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Women, your vagina does become less tight

Unfortunately I keep coming across women online who claim that a woman’s vagina doesn’t become less tight over time, either because of having sex or with age. Yesterday I had another one of those discussions on Facebook in the comments below a picture containing text claiming that “having sex has no correlation with how ‘tight’ your vagina is.” As you might have gathered from the title of this post, I strongly disagree.

Please stop lying

I don’t know why these women want to deny reality and lie about something that is quite obvious. The only reason I can think of is that they’re probably afraid of being less desirable to men if they admit that the vagina does eventually become less tight, because that possibly means admitting that their own vaginas are not as tight anymore as they used to be.

Women, let me tell you, the only people you’re going to fool with this nonsense, apart from yourselves, are men who are still a virgin or have very little intimate experience with women. Experienced men will know that you’re lying. And don’t be fooled by men who pretend to go along with your lies, because they’re most likely just trying to stay politically correct to have sex with you. It’s highly likely that they know the truth. Even men who’re still a virgin or have little intimate experience with women, have the opportunity to easily see the physical difference between a tight and a loose vagina in porn videos online.

When a woman has sex often, her vagina stretches out and becomes loose. You can see the hole getting physically bigger and eventually staying that way. You don’t need a PhD. in Human Anatomy to notice and acknowledge the difference. You can clearly see the difference, not to mention feel the difference as well (with your fingers or penis).

And I speak from my own experience up until now, with women at various ages between 18 and 50, from virgins to women who’ve already had multiple children. For example, in one instance after having sex multiple times a day for about 3 weeks with a young girl, there was a clear visual difference in the size of her vagina. One day after we had sex she even said to me — and this is an exact quote — “you’ve made my hole bigger.” I never forgot this because she surprised me with her honesty.

Exactly how much looser a vagina becomes will obviously depend on the size of the penis in relation to the size of the vagina. This is something I worked out in my early 20s and refer to as my “wang relativity theory.” Without confusing you with formulas and getting too deep into the math behind my theory, it basically means that a guy with a large penis will have a more significant impact on a woman’s vagina compared to a guy with a smaller penis. However, even the guy with a smaller penis can still have a significant impact on a woman’s vagina, if that woman’s body is physically smaller compared to his. And similarly, the guy with the larger penis won’t have much of an impact on a woman’s vagina, of that woman’s body is physically larger than his. What this means is that you should take on a partner your size for an optimal experience.

I should also mention that age also plays an important role here, since a young vagina is more elastic compared to an older one which will tend to stay loose unless it’s worked on (via exercises etc.).

Does it matter?

The “good news” for women who worry about their vagina being too loose is that it generally doesn’t matter if you know how to use it during sex. I personally would prefer a vagina that’s less tight if it belongs to a woman who actually knows how to use it in bed. Unfortunately this is still very rare since most women have very little sexual experience due to sexual suppression in society, which doesn’t allow them to have sex often (with different partners) starting at a young age, in order to build up the experience that’s needed to become good in bed. This is one of the reasons why I like women who love sex and are free with their sexuality — the ones that sexually repressed people often refer to as “sluts.” They’re the ones with experience who’re usually good at sex. They may have a looser vagina, but their experience and skill more than make up for that. A tight vagina belonging to a woman who just wants to lay down in bed on her back like a wooden plank just isn’t that exciting.

And there are many more things that can make a woman more appealing and can be more important than a tight vagina. For example, a tight vagina won’t do her much good if she has a bad personality or suffers too much from the effects of sexual suppression/repression in society. I discuss some of the things that I personally look for in women in my post “What I look for in women”, and not once do I mention the tightness of their vaginas there.

In my personal experience, a tight vagina also has some drawbacks for men. For example, when it’s tight you’re more likely to get very small cuts on your penis during sex, even when she’s very wet or you’re using lubrication. This is especially so when your penis is large in relation to her vagina (remember my wang relativity theory). This makes sex less enjoyable in the beginning until she starts to loosen up after a few times.

So women, instead of lying about easily observable and verifiable facts about your vagina, focus more on developing the much needed experience that is necessary to learn how to effectively use it. You will need to have sex a lot more often and with many different partners in order to do that. Don’t waste time.


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