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UDP Support coming to QuantumGate

The past 7 days I’ve been working on adding support to QuantumGate for connections using the UDP protocol. Currently QuantumGate only supports the TCP protocol but adding UDP support will enable some extra cool features.

And that’s because it’s not going to be plain UDP; I’m going to be using a custom protocol that will add the reliability of TCP to the UDP connection as well as some minimal amount of obfuscation to make traffic analysis more difficult. In addition, this custom UDP based protocol will enable you to roam across networks while keeping the connection established. For example, if your PC is connected to your LAN via a network cable and you pull it out and connect via WIFI again, any UDP connection should still continue working. Or, if you’re on the move and your PC loses connection on one WIFI hotspot and then connects to another WIFI hotspot where you get a different IP address, that won’t break any UDP connections made by QuantumGate.

Currently I have a very basic and very unoptimized version of the UDP connection already working in QuantumGate. There’s still a lot to do before it’s ready, and the above mentioned features are not yet present. I could however already reliably connect using UDP and the speeds on my machine are comparable to using TCP. In fact it’s currently slightly faster reaching 950-1100Mb/s where TCP is between 850-950Mb/s. The goal is to keep it at least as fast as TCP. And by the way, those speeds are including the encryption, minimal padding and other overhead of the protocol used by QuantumGate.


  1. QuantumGate version 0.3.0 released — Karel Donk (04/11/2021)


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