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Young People Having Less Sex, Contracting More STDs

More evidence of the fact that sexual suppression and repression have increased in the USA. From the Wall Street Journal, “Public-Health Puzzle: Young People Having Less Sex, Contracting More STDs” (October 18th 2019):

It sounds contradictory: Young people, we’re told, are having less sex than older generations did at the same age. But they’re also contracting more sexually transmitted diseases than any other group, and the rates of infection are accelerating at an alarming pace.

Last year, combined cases of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia reached an all-time high with half the reported infections occurring in adolescents and young adults ages 15 to 24.

As for how younger people are having less sex but are acquiring more STDs, the answer isn’t clear. It may be that those who are sexually active are engaging in riskier behavior. It may have to do with nonmonogamous partners spreading infections widely within their sexual networks. It could have to do with a lack of education and reduced access to health care. Or it could be a combination of factors. As they say on social media: It’s complicated.

This is a really easy ‘public-health puzzle’ to solve when you know that sexual suppression and repression lead to sexual perversion. For example, ‘eating ass’, ‘ass to mouth’ and anal sex appear to be very popular these days among the younger generation. Would such behavior lead to more disease perhaps? Is it that difficult to understand? Not to mention the increased ‘diversity’ in mental damage that we see in the younger generation, who are now told to have ‘pride’ in their suffering.


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