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Medium censors article on COVID-19 Hysteria

Medium has taken an article offline that exposes the unnecessary global hysteria surrounding the COVID-19 virus. The contents of the article wasn’t in line with the current Big Pharma agenda of promoting mass hysteria around the world as much as possible in order to cash in on it later in the future. By the time their vaccine poison becomes ready sometime next year, they’ll be able to point to the global ‘pandemic’ of 2020 to instill fear into people who will then line up like sheep to have themselves vaccinated.

When you try to read the article which is titled “Evidence over hysteria — COVID-19” (March 20th 2020) on Medium you get the following screen instead:

Censorship on Medium

As you can see from the image, Medium claims the article violated their precious “Medium Rules”. This is similar to all the other social media platforms that always mention their precious “community standards” whenever they practice censorship. Let me remind you that my own account on Medium was also suspended a while back, and they never told me exactly why. I also had some articles on there exposing the vaccination scam, so I guess that might have been the reason.

Fortunately the above mentioned article was archived on (click to read) and I also managed to save a PDF version (click to download) of it after it was taken down by Medium (I still had it open in one of the tabs in my browser).

Here’s some of what the author of the article, Aaron Ginn, wrote:

After watching the outbreak of COVID-19 for the past two months, I’ve followed the pace of the infection, its severity, and how our world is tackling the virus. While we should be concerned and diligent, the situation has dramatically elevated to a mob-like fear spreading faster than COVID-19 itself.

The following article is a systematic overview of COVID-19 driven by data from medical professionals and academic articles that will help you understand what is going on (sources include CDC, WHO, NIH, NHS, University of Oxford, John Hopkins, Stanford, Harvard, NEJM, JAMA, and several others).

Local governments and politicians are inflicting massive harm and disruption with little evidence to support their draconian edicts. Every local government is in a mimetic race to one-up each other in authoritarian city ordinances to show us who has more “abundance of caution”. Politicians are competing, not on more evidence or more COVID-19 cures but more caution. As unemployment rises and families feel unbearably burdened already, they feel pressure to “fix” the situation they created with even more radical and “creative” policy solutions. This only creates more problems and an even larger snowball effect. The first place to start is to stop killing the patient and focus on what works.

I had similar thoughts from the very beginning when I saw the mass hysteria spreading globally for what is essentially just a normal flu, which can be combatted with high doses of vitamine C. I recommend reading the article from the provided alternative sources above for the details.


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