂 Some of the photos may look quite ordinary, but if you look carefully you might see certain things that will probably go unnoticed to the majority of people. Such as the following photo.

Nokia Lumia 930

Taken with the Nokia Lumia 930

If you look carefully at the above photo you can see an arrow on the ground pointing to the same direction my daughter is walking in.

Nokia Lumia 930

Taken with the Nokia Lumia 930

In the below photo of the bridge at sunset I got lucky; you can actually see the clouds following the same curve as the bridge, while the lighter area in the sky is perfectly aligned with the middle of the bridge, all cropped to make the whole scene align with the rule of thirds grid.

Nokia Lumia 930

Taken with the Nokia Lumia 930

Check out the gallery below for more of my favorites, and if you’d like to see more check out my Instagram profile and feel free to follow me there. 🙂


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