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‘Extremely aggressive’ internet censorship spreads in the world

A team from the University of Michigan published a study titled “Censored Planet: An Internet-wide, Longitudinal Censorship Observatory” where they look at censorship around the world. Things appear to be getting worse as mentioned:

“What we see from our study is that no country is completely free,” said Ram Sundara Raman, U-M doctoral candidate in computer science and engineering and first author of the study. “We’re seeing that many countries start with legislation that compels ISPs to block something that’s obviously bad like child pornography or pirated content.

“But once that blocking infrastructure is in place, governments can block any websites they choose, and it’s a very opaque process. That’s why censorship measurement is crucial, particularly continuous measurements that show trends over time.”

“We imagine the internet as a global medium where anyone can access any resource, and it’s supposed to make communication easier, especially across international borders,” he said. “We find that if this continues, that won’t be true anymore. We fear this could lead to a future where every country has a completely different view of the internet.”

We see that “protecting the children” is almost always used as a reason to curtail the freedom of the slaves on plantations around the world. It’s also incredible that many slaves still fall for that tactic.

The website also mentions that “same-sex dating sites were aggressively blocked in India after the country repealed laws against gay sex in September 2018.” India is similar to Pakistan in that both plantations have a culture of locking up their women for most of their life. As a consequence, their men resort to satisfying their sexual desires amongst each other. This is a completely expected and logical result, but logic appears to be lost on the overseers of the plantations India and Pakistan. So instead of freeing their women from sexual suppression and repression so that their men can fuck women, they try to solve the homosexual problem by enacting ‘laws’ against it and blocking same-sex dating and porn websites. Like I mentioned in my post “Access To Porn Does Not Mean Sexual Freedom,” this is why Pakistan Internet users top Google searches for gay sex while being one of the world’s most homophobic countries.

It’s the same kind of stupidity we see with religious people who promote sexual suppression and repression, and then complain about homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders, failing to realize that they are themselves to blame for those perverted sexual preferences existing in society. I discussed that in more detail in my post “On Gender Pronouns, Gender Identity And Transgender People.”


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