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More analysis of Akkadian Seal VA/243

Akkadian Cylinder Seal VA/243

A few years ago I posted my analysis of Akkadian Seal VA/243 showing that the ancient Sumerian/Akkadian civilizations probably knew about all the planets in our solar system thousands of years before we did.

Jim Branson has recently done his own analysis, some of it based on my work, and came to similar conclusions. In addition, Branson goes a little further than I did, also analyzing the positions of the planets on the cylinder seal trying to find out why they were positioned that way. Like I mentioned before, if the relative sizes of the planets were drawn on the seal in that way on purpose, it’s likely that the positions were also chosen on purpose and might convey some important information.

If you’re interested in this subject, you might also want to check out Branson’s work and thoughts. As he mentions:

There is evidence that this image not only was perfectly executed but that it also contains information far beyond what we have command of today.


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